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Jun 16 - 13:39:14
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Name: Katherine_Pryde Send Mail...
Level: 45
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Dead
Sponsor: None
Home City: Pasadena, LA
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Lounge Credits Won: 38
Messages Sent: 2791
Threads / Posts: 3 / 90 (View Activity)
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Rest in peace my loves. All of you.

Leading lady of The Z-Team Looking for a home here in Pasadena? Feel free to drop by any time and we'll chat!

So thankful to Zaheer and the Red Lotus

Absolutely Loving her LA and Seattle Beloveds!

Success! WallyWest was set free.


When the world gets dark...  There's always a little Hope.  <3


"Call me Half Pint...  One more time."

Born with mobster blood flowing in plentiful quantities in her veins was one young woman of barely 20 years upon this earth.  Katherine Pryde has chosen Los Angeles as her home after the brutal death of her mother in a failed job.  She isn't sure where fate will take her, but she's quickly learning to take the reins of her own life.  Up until this point her life has been directed and micro managed by her mother and yet now with her mother gone...  Does she know enough to survive?  Does she know if she knows enough to survive?  Only time will tell if this plucky little lady has what it takes to make it anywhere in this thing of ours.

Kitty, an ambitious young woman with a personality much bigger than her petite frame is a force to be reckoned with.  Bold and quick witted yet with a sweet undertone she uses her silver tongue and large brown eyes to get what she needs.  She can be quite the rambunctious little ball of energy and if one looks deep into her eyes, they may be able to see glimpses of the fact that the bravado is not exactly her.  

A select few get to see the truth behind the wind, but even so the mask isn't truly that bad if you like that sort of thing.  Just doing her best to make it day to day and learn just as much as she can as fast as she can, Kitty works tirelessly at this task.

To be continued...

Suited up by my beloved WallyWest!

I got you! Forever and always! Success! Michael-Lucchese was set free.


Lovingly holding His 300th mail

With very much adoration, holding His 666th mail

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