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Right Hand Man Of
The Poon Saloon
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Name: Vash Send Mail... - (RHM)
Level: 40
Bodyguards: Very Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: HughJorgan
Home City: Old City District, PH
Wealth: Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 5
Messages Sent: 1095
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                  THE POON SALOON  


                            The Java Cartel   

          Imperial Officer: My Lord i assure you that you are not needed we are not in  hostile territory.

Vash: Can you please tell point out to me which of your men takes over from you when i kill you.

Imperial officer: M.My Lord i am sorry for contradicting you, Though being on the capital surely we need not fear attack?                          



Caught in the fight for survival,
Trapped with our backs to the wall.
Are we just lambs to the slaughter,
Who wait for the axe to fall?
Our world is headed for destruction.
Our fate is in the hands of fools.






As you walk up to the counter and reach for your gun the clerk grabs you by the collar and whispers in your ear: 'Listen up, Vash, you gotta try harder than that. Keep this up and you're going nowhere in life.'


Ok HughJorgan  you where right i was wrong  i do suck Here is 59 pence compensation for disagreeing with you and i will get the tshirt printed in the morning




Remembering  Silk and Crowley forever in my heart.

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