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Name: Carlo-Gambino Send Mail...
Level: 45
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Retired
Sponsor: None
Home City: South Side, CH
Wealth: Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 11
Messages Sent: 852
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Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino

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Well That Stung xD

The Don
The Ligambi Crime Family
Gambino Crew

The Gambino Crew is build on trust, loyalty and honor. We are about creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyone to join. No matter what you are trying to achieve or what you're playing type is, we are here to aid in your path. We believe in helping each other and working together to help achieve our goals, I also believe in giving people a chance when they deserved them. If you are willing to put in the work and be a team player you will go far in this crew.


If You Feel Like This Could Be A Place For You, Please Message Us

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Carlo-Gambino            Harry_Maione             TonyDiSimone

In Honor ~ In Loyalty In Respect In Trust ~ We Rise

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You have to be like a lion and a fox. The fox is smart enough to recognize traps, and the lion is strong enough to scare away the wolves. Be like a lion and a fox, and no one will ever beat you



Judges, lawyers and politicians have a license to steal. We don’t need one.


perfection is achieved
not when there is nothing more to add
but when there is nothing left to take away

  Respect is Earned                            

             Honesty is Appreciated          

                               Trust is Gained                                                           Loyalty is Returned

You've Been Set Free.

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Rest In Peace To Those Who Fallen

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