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Blood and a Four Leaf Clover Started by: Niko on Mar 18, '17 05:57

Niko was in Queens meeting with Billy Walsh a guy he met while working for Crazy Jim before he got busted. Billy was the guy Niko was watching over in the deal that went wrong Niko saved his life that day and Billy was forever in debt to him. It turned out Billy Walsh and his family were part of some Irish gang and he was throwing together a bank job with his Irish brothers. Billy Walsh,  Aiden Walsh, Riley Walsh, and Frank Walsh. After their father died Frank stepped in and became the leader though he's been in and out of prison a couple of times and the gang isn't what it used to be back during the height of their power during prohibition.

"Niko, these are my brothers. Aiden, Riley, and Frank. Aiden came back here after 10 years away in Ireland fighting in the struggle he finally came back, Riley's a horrible sack of shit that I can't believe still has his liver functioning, and Frank well...Frank's the guy in charge."

"Fuck you Billy."Riley said angry

"Anyway, we're headed over to the Manhattan Branch of the New York United Bank. Niko you're driving I'll tell you more in the car. Catch you later Frank."

Billy, Aiden, Riley and Niko got in the Model T that Niko "Borrowed" from someone and headed into the city.

"So here's what we're gonna do."Billy said "We're each gonna run into the bank and tank out a security guard. Me and Riley will take care of the customers, while Niko and Aiden take care of the employees. If anyone tries to be a hero shoot them. Then Aiden gets some explosives and blows the vault up."

"We're not using just any explosive Billy it's Dynamite." Aiden added

"Explosive Dynamite it's the same shit anyway."Billy said back "Who the hell cares honestly?"

"You're a real asshole you know that Billy? Do you know how hard I had to bust my ass looking around in the city for a reliable guy with Dynamite."

"Whatever at least I'm honest about my habits, Aiden."

"You know nothing Billy shut up. Don't go there."

"Hit the needle on the head did I Aiden?"

"It's hit the nail on the head Billy." Riley said

"Really Riley? Really I'm surprised you even know anything after dropping out of school at the age of 5."

"Hey why don't all of you shut the fuck up?" Niko said "It's hard trying to concentrate when I'm driving when all three of you are arguing back there."

"Okay okay okay, so once the vault blows up Niko and Riley go down to the vault and get the money. Me and Aiden will handle everyone else. We clear? Good."

They finally arrived at the bank they put masks on their heads and took out their Tommy guns. "This is it guys, we're either gonna be very rich men to day or dead men." Aiden said before they entered the bank. Once inside Billy fired a shot to the ceiling that caught everyone's attention.


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Billy got on top of a desk and tried to calm everyone down.

"Nobody try anything we're here for the bank's money. Think of your family, your friends, don't be stupid and try to be a hero. All that leads to is you dying."

Niko and Aiden tell the employees to open the door so they can reach the vault. Down at the vault Aiden sets up the dynamite then runs back upstairs to tell everyone about the situation.

"Okay everyone the vaults about to blow. Now listen people we're your friends me and my brothers-"

"Why are you telling them we're brothers? That's gonna make it hard for them to track us down ain't it?"

"We've put these people through a lot today..."

"Who cares about these people. I only care about the money if you haven't noticed already Ireland's not the only thing that's green..."

"Now you've said Ireland why don't we just tell them who we are already."

"How about you stop the drinking and taking those pills before you tell me to do anything."

"I'll start listening to you when you stop putting that South American white powder up your nose!"

Before they could finish arguing a brave customer shoots Riley twice killing him.

"Shit they killed Riley motherfucker!"

They kill the customer right away and then the dynamite finally blows up, opening the vault.

"Get the money."

Niko heads down to the vault and gets all the money he could carry in three bags then heads back up.

"I got all that I could carry. Lets get the hell out of here."

"We ain't got much time, lets move boys."

Billy and Aiden each get a bag then head for door. Outside they are surrounded by a lot of flashing red and blue lights along with all of New York's finest.


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All I know want to know from this real old wise guy is there any Guinness Stout left?

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"NYPD put your hands in the air and surrender now!"

All three men look at the cops and then at each other. They knew what they had to do if they planned to get away with all of this and keep the money they had to run.

"I ain't going to prison in this country!"

The men start shooting at the cops with their Tommy guns and the cops fire back all that is heard one the streets is the sound of loud gunshots. BANG BANG BANG pause BANG BANG BANG. Knowing that this was heading nowhere the men run towards an alleyway with the cops right behind them.

"AAARGHHH MOTHERFUCKERS!"Niko shouted at them "Push me push me push me!"

They continued running through the streets and alleyways. They would take cover behind a dumpster or a wall and then shoot at the cops firing at them. They would wait for a 10 second window when the cops would stop shooting and made a run for it. They soon found their way into Chinatown.

"Chinatown always smells like Chinatown no matter where you are or how much gunpowder is in the air!" Aiden said "I ain't been here since Frank threw that going away party for me back in 1925 when I was going to Ireland. That feels like forever ago now. I miss those days it was a simpler time."

The trio runs into another alleyway then stops. All three were tired they didn't know how much longer they could keep this up either they'd run out of ammo and be forced to surrender or they would get too tired and make a mistake. Their options didn't look good go to jail or die they didn't want to give up the money.

"This is insanity. We can't keep on running like this." Aiden said out of breath "There has to be another way."

Billy sees a subway entrance

"We've been saved boys! We can lose the heat in the subway tunnels."

The three men run down the steps and into the subway.

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Hello Niko. Teets in the house.  ;)

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The men climb down the steps of the entrance and into the station inside it's  dark and smells like urine, with very little light coming in. Old newspapers were scattered along the floor, cockroaches and rats ran across on the floor and on the walls, and there was a homeless man sleeping on a bench.

They jumped over the turnstiles without paying and went down to the platform there were no trains and probably wouldn't be any for a while. Today trains ran every 20 minutes and with the cops on high alert they couldn't risk waiting for a train. They had to run on the tracks and pray that they didn't get hit by an oncoming train.

"Hold on to your money boys, we're gonna have to run on the tracks."

A group of three cops heard that on the opposite platform and started shooting at them

"Shit Billy you and your big mouth sometimes I think you just exist to make my life difficult."

The men jump down on the tracks and the three cops follow right behind them shooting at the trio. Just then at the other side of the tunnel Niko sees a bright light getting brighter and brighter it was a train and it was getting closer. The tracks started to spark up and They only had a few seconds to react quickly or risk getting hit by the train.


Niko laid flat down on the tracks and watched as the train ran right over him, he was lucky that he wasn't bigger or else he would have been dead. The train stopped at the station and let the passengers out then departed again. Once the train left Niko stood up again and breathed.


They still had the three cops to worry about Niko. He turned around and didn't see them anywhere maybe they got struck by the train? Where did Billy and Aiden go?

Niko ran down the tunnel and saw three dead bodies, the cops. Billy or Aiden must have taken them out. One minute later he caught up and reunited with Billy and Aiden.

"We're almost out of here just need to find an exit."

They continued running through the subway system dodging trains until they found a service exit. They walked up the steps and Niko found a car parked outside waiting for them he "Borrows" it and the trio take off their masks and drive away.

"Shit shit shit....Riley he's gone my brother." Billy said "He may have been a horrible sack of shit but he was my horrible sack of shit. What am I supposed to tell Ma? Her son died robbing a bank."

"Don't take it too hard he loved you Billy. He knew what he signed up for and he knew the risks, so does Ma. She knows what we do she's always had to deal with tragedy in her life. When your family is involved in this life eventually you know that one day someone's gonna knock on that door and tell you some bad news."

"Yeah yeah, hey Niko keep her slow and steady we don't want to lose another Walsh today god forbid."

They drove in silence the rest of the trip until they reached the Walsh's home in Queens. They said their goodbyes and gave Niko his cut $250,000.

"See you around Niko, you did good today. Even when everything went to shit. If I have anymore work for you I'll let you know."

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