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Split Second Started by: Salvadore on Mar 20, '17 23:24

It was an incredibly rainy day in Manhattan NY, with rain droplets finding their way into all forms of crevices. Cracks in the walls, slits through the windows. And with the menacing clouds, casting shadows over everyone. It seemed that there was no hiding from the intimidating weather. This was the first time Salvadore had landed on these shores but not the first of his bloodline. Growing up in the small ancient village of Syracuse in Italy he remembers his treasured memories as a child. With his feet feeling like they were burning from the heat of the sand as the sun beat down. With his mother right behind him playing hide and seek. And his two older sisters swimming in the crystal blue waters. Almost seemed like the perfect family. But the truth was further away than the two weather's he'd witnessed between the two cities. His father and his father before him had their fingers dipped in to the darkest arts of all. They were involved with the Mafia. With his grand-father having immense power over his city and his father very quickly following his footsteps. It was almost destiny for him to be here. However he'd hated the stories he'd heard as a child, yet they always gave him that rush of adrenaline. Which explains why there were always armed goons around the house and in particular by the beach on that day keeping an eye on them. Keeping them safe. So much for perfect family. 

As the rain was spouting from almighty above, Salvadore needed to find shelter and quickly. He put his jacket over his head and ran over to a corner shop and waited under the canopy of the store. The streets were beginning to flood and the temperature was dropping fast. He could barely keep up with this bi-polar weather. 

Thirty minutes go by and it seemed that the clouds had finally gotten over it's tantrum. The Sun was finally visible for the first time and he could feel the rays of the light reaching his skin. And then his stomach began to growl. Sal, could hear voices coming around the corner and peered over. Two well-dressed gentlemen had exited a black vehicle and proceeded in Salvadore's direction. 

"I'm telling you Jimmy, So listen to this. I walked to this broad right and you know I tell her she's looking really pweety today. You know what she says." 

"What Tony?" As this second man takes a long drag of his cigarette, before blowing it in the same direction as the wind.

"I swear to fuckin- Hey, watch where your going pal" As he bumped in to Sal and walked into the corner store. 

Salvadore began walking as fast as he could in the direction they came in. And stopped for a second to look at his hand. In it, was the gentlemen's wallet. It was stuffed with cash, almost drowning the wallet with money. He suddenly heard the sound of a gun-chamber being cocked behind him and feeling the cold metal being pressed against his head. He wondered how they noticed so fast and got to him without him realising. Was he a complete idiot. No, that wasn't possible. 

"Slowly, turn around and drop it" The voice growled. 

At this moment in time, his heart was sharing space with his stomach right at the back of his throat. He always thought he'd be prepared for this situation. But god, why? He thought. It came a lot sooner than he expected for a silly wallet. 

When he turned around, four men wearing suits of a similar quality, clearly tailored had their guns pointed at him. He noticed the ordinary pedestrians hurrying to get away from what was looking to be another crime scene. One of the men went over to the car that was parked across the street and held the door open. And, Salvadore, wasn't expecting what came next. 

Out hopped a woman wearing a red dress with a black meshed hat sitting comfortable on her tucked in brown hair. 

"That was pretty impressive kid. But i'm going to have to ask you to hand that back to my men. As for you, where are you from?" She said with a heavy New York accent with a hint of Italian.

"Le mie scuse Signora, my sincerest apologies. I am from Syracusa in Italia" 

"Ahh, a fellow Italian" With a gentle downwards wave of her arm, the men lowered their weapons and relaxed a little bit.

"You looking for work?"

"Si Signora, I am hungry and cold and only needed a bit of money. I just know how to take money from others" Sal, replied. With the odds of a bullet ricocheting in his skull quickly going against his favor.

"Well, that's music to my ears as long as you don't steal from my men. Jimmy and Tony over there are my enforcers and their job is to take my life a little easier with a little less headache. If you are willing to do a few errands for me. I'd be glad to take you under our wing. It's not safe around here and you need to be protected. " And with that she extended out her hand for a handshake.

"My name's Rosa. RosabellaCorti"

Salvadore, welcomed the greeting wholeheartedly.


"Well, Salvadore. I have a meeting with my boss shortly. My men will know where to find you. If there's anything you need in the meantime please don't be afraid to ask"

She whispered in to one of her men's ear and he went into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash and handed it over to him. 

"Get yourself some hot food and a place to stay for the next few days. If your still interested then I look forward to seeing you around. If not, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. Grazie Signore." And with that she was escorted to an already running car but before it sped off..


The car screeched to a halt. 

"I don't want to wait. I'm ready. I want to thank you for not taking my life and i'm ready to be loyal to you and your family. I did not risk my life to come to this country to wait in a dingy hotel. I want to be like your men. Suits. Money. Power." The passion was simply oozing from Salvadore and Rosa could almost feel itAnd with that a smile began to slowly form on her face.

"I want to be able to make money. Serious money" He was almost out of breath but the soothing voice of Rosa had calmed him.

"Oh get in. Matt's going to love you. But first.. we need to get you freshened up before we take you to see him"

Salvadore, couldn't believe his luck. His life had changed in what felt like a split second.. less than 10 minutes ago. He went from hiding from the rain, to a gun being held to his head  and now he was in the back of a chauffeur driven car with an armed escort. Welcome to the United States. The land of opportunities they said..  

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