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Name: CamillaBalistreri Send Mail...
Rank: Don
Level: 60
Bodyguards: Not Protected
HQ: Not Fortified
Status: Dead
RHM: None
Crew Members: 18
Home City: Downtown, DT
URL: Going.Out.With.A.Fucking.Bang.
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Start Date: Oct 20, '16 17:08 (95)
Last Active: Jan 18, '17 09:17
Messages Sent: 11020
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💐  Cherubim  💐

~Loyal to Godfather Slash~

~Protectors of the Garden of Eden~

Family First!  Family Forever!

~Mess with mia famiglia, and you will know the meaning of pain~


Selectively recruiting - Inquire within.

If you think you have the potential to be a part of Detroit. Drop a mail to me, my Hands, or sponsor, and we'll see what we can do.

~RAWRS like a Tiger... CHARGES like a Fuckn LION~

🎼        🎼


And when it all comes crashing down,

She will rise up to be

Her Own Hero.




~Setting The World On Fire~


With EXTREME Confidence  - I - Made Him CRY like a GIRL~   🎶

He looks quite dashing in that suit~ 

~Raven Haired Beauty~

💖  BigHurt  #StorminOCs 💖

💝  Nutters 💝

Currently in Possession of the Slacker TM  *\o/*

Hmm. Slash wins a credit......minutes later, IRC shuts down.  💣

~When Raven Hair & Blonde Curls team up~

Spike guards my Angel Wings!

Yolandi stole my Halo and made HORNS!!!

Bad Bunny!!


---;---'---{@    ---;---'---{@    ---;---'---{@    ---;---'---{@    ---;---'---{@    ---;---'---{@

Proudly Holding

His 1000th mail!  💌

His 400th and 666th mails! 💌

His 100th, 200th, amazingly special 1,000th, and beautiful 1,111th mails! 💌

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His 500th, 666th, 900th, 1666th, 1,900th and ~very sweet~ 2,000th mails!  💌 

His 100th mail! 💌

Her 100th mail! 💌

His 100th mail! 💌

His HAWT ~Sin City~ 666th, lucky 777th & lucky 888th mails  💌

Woot! Stealing all His luck *\o/*

His 400th mail! 💌

His 333rd mail! (Stole it like the true Queen)  💌

Her 900th ~B.O.B.~ mail! 💌

His 666th ~CamKilla~ mail! 💌

Her 15,600th mail! 💌

His ~very informative~ 300th mail!  💌

His ~Stolen~ 800th mail! 💌     *\o/*

Her 1,500th Mail!  💌




🎶   🎶🎶    🎼     🎶    🎼

The ENERGY this guy has...

THAT'S the Fire and Passion I have for writing!!


"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure.  I make mistakes, I'm out of control, but if you can't handle me at my worst.... don't deserve me at my best!"

Life is going to get hard sometimes. So get the Fuck up and get your shit together.  You're either an Ocean or a puddle.  Don't be a puddle.  People walk through puddles like they're nothing.

Oceans destroy fucking cities~


7 Lovely Logics

1) Make Peace with your Past
so it doesn't spoil your Present.

2) What others Think of you is
None of Your Business.

3) Time Heals Almost Everything,
Give the Time, Some Time.

4) No one is the Reason of your Happiness
Except You Yourself.

5) Don't compare your Life with others,
You have No Idea what their journey is all about.

6) Stop Thinking too much,
It's Alright not to know All the Answers.

7) Smile, you don't own
All the Problems in the World.



When somebody annoys you,

it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown,

BUT it only take 4 muscles

to extend your arm and


To: CamillaBalistreri
From: Axel
Sent: Jan 16, '17 08:14

Is that a fact sir!

To: Axel
From: CamillaBalistreri
Sent: Jan 16, '17 08:07

LOL I love being called Sir......

[20:22:38] CamillaBalistreri: now don't scare all the kids with your whip :P
[20:24:17] BigHurt: I'mma hang it on the wall.. as a reminder. Lol
[20:24:52] CamillaBalistreri: of the day you got a GIRL :P
[20:30:51] BigHurt: LMAO! Yes! Exactly


You escaped, but You did not.

OKAY Bubba....Which is it then?!?!


There's something wrong with your character if "opportunity" controls your loyalty......

Never lie to someone               I DO NOT trust EASILY,

   who trusts you.                      SO WHEN I TELL YOU

Never trust someone                        "I trust you".          

      who lies to you.                    PLEASE, DON'T MAKE ME

                                                                      Regret IT.      


If you DON'T know what the meaning of these words are..... Look 'em up!

I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be

A little gambling is fun when you're with me (I love it)

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

And baby when it's love if its not rough it isn't fun, fun

You don't have to be crazy to be my friend....

I'll train you!  👯

Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a fuck. 

💝 🌹 Braylen 🌹 💝 

~May you rest with the Angels little one~   🎶


NinjaNinja   Skittles   Ivan_The_Butcher  Animosity  Blake

TonyCapazzo   Firenza   JackRuby  Insight  Kartman  Gemini

Miss y'all!  💕 

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