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The Ligambi Crime Family
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Name: Joseph_Ligambi Send Mail...
Level: 60
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
HQ: Insanely Well Fortified
Status: Alive
RHM: Calogero-Vizzini
Crew Members: 23
Home City: The Loop, CH
URL: Uncle_Joe
Wealth: Rich
Messages Sent: 2956
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CarmineDeLuca - Gangster - Alive

Don of The Ligambi Crime Family


Uncle Joe Ligambi

Joseph Ligambi, aka Uncle Joe is the Boss of the Ligambi Crime Family and is known far and wide in the criminal underworld. Uncle Joe Ligambi is suspected to be involved in many traditional rackets such as sports betting, loan sharking, waste removal, truck hijackings, prostitution, drug distribution, extortion, dealing in stolen merchandise and running a massive numbers game. It is rumored that Uncle Joe has many agents on the take that provide him leniency in his criminal endeavors. Uncle Joe has very strong ties with New York, Philidelphia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


  New to the game and in need of money for Drugs?

Are you in need of Bodyguards?

Do you want to try your hand at Gambling?
 Would you like some help purchasing a Corrupt Agent?

Loan Shark

                   Low Interest$$$                         

By accepting a loan from me you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by me. Terms and conditions include: - I the lender am to be paid the specified amount in full by the specified date. A daily VIG will be collected each day the loan is held. Failure to pay the daily VIG will result in Accrued Interest: The interest that accumulates and is payable on the unpaid principal balance of the loan. Complete default on the loan may result in but is not limited to multiple pp's , public shaming and or death upon proper authorization. Failing to pay back money owed is a serious issue and a bitch move. It'll get you killed in this thing of ours.

 Il Sindacato Sports Betting


Real Action. Real Winners.


Bringing sports betting to the masses

100% Legitimate sports betting

The illegal numbers game or policy racket was sweeping the nation and taking Chicago and New York by storm. Uncle Joe had recently taken it over from the black gangs in the neighborhood. Joe was running the numbers game, also known as the numbers racket, the policy racket, the Italian lottery, the policy game, or the daily numbers from the back of his office at his pork store Salumeria Biellese. The numbers game is a form of illegal gambling or illegal lottery played mostly in poor and working class neighborhoods in the United States, wherein a bettor attempts to pick three digits to match those that will be randomly  be drawn the following day. It was especially popular among his fellow gangsters as it offered huge payouts at 100-1 & 50-1 odds. Uncle Joe drew the numbers from the closing of the stock exchange each day. The numbers were visible in all the papers and could easily be found. The winning numbers to determine a winner of the drawing were the last digits of the Dow, Nasdag and S&P500 in that order. Uncle Joe was always waiting to accept betting slips.

 The Daily Numbers Game


1. Maximum of 5 bets per person. If the winning numbers appear in the order you picked them, you will be paid out at 100-1 odds. If your numbers you picked were drawn in any combination, the payout is 50-1.

2. The bettor may wager anywhere from $1-100,000 per bet. Please place your bet(s) and transfer your wager and your numbers# to me Joseph_Ligambi 

4. The winning bettor is the person(s) who correctly pick the last three digits of the DowNasdag and S&P500  in that order at the close of the stock market each day at 4:00PM EST. (Example below, the winning numbers for a better to be paid out at 100-1 odds  would be 770 and any combination of 770 to win at 50-1 odds.)

3. You will receive a confirmation message from me after your numbers and payment are received.  

DOW 23,557.234

Nasdag 6,767.78

S&P 500 2,590.64

5. You must submit your guess(es) at least one hour prior to the official close of the stock market at 4:00PM EST for them to count.

6. Upon the closing of the stock market at 4:00PM EST the numbers will be reviewed and any and all winners will be paid at the above stated odd's.

7. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me Joseph_Ligambi. 

Quotes to live by🚬

"A Million a day keeps the Boss at bay. 

"A man without enemies is a man without qualities. Even Jesus Christ had many enemies."

"If a man is dumb, someone is going to get the best of him, so why not you? If you don’t, you’re as dumb as he is."

Not PP Friendly

Love OC invites

"Murders came with smiles, shooting people was no big deal for us Goodfellas."

"This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey that's great. But it's very predictable. There's so many ways you can screw it up."

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