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Dimension C-137 Inc.
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Name: Sinfest Send Mail... - (RHM)
Level: 45
Bodyguards: Very Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: Rick
Home City: Hollywood, LA
Wealth: Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 128
Messages Sent: 462
Threads / Posts: 1 / 15 (View Activity)
Achievements: View
joubour - Earner - Alive
HannyaCam - Gangster - Alive
El_Boga - Goomba - Alive

Hi there!

Sinfest is a short blond hair man who looks like a child

He never ages so its hard to tell how old he really is

He is never seen without s spliff or joint

(Based on Slick from the Comic Sinfest)

PP Friendly

but it would be nice if you took me out to dinner before you grab my ass


Dimension C-137 Inc.

Interested in joining?

Feel free to do some jobs or just contact me or another sponsor

Half Baked Bakery is back

Come to LA to check it out and get your ganja on



76e58d146c8571d90012253b149cb7d6 - Anon Key

you know for if you want to be my secret sugar mommy/daddy

50/50 RP/OOC


Profile Pic made by WallyWest

Dude got some skills right

<&MRBot> ROGUE: Sinfest has ended Rogue's pitiful attempt.

They beat 0 to the hit. 1 shots were fired.

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