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Right Hand Man Of
Royal Minority
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Name: Knightmare Send Mail... - (RHM)
Level: 35
Bodyguards: Very Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: Aimee
Home City: Pasadena, LA
Wealth: Wealthy
Lounge Credits Won: 49
Messages Sent: 171
Threads / Posts: 0 / 8 (View Activity)
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RedHot - Thug - Dishonorable Discharge

Underboss of


Royal Minority


"For centuries I have wandered this earth ... searching, but never finding the one who cursed me. There shall be a reckoning and maybe, when that day comes, then I can rest."

My coin pouch is accessible, but my sword is sharp and quick ...

choose carefully.

pp friendly with return

It has been a long time sense I have spoken about the being known as Shanks the Dark.

"Roughly 800 years ago I came across a figure assaulting some travelers. Being a knight on patrol for my King, it was my duty to intervene. In short order, our blades flew. I scored a hit across his breast plate and stabbed him in the shoulder of his fighting arm. His scream of rage, as his sword fell, was like nothing I had ever heard before."

I closed my eyes as I remembered the battle.

"I stood there ready to dispatch him, when he points at me and whispered 'You shall never die until we battle again.' I felt a quickening pass through my body that brought me to my knee. When I recovered, he was gone."


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