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Apr 18 - 22:23:33
Right Hand Man Of
The Russo Crime Family: CHI-Town Crew
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Name: Stefano_Lucchese Send Mail... - (RHM)
Level: 40
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: Rain
Home City: South Side, CH
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Lounge Credits Won: 20
Messages Sent: 3834
Threads / Posts: 3 / 202 (View Activity)
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Desired - Goomba - Alive

The Russo Crime Family: The Chi-Town Crew  


The Lucchese way:

Always followed the code of honor and know that respect is part of that honor.  The boss is the boss and you get the boss you get.  You do what's needed to protect the family, you do the hard thing if it's for the family.  That's the right thing because its for the family.  


I'm Stefano Lucchese and I'm pick pocket happy; if you're pp friendly then let's be friends.  If you say you're not PP friendly and you pp me I will mug you and pp you every dam chance I get.  I will hunt you down just to PP you!  If you don't have anything stating either way and you pp me; guess what?  You just became pp friendly and I will pp you if we're in the same mother f'n  locations.  

  Just being honest and shit.  


♠️ Lucchese ♠️
"Eyes haven't seen & ears haven't heard
all the plans my father has for me!"


Two individual's that taught me honor in my youth.   

                            Success! FrankieFigs was set free.

                            Success! Lady-Fighter was set free.


La Famiglia and the rules that hold us together!


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