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Left Hand Man Of
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Name: AdmiralAckbar Send Mail... - (LHM)
Level: 35
Bodyguards: Insanely Well Protected
Status: Alive
Family: CLO
Home City: Corktown, DT
Wealth: Rich
Messages Sent: 58
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Heart, Honor, Respect

~Shady Records~

PP Unfriendly
It's a trap.



Species: Mon Calamari

Sex: Male

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Orange

Height: 1.8 meters

Homeworld: Mon Calamari

Politicial Affiliation: Alliance

Weapon of Choice: DIY Laser gun

Vehicle of Choice: Mon Calamari MC80 star cuiser

The Life of Ackbar


Ackbar was not a stranger to leadership when he started serving in the Rebellion. He played a role in the local government on his home world of Mon Calamari. When the Galactic Empire occupied and destroyed much of his planet, Ackbar was taken as a slave. He was given to Grand Moff Tarkin to be his personal servant.


Luckily, Ackbar was very astute and gathered as much information as possible while serving Tarkin. He gathered many military secrets, which would prove to be indispensable for the Rebellion.


During a Rebel ambush on Tarkin's transport, Ackbar was able to flee to the Rebellion. He returned to his people, and eventually led to them to join the Rebel Alliance.


Ackbar was a tremendous leader, and he oversaw the production of the B-wing, which helped him achieve the rank of Admiral. He then led the Rebel Fleet in the Battle of Endor, which is probably what he is best known for. But his service to the Rebellion did not end there! He played a role in the New Republic, and led many attacks on the dwindling Imperial forces.


In the following years, Ackbar would be mired in a scandalous plot conceived by Imperial Intelligence operatives. He withstood them, but not without losing some amount of credibility. After time, he took on an overlooking position to the younger admirals that were leading the fleets.

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