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Name: Klejnot Send Mail...
Level: 35
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
HQ: Insanely Well Fortified
Status: Alive
RHM: LouieDare
Crew Members: 6
Home City: Pasadena, LA
Wealth: Rich
Messages Sent: 726
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Leader of:


×Formerly of PÄÑ!Ç ŘøøM And the Höllöw×

HQ Status: Actively Recruiting

Status: "Am I invisible? Should I let it go? Would you ever know? Am I just another crazy laying on the low? Am I invisible? Will you ever see what you do to me? Breaking hearts in the dark so easily Am I invisible?"

ღ✫The Midnight Dancer✫ღ

Forever The White Rabbit U(´・×・`)U

Suited by myself

ღ❤⋆"The Biter"⋆❤ღ

Mess with me. I will eat your fingers...*

*I mug, plain and simple > Ask first*

*Klejnot information*

Name: Klejnot (Polish for Gem/Jewel)
Age: 21
Eye color: Blue like the ocean
Height: Petite and 5ft 9in
Personality: Shes calm, always talks about the water, the ocean. Can be slightly out of her mind but means well to friends.  Her expressions her thoughts, she likes to talk and make friends but most of all protect those she cares most about as she would do for anyone.
Bio (Past and Current): Coming soon

If you could see
The look in her eyes
The wolf wore the sheep
As a perfect disguise
And she can't believe
That she fell for his lies
He promised forever
But she never knew the price

Outrunning karma that boy
He's such a charmer all the
Bugs and their larva follow
Him out to Colorado
Ten dozen hearts in a bag
Their bodies lying he'll drag
Them down to Colorado
A modern desperado

And he'll race for miles through the night
He runs because he knows he cannot hide

Tried to stay sober, tried to stay clean
Wake me when it's over, like a bad dream
Mama doesn't call, sister never writes
Bet ya they would laugh if I called to say goodbye
No ones gonna worry, notice when I'm gone
They wouldn't know I'm missing
Til' they pull me out The Mystic


I may be insanerunning through the streets.

I may be a white rabbitthe one who watches over in the dark.

With a cold heart, only when mad, sitting on a frozen throne.

A sweet idiot with dark wings but a big heart.

A spitfire who dances with a blade.

The devils dream, and a shadow under feet.

A ball of fireshining and ready for the next challenge.

A little flower, soft and sweet.

The heart of a Genie, but no care for feelings.

10:24 <&IzzyCreamcheese> you got saved
10:24 <&IzzyCreamcheese> but the virtual postit made me laugh
10:24 <Klejnot[MR]> XD I GOT NO STICKYS IZZY!

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