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Left Hand Man Of
Magical School
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Name: Ambichous Send Mail... - (LHM)
Level: 35
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Status: Alive
Family: Hardgore_Alice
Home City: Brooklyn, NY
Wealth: Dirt Poor
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                      Left Hand Man Of

                              Magical School

 You are magic

And not everyone can handle magic. Some people are so accustomed to mediocre that they run from magic.     

Let them run. Let them have their blah, their boring, their beige, their mundane. You just keep standing tall and strong and sparkly in your magic and let those that can't handle you pass right on by.

Some people have lived in the dark so long they simple won't be able to flow with your glow. And that's okay.

Keep being magical, keep being mystical. Keep being different and bold and feisty and fierce. But don't you dim your light in order to be more pleasing to someone who isn't worth your shine.

                                                                            Mandy Hale                





Best advice I got from my mother :

        If it doesn't bring you income, inspiration or orgasms it doesn't belong in your life.            


Best advice I got from my father :

Always hit back, always get back up. Never Quit.  If all else fails blast a cap in their ass.



If you don't feed me, fuck me, or finance me. I don't give a shit what you thinkabout me.  


                                                                                            Thank You      

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