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Sep 20 - 15:56:36
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Name: Integra Send Mail...
Level: 40
Bodyguards: Not Protected
Status: Dead
Sponsor: None
Home City: Ballard, SEA
Wealth: Dirt Poor
Lounge Credits Won: 88
Messages Sent: 2819
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Left Hand of 

Royal Order of Protestant Knights

Touch my pockets, I'll break your hand. Only friends and family may get away with some ass grabbing.


To the man who was so incredibly Classy and a fantastic person. Enjoy your Retirement.
Thank you for everything.

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  • You caught up with Kat_Pryde, beat them within an inch of their life


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"This has been a test of the emergency pick-pocketing system. If this was a real pick-pocketing, you might not have pants."


Hyman_Roth: leave it to someone who doesnt watch GoT to ruin the convo :)
Integra: i watched clips :( 
Mick: Pfffffffft
Integra: and the Finale!

Wild-Card: Don't make me wear my cheerleaders out fit
Emily-Renfroe: hahaha, that's awesome
Wild-Card: I mean, I'd make it look fabulous
Wild-Card: but I don't want Tegs to have to rip you off me
Emily-Renfroe: I don't want that either. Tegs could kick my ass
Wild-Card: I mean, you might be able to talk her into sharing
Emily-Renfroe: TEGS!
Integra: Hi
Emily-Renfroe: GET IN HERE! I HAVE A DEAL!!!
Integra: what kinda deal?

16:53:03 <Integra[MR]> can we do threesomes?

16:53:33 <Hayley[MR]> Hey, I did not sign up for a threesome

10:52:26 <&IzzyCreamcheese> "[10:51:58] <&IzzyCreamcheese> was going to say, i just called you a slut and you didnt even insult me back :("

10:52:29 <&IzzyCreamcheese> that pretty much sums up our relationship


Success! Wild-Card was set free.



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