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Dec 02 - 18:33:13
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Home City: Downtown, LA
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If you know me, yea its definitely me. Say hello. I miss old friends here. Dunno how long this character or my attention span will last till life pulls me away from here but i enjoy it while i can, and i always come back ^_^

Sitting quietly at a bar. BD drinks a beer and goes over how he got into this situation in his head. He stares but sees nothing contemplating his life and how he got into this situation. What does he do now? No longer in Vegas, remaining old family and friends Scattered to the violent winds of this life we live. Living, he thinks bitterly what is he living for anymore. the dreams he had and shared with his own family were snatched from him. now he owes the life he has to the family that he is with. The money he makes feels empty. no love or importance behind it. "What do i do now? What is the point? Gods I hate starting from the bottom." He polishes off the rest of his beer and rubs a hand over his face tiredly. Grabbing his jacket he shrugs it on and turns to leave the bar. When did Sin stop being fun? I just dont understand. 

Hate to have to do this but Keep ya paws off my wallet till im richer than god. i dont mind every now and then but come on....every hour? jeesus peoples lol (Not PP friendly!)

They kept pestering me about my wings getting dirty so I tore off my wings, cuz heaven was boring. Why bother being clean when theres a whole city, no a whole world of fun and sin ready for me to dive into. 

I dove into Sin and came out the other side? I Dont know why i was spared or How? how am i alive.... or why am i alive. I am the last of the Fallen angels and Somehow i ended up in LA. Time to make the best of it

--Former Fallen Angel Now Living in the City of Angels--

Luciano Crime Family

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