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Jan 21 - 13:17:56
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Name: Aislin Send Mail...
Rank: Consigliere
Level: 40
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Dead
Sponsor: None
Home City: The Loop, CH
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Start Date: Nov 06, '16 19:27 (75)
Last Active: Jan 17, '17 00:03
Messages Sent: 676
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•.•L' Onorata Societa•.•


Mafia Code

If you've never broken bread with me -Don't expect to eat with me.

If you've never shown loyalty to me -Don't expect me to fight for you.

If you've never fought beside me -Don't expect me to lay down my life for you. 

  • Respect those who earn it, hold no tolerance for bullshit, trust is never easily given, and fuck what others have to say. 

I will breath.
I will think of solutions.
I will not let my
worry control me.
I will not let
my stress break me.
I. Will. Simply. Breathe.
And it will be okay...
Because I don't quit.


My internet connection is being gay.

Disclaimer: I like gays


"Supporting one another in our aspiration & passion for writing"

The  [ R.A.W.R. ]  Den                  #RolePlayHQ



Best MR Pickup Lines 2K17 Edition

Sent: Jan 04, '17 04:53

Are you a Piñata? Because I'd love to smash that


Sent: Jan 06, '17 00:40
If you were a cardboard box, I'd want to be inside you.


Sent: Jan 06, '17 16:53

Do you know your ABC's? Because I want to give you the 4th letter later tonight.

Gurl are you Cinderella because I see your dress disappearing at midnight 


Sent: Jan 12, '17 03:36

What homework is it?

Lemme mark it and Ill give you a D np


Jan 15, '17 16:25

"You are what you eat, and by tomorrow I'll be eating you." <<< threat or prick up line???? Lol.


Sent: Jan 16, '17 00:05

Youre gonna need the bomb squad number because there's gonna be an explosion in dat ass tonight <<<< Not 100% sure if thats safe or not


My favorite "MR pornstar'' Prince Naughty Sins is Royalty♥



My nudes are posted here:

IRC: Aislin


-Not Aiz  

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