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The Devil's Work
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Name: Kate-Macer Send Mail...
Level: 60
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
HQ: Insanely Well Fortified
Status: Alive
RHM: None
Crew Members: 23
Home City: Pasadena, LA
Wealth: Rich
Lounge Credits Won: 38
Messages Sent: 1482
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I am the Devil, and I am here to do

The Devil's Work








I exit out of my sarcophagus
Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse
For my esophagus breathes evil that just demolishes
Abolishes, to the darkness of Mephistopheles
Mental enteral that went through an ancient acropolis
Conquered this, from a fetus to genius
Took DNA from the Shroud of Turin and cloned Jesus
Merciless leaders, the 19th galaxy
Born to a storm on the seas of Galilee
Battle me and suffer whiplash from my apostles
Leave you in shackles in the castle of Nosferatu
Ikon is hostile and mortals cause contusions
Hologram is known for placing poison in Christian communion
Slash, with the actions of ultra-violence
Crucifixions, in diction by Pontius Pilate
I walk naked in the house of David with pride
Force you to bleed just to make sure that you're still alive
Crystallize, we keep it live, y'all can't see me
Banish satanic verses like Ayatollah Komeini
I break in half, Satan's staff with ancient math
I wait and laugh, create a fucking BLOOD BATH

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