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Jun 25 - 01:57:14
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Ibi needs a new home. Started by: IbrahimAlHulandi on Jun 19, '17 09:13

It has been two days now, since his CrewLeader and Godfather Prati was brutally killed. Soon after Ibi lost his home at the Carrot Company, someone reached out her hand, but when he got to Yeah's Headquarters to confirm his transfer, Ibi found another abandoned place instead.
The Dandelions leader had become the victim of a terrible unfortunate accident, Ibi was told.

So IbrahimAlHulandi had decided to stay crewless for a couple of days. There had been some people questioning him on why he decided to, but Ibi was a superstitious man, and he did not want to bring any unlucky charm to the place that would offer him shelter. Apart from Malachai maybe, but Ibi soon found out that also he fell in this war.

Deciding where to go was not an easy decision for IbrahimAlHulandi to make.. Back when he just turned to crime, it was a no-brainer, in @Wraithm he met a wise man and chose to follow his footsteps. This time, IbrahimAlHulandi knew a little more about this world, after all, he already was a Wise Guy, so he would decide upon a different set of factors. So Ibi made a list of what he was looking for.. He would make the right choice this time! Out of that list, Ibi made

A questionnaire on where IbrahimAlHulandi should go

Next, he went to the printing shop to make a shitload of copies of it. He then went out to all cities that housed crews, moved from Chicago to Philadelphia to New York, only to find that latter city in ruins now, too.. He handed out his flyers in Vegas and Detroit as well, hoping to get many unique responses from both crew leaders and members.

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Well well well. Someone who holds themselves in high esteem. Something the Great Gaston can applaud but not encourage.

For yes. You are a Wise Guy. But you're not a Made Man. While I appreciate some of the originality within this, and it is good questionnaire, I will not be touting for your business. You should be coming to me telling me why I should come to you. Not vice versa.

I am open, honest and fair with my members. I will listen to their views from Thug to Boss. They can sometimes hold me to account for I have promised to keep the beasts from the door. They, however, have a bond with me and know the limits. But not the man on the street. Especially not a Wise Guy.

So good luck. I am sure you will have people vying for you to come into their HQ. But I wont be one of them and I would suggest it is below anyone else to do so. But maybe I am just too stuck in my olden ways.

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"While I like an individual with confidence in their abilities, I also tend ta' lean toward those with somethin' different about themselves. Those who offer somethin' unique, an idiosyncrasy or an ambition of sorts. Despite your creative approach with your document, most of what you've quoted are what I would expect from 'dose without an imagination, they are tha' standards, the status quo, the boring.

"To be honest, you've also highlighted flaws in your personal traits that might jus' turn people away from your more finer, beneficial points."

She leans on her broom stick, fresh from sweeping the gutter trash away from her business and grins.

"However, I like that you're willin' ta' put yourself out there and that you have a three dimensional mind, not just the liner drag that is so common. So Mista Hulandi, what are your goals, your ambitions? What do ya' like or dislike about this world and what do you expect from an employer?"

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As I was strolling with the courtyards I stopped to hear what IbrahimAlHulandi was saying.  In a way I kind of felt his uncertainty.

IbrahimAlHulandi surviving a war is not easy.  The death of Godfather Prati, Don Yeah,  Don Malachai and others was a hard pill to swallow.  Not only did you suffer the lost of your leader but you now find yourself without a crew and a little confused.  Reading my ancestor’s journals this is very understandable.  Ibi was a superstitious man, and he did not want to bring any unlucky charm to the place that would offer him shelter.  You value your skills but seem perplexed about what you can bring to the table.

The rapports you build with others come as you climb the ladder.   You’re not even a Made man and have a long way to go.

Back when he just turned to crime, it was a no-brainer, in Wraith he met a wise man and chose to follow his footsteps.  Seems you had a good foundation.  Why break the bond?  You have to decide where your loyalty lies.  If it’s not with North Side or in Chicago, then you need try elsewhere.

It’s simple.  Decide what you have to offer and let it be known.

Bottom line you will chose no crew.  They will choose you. Godfather Prati was my rock.  I am so proud he chose me.     I wish you the very best.

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"Retracing over my words, it's only right that we put this little discussion to bed. I said some good 'tings about you, and it's only right I add to that to reflect recent events.

"Your decision to approach tha' public with an offer of your service, no matter how abrasive and self-appreciatin' it was, is obviously now redundant as you have found a home. Dons Monique, Gaston and me lil' self have attempted to offer you guidance, feedback and suggestions. Now I can't speak for ya' friends from Chicago, however your lack of effort to approach us and offer some hint of gratitude or explanation does not go unnoticed, Mista Ibi. 

"I'm certainly glad that you have found a home, however I hope it is for tha' right reasons and 'dat you treat them with more courtesy than you have shown us."

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Having been unaware of the fact that there actually had been talking over his questionnaire in the Streets, when he passed the corner of the park after another succesful post office robbing, IbrahimAlHulandi was surprised to overhear TabithaGato saying she was putting this 'little discussion' to bed. Ibi stepped closer to hear what she had to say and was slightly surprised by the atmosphere about the questionnaire.

As he thought the intentions of his move were clear, he never assumed people could have been offended by it.. IbrahimAlHulandi thought he let everyone that found a copy free to either read it or to light their fire with it. Before answering to Tabitha's speech, Ibi informed at bystanders near him what had been said before. After gathering all information on the speeches of Gaston, TabithaGato and Monique, Ibi thought for a moment and then decided to step forward.

Dear all, 
I never intended to have a public discussion about what crew would suit be best, or to brag about my capacities and skills en plein public. I am very happy to have been offered a valued spot at Princesa's Fleur d'Oranger. In the end, I know I am just a Wise Guy.

Ibi paused and smiled at Gaston. 
From what I heard, I appreciate your opinion, Gaston, but, allow me to say this: You may also consider turning this around, why should I be disturbing Godfathers or Dons from their busy, busy lives. True, I also asked time of them by handing the leaflet, but I am sure that most that were not interested in a new recruit hardly spent a minute on viewing it. If at all.. 
Would it be justifed for a Wise Guy to simply knock on the door of Disorder's United Headquarters then? In my humble opinion, Gaston, there is nothing wrong with tradition, but to me, it sometimes feels like we are still living in the 1910's. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Ibi quickly looks around.. If you are here: No offense meant, FishTheKitty..
You do raise valid points on how different this world is within the boundaries of a crew and I must say that from, or despite, what I heard you just told, I feel I could well work under you.

Ibrahim took a little pause.. as he was here now anyway, and was speaking to a small mass of people, he might as well use that in his favour.. 
He took out a deck of cards, asked a spectator to make four piles of any number of cards, asked him to step back and then flipped over all the piles to make all four aces appear. The Ace Party, ladies and gents.. Please visit my Magic and Massage store in the Chicago Business District if you want to see more!

Putting the cards away, he continued.. 

After all, I just spread a questionnaire, a questionnaire that would hopefully lead me to the place that I would not only feel best, but also a place in which I could be as useful as I can. But the questionnaire was not an end product, it was just a means to spark a discussion. A private discussion. My idea to hand these sheets out was to get into contact with as many people that could use an honest hard-working criminal as possible. And in the end, TabithaGato, I did get many personal responses, from different cities, from recruiters, from 'ordinary' mobsters and from crew leaders. I am very thankful for them to have reached out to me. That does not mean I see myself as superior to them. I know very well where my place is. Looking at Monique, he states.. Of course, of course I am not entitled to drop in and claim a place. I never meant to come across like that and if that is what it looked like, I would like to offer my apologies in public.

Looking at TabithaGato, Ibi said:
If it's not gratitude, then hereby at least I offer you my explanation. 
As I said before, and as my questionnaire, in my opinion, also showed, the discussion was never meant to go public. To those that have contacted me about it, I have been able to explain very well what I was looking for, but also who I am and what I think my added value can be for a crew. And it were not only 'my friends in Chicago' I spoke to. The fact that I am only here now does not mean I did not contact anyone over it..
More on the topic of my questionnaire itself: Why would I not name my flaws, if already I aware of some of them? I think it is only fair to name the characteristics that could be a reason for someone to stay away from offering me shelter. I believe to be an open person, helpful, and sometimes a bit emotional. I may have come across as arrogant and selfish, but believe me, that was never my intention. So for what it's worth still, I appreciate you giving your opinion on the matter.

IbrahimAlHulandi looked up and addressed the crowd again, offering to show another magic trick..

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I know very well where my place is. Looking at Monique, he states.

IbrahimAlHulandi my comrade my intentions were only to understand and identify with what you were saying. I am sorry meant nothing more than to seem a little encouraging.

Your statement about being an unlucky charm seemed a little pessimistic. Then portraying your skills

He will probably, He may help, He could be, a little unenthusiastic. 

I stand by my advice.  Decide what you have to offer and let it be known.  Apparently it seemed to have worked

Again the best of luck to you.

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No you had a grossly overrated level of self worth, which was glaringly highlighted in the lack of response to your questionnaire and probably in the lack of interest most crew leaders showed you following the stunt.
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