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Apr 20 - 18:45:38
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The Midnight Society
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Name: Epiphany Send Mail...
Level: 65
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
HQ: Insanely Well Fortified
Status: Alive
RHM: McNomerson
Crew Members: 15
Home City: Bella Vista, PH
Wealth: Extremely Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 133
Messages Sent: 2156
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Unread Mobmail: 2

I speak to you in riddles, 'cause my words get in the way.

Leader of
The Midnight Society

Loyal Consigliere to Arya_Stark and The Faceless Men

Always grateful to
Arya_Stark and the Faceless Men
Spaceman and the Pharmacy

Zoom and the Renegades
Indifference and Beers
Izzy and his Squishyness?


Don of Bella Vista, Philadelphia

We do not speak his name.

Indifference screams for the police like a little girl.

Messages Sent: 1337

17:16:49 <GiovanniLaurel[MR]> heck, I'm just getting married because of that prenut

  Jul 14, 04:14:33 You witness Bob standing over angst's corpse as they say "it wasn't me"
[20:49:49] Zoom: sighs and facepalms.
[20:50:10] Squishy: I just wanted to take this moment to express the fact that you are a punk ass bitch
[20:50:26] Zoom: 20:50:10, duly noted
Oct 18, 18:51:56 You scared away TylerDurden's HQ fortification with a stick of dynamite!

Fun times with Izzy.

City Name Dueling. Come and join us next time and rep your city.

You are dead, Philadelphia. 
You were fitted for cement shoes on: Nov 07, '18 17:36:01.

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This was the result of a draw between Philly and Detroit. We'll get 'em next time!

01:44:44 <@TriviaBot> What seven letter word do all Americans pronounce wrongly?

01:44:56 <@TriviaBot> Here's a hint, Wr_____

01:45:00 <Epiphany[MR]> Wrongly

01:45:01 <@TriviaBot> Winner: Thug Epiphany[MR] Answer: Wrongly Time: 16.36 Streak: 1 Points: 131 WPM: 5 Rank: 500th

I smoke the whole thing to my head and feel it wash away.

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