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May 21 - 12:31:48
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Name: Pietro_Savastanos Send Mail...
Level: 45
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Dead
Sponsor: None
Home City: Bricktown, DT
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Lounge Credits Won: 0
Messages Sent: 226
Threads / Posts: 0 / 10 (View Activity)
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The Ligambi Crime Family
Clan DI Savastano

In Honor ~ In Loyalty ~ In Respect ~ In Trust 

Need money to buy a Casino?  

In need of money for Drugs?

In need of Bodyguards?

Do you want to win the harty?
 Would you like some help purchasing a Corrupt Agent?

Want to tyler durden your most hated enemy?

Need the financial muscle make a regime change?

What ever you may need I can be your conduit as the saying goes every man has his price but not every man gets it which would you rather be?

Financial Lender

                   Reasonable Interest                    

By accepting a loan from me you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by me. Terms and conditions include: - I the lender am to be paid the specified amount in full by the specified date. A daily VIG will be collected each day the loan is held. Failure to pay the daily VIG will result in Accrued Interest: The interest that accumulates and is payable on the unpaid principal balance of the loan. Complete default on the loan may result in but is not limited to multiple pp's , public shaming and or death upon proper authorization. Failing to pay back money owed is a serious issue regardless of rank Godfather to civilian as was once said the world lacks for loyal men not ambitious ones one way or another Don Pietro will have his due.


Formerly of the 

The Race St. Company

South Philly Distribution

1309 W Moyamensing Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148


The fact is, we all started out as someone's little angel, and a place like this forces us to become warriors or victims..Nothing in between can exist here.

You know they are calling me the lord of war but perhaps it is you.

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