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Left Hand Man Of
The Hollow
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Name: Rosalia-Orazia Send Mail... - (LHM)
Level: 35
Bodyguards: Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: SumTingWong
Home City: Downtown, LA
Wealth: Poor
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Left Hand Man Of

The Hollow


“If you can be anything, be kind. And if you can do anything, invest in your community.
You’re only as healthy as your community, and it’s the investment that always pays back interest.” ~ UNKNOWN


Chapter One: The Little Saint


Max Ehrmann // Desiderata


Rosalia Orazia, born in Palermo, Sicily. She was raised by the nuns at the local Catholic orphanage. The only thing the nuns could tell Rosalia about her family is that she was  left on the church steps as a small infant. The only thing with her besides the thin blanket that protected her from the elements of nature,  the nuns told her was a short note  attached the basket she was in. The note simply said, "the Patron Saint  of Palermo, known as  The Little Saint watches over this small infant". They gave her the name of this saint and took the small infant into the orphanage.  

She grew up under the watchful eye of the nuns at the orphanage till she aged out at 15, they set her out on her own with only the clothes on her back. 

Rosalia made her way down to the docks and secured herself a position on a ship sailing to the new world, as a scullery maid.  Arriving in the States several months later, she stepped off the boat wide eyed and filled with anticipation for what her new life in the States would hold for her.


Luka Lesson// Moment to Moment


Chapter Two: Finding Work

Rosalia Orazia, the orphan from Sicily walked through the streets of Las Vegas. The fifteen year old dark haired girl was glad the nuns at the orphanage school were so adamant that the kids learned English. It had come in handy more than once since she stepped of the boat. After asking a few people on the streets where work could be found she was directed to a warehouse in Paradise. 

 Rosalia approached the large warehouse tentatively it was rather rundown so  she wasn't sure she was in the right place. She did see a sign above the open doors that read, "Laborers wanted”, even though she had not seen anyone yet  the sign eased  her mind a bit that this was the correct place.   After a few moments a large man was framed by the open doors like a picture hanging on a wall. He appeared to be sweeping just a few feet inside the building. She approached him finally convinced this was the place. 

"Ah, excuse me..." , she paused till the man looked up at her acknowledging her presence the place looking for laborers?"  


Luka Lesson // Anonymous


Chapter Three: Oration of an Orphan

It had been a long day for the young girl named Rosalia, she was tired  and smelled of bleach and rotten candy and she didn't know what that other smell was and didn't think she wanted to either. She had finally scrubbed all the blood from the monster mash that happened on the steps of the HQ just a few days  earlier. She had barely cleaned up the cleaning gear she had used when the phone rang.

It was SumTingWong , the leader of The Hallow a group she worked for from time to time. She was perfect for many types of jobs, no one suspected a young child to do half of the jobs she had done. Children are easily overlooked and dismissed. He had expressed the need to talk to her. She hung the phone up and hastily cleaned up changing her blood stained and bleach stained clothes and headed to back to the HQ.... To find that she was no longer an orphan.



Luka Lesson // What Will Become of Us

Chapter Four: Like Jesus on a Luck Dragon

“Hello Rosa, how are you doing ? What service do you  need today? “ Hide asked through the receiver his voice congenial as usual.  “ Hyde, I am in the hospital. Apparently, I made someone upset. Well according to the rumor mill anyways .  I need to lay low for a while, so I need some of my money from the offshore account in Italy. I need the keys to that cabin I had you get me. I also need you to deliver a message to the upper structure of Las Vegas.”

She could hear Hyde ruffling with what sounded like paper then his voice.  "Okay Rosa let me get a pen and make a note to myself.” He spoke his words as he wrote them down.  “Pop goes the weasel.” She laughed her side hurting as she did it caused  her to  grunt in pain. “ I have always loved your code words Hyde.  Please let them know I am fine, and I will be  stepping down as Consigliere while I heal from this failed attempt on my life.”  As was his customary habit he spoke out what he was writing.” Like Jesus on a luck dragon.” She shook her head and smiled to herself Hyde always had a way of making her feel better.  He took his notes that way so that if anybody did find them they would not be any wiser to what they meant.  She hung up the receiver and laid back in her hospital bed to rest. She had no idea what would lay ahead for her, but she had faith as always that all would be fine.


The Polish Ambassador // Chill or be Chilled

Chapter Five: Wrath of the Little Saint

Rosalia was nervous this was the first art heist she let the associates under her take on their own.  The day before the heist she ran them through the details of the heist . She had a map of Fremont Street tacked on the wall with their route to the gallery and their route away from the gallery.  Pointing at the art gallery with the end of a sharpened pencil she looks to the dark haired associate. 

"John tell me where you go from here." The tween noticed he rolled his eyes before answering. Choosing to ignore it she cleared her throat instead and tapped the map with the pencil. She was use to these new guys and some of the older ones not taking her serious because of her age.  " I go down to the intersection there and if no coppers is behind me I take the right and head to the safe house." His voice was deep but had a lazy tone to it. " If there are any coppers on us I go with the route of least resistance. Look we have been over this 5 times kid. How many more times are ya going over this."  She looked at him with  a slight squint to her eyes and lowered her tone. " Seeing as how I am your Boss".. she emphasized the word boss.." and I am running this heist as many times as I think I need to." 

Rosalia then walked over to her desk and sat down pouring herself a glass of chocolate milk from the decanter that sat in a chilled bucket on the corner of her desk. " Well John since you think you understand how this is going to go down. Take the other guys with you and bring back the Rembrandt and if you have time I want that Picasso they are exhibiting also. " Rosalia lifted her glass and took a long drink of her chocolate milk. " Oh and John, don't mess this up for me. I need to be able to sell those pieces other wise this is all for nothing."



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