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Jun 25 - 02:00:43
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Cutting the lawn Started by: Orange on Jun 19, '17 19:01
Orange tries to gather the remaining men, women and thugs who's survived the latest blood bath. They rather reluctantly come out of hiding still anxious a stray bullet could come their way

The last few days has seen alot of blood spilled, far from what we all expected. Many people I thought highly about have perished away which leaves me with a heavy heart but this isn't a time to dwell, we must move on and work towards a better and more prosperous future.

I am here to announce lawnmower will be setting up under me. Hopefully this will be one of many setting up soon to house the young and reshape the world again.

Congratulations lawnmower,I thank you for the hard work you have done and it only seems fitting you get the chance to shine yourself. I look forward to seeing you prosper within the city of Chicago.

Orange surrounded by his loyal bodyguards makes a swift exit before he's mowed down
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*LawnMower revs the slightly smoky two stroke engine of his preferred mode of transport approvingly*

Many thanks for this opportunity Godfather, I've been proud to serve as your right hand and hope to repay the faith shown in me with this opportunity

It's with mixed emotions that I take up this new challenge for Chicago, as Godfather Orange said many five mafiosi were lost but I'm proud to step up to house those in need and to help the fine city of Chicago grow.

Back home in the country of my parents the beautiful Sicily, my family farmed certain citrus fruits, the were reknowned throughout the lands and also provided useful access to shipping and distribution routes. With those fond memories in mind I'd like to introduce...

The Yuzu Crew
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