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Left Hand Man Of
Culinary School
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Name: Madoka_Kaname Send Mail... - (LHM)
Level: 60
Bodyguards: Very Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: Heston
Home City: Manhattan, NY
Wealth: Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 162
Messages Sent: 265
Threads / Posts: 0 / 1 (View Activity)
Achievements: View

Chef at the culinary school

PP Friendly if paid back (over 1k)

Will mug if not

Loyal to those loyal to me

This includes my Crew and anyone who I would consider a friend

Big thanks to everyone for being so kind on this my first life

Special thanks to:

Heston - For all your help so far

Angelo_Lagusa - ^Ditto

Inazuma - For all the kindness you have given me since day 1

ConstanceBonacieux - Hopefully you know why

StaleDonuts - For always leaving some candy in his pocket <3

And to just about everyone else for making this a great community

Big Ole meanies ='(

William_Blazkowicz - Kicked me =( (Not actually a meanie)

I promise I won't ever let your efforts be in vain.


Buy a place on my wall for the low, low price of a good joke, saying or sizable donation!

10:02 <&MRBot> ROGUE: Madoka_Kaname has ended Rogue's pitiful attempt. They beat 0 to the hit. 1 shots were fired.

Your accountant has received payment of $7,500 from √Angelo_Lagusa. The note "Fell from your garter honest" was included.


Feb 01, 00:54:40 Your accountant has received payment of $7,500 from √Angelo_Lagusa. The note "Q: Erin, spell mouse. A: M O U S. Q: Yes–and what’s on the end of it? A: A tail?" was included.


19:43 * Rick[MR] gives Madoka_Kaname[MR] an academy award

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