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Name: Roya Send Mail... - (LHM)
Level: 40
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: Dagda
Home City: Bronx, NY
Wealth: Rich
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هذه قصتي

Azareel and Talia emigrated to the United States in 1910. Talia was carrying a girl on her belly when she left Palestine. They set up in New York and being considerately wealthy, they started up a silk factory operation. Their silk was known as the best in all their home country and they had some contacts: Lots of mobster powerful men on the Big Apple. Azareel was much more liberal than any other Palestinian men, so they fared very well. Roya was born in 1911 and her father always loved her more than anything in the world. Since she was little, her father used to bring her to the factory and playfully taught her how to handle all the processes on silk making. He planned on giving her control of the factory at her 18 birthday. He was old and tired and needed to rest, even being strong as he was. The time had come. On the day of the birthday party, Roya suddenly disappeared. Her father went looking for her and what he found was the only thing he couldn't take, his daughter was lying down with another woman. This was a dishonor to his family and he couldn't accept that. So he unsheathed the knife he was always carrying on his belt and with the most pain he ever felt, jumped on top of the unknown woman and stabbed her to death, breaking all the glasses of champagne that was around. Roya was on top of him, punching and screaming, but he was way too strong. Azareel turned to Roya, grabbed her hair and put the knife on her neck. He looked into her eyes, feeling nothing but deep pain, but before the knife could hurt that beautiful neck, Roya found her strength and sticked a piece of glass in his throat. People bursted into the room a second later and amongst them was one of the big shots Azareel had business with, the man who helped him when their family first arrived in New York. With Azareel now dead and without proclaiming an heir, the business was his. He took the girl under his arms, like a snake that saves a meal for later. Roya lost the love of her life, murdered her father and was stuck with the Mafia. She was now a revengeful, pained young woman. She would tear anyone apart without a warning. Who looked at her could only see gorgeousness, there was no beauty like her. But they were awfully wrong. There was a monster crawling underneath her skin, hungry for blood. She was to be feared.

Roya likes to take the Hijab off and dance naked

Success! Dagda was set free.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Anonymous Key

PP friendly with return, don't be impolite or i'll habibi your ass, ابن العاهرة!

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