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Los Angeles Ball Started by: Olympia on Jan 13, '18 20:45

Olympia had spent the last two days prepping the Fame View Hotel's ballroom area for the Los Angeles Ball. The whole of Los Angeles was about to bombard the place. By the end of the night, the floors would probably be covered with booze and crumbs from all the food, but she just hoped people would leave happy after having a great experience among friends!

In her bag was an envelope containing a rather large sum of money for prizes that would be given out through the evening. She checked her bag just to make sure it was still there then thought, Not sure how anyone would take it. I've been holding my bag the whole time.

She continued walking around, her long, blue, sparkly dress flowing lightly against the ground, checking this and that to make sure everything was just right. She had hired two doormen for the entrance to collect coats and a fee from each person upon entrance of $25,000 that would be entered into a jackpot that one lucky person would win at the end of the night.

The bartender was all set, she found out once she asked him; and the live band was ready to rock and roll. She had treated all of the workers to dinner before they had all arrived at the hotel so that none of them would be starving the whole night but unable to take a break to eat.

Standing in the middle of the room, she scanned everything. The decorations, the lighting, the seating, the tables with their burgundy tablecloths, the doormen in their fancy tuxedos, the bartender in his white suit with the red tie, the servers getting their trays of drinks and appetizers ready to go and nodded to herself. 

Looks like everything is good! Time to get this party started! She thought as she walked over to the doormen.

"You can open the doors and start to allow people in," She said to them excitedly with a pat on each of their shoulders. "If anyone tries to heckle you about giving you the money, you know what to do."

She winked as she turned away from them, then walked to the bar to order herself a Martini, with two olives instead of one, so she had something to sip on while the party-goers arrived.

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Klejnot stepped in through the doors when they we're opened, being one of the first people to arrive she looked around seeing as to how silent it was she went over to see if anyone she knew would arrive. If not then she would head out to work, finding a comfy seat she sat wearing a nice blouse and skirt waiting.
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Olympia noticed Klejnot maker her entrance, among a few other people, and she made her way over to where she had taken a seat.

Smiling, she said, "Hello there Klejnot! Glad you could make it. People should start flowing in rather quickly! Would you like something to drink while you wait?"

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Looking up she gave a polite smile towards Olympia. "I would appreciate a drink, any kind is fine by me." She watched some enter but no sign of those she knew well.
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Olympia nodded and made her way back over to the bar, ordering a glass of sweet red wine for Klejnot. She figured she would appreciate a drink that wasn't extremely strong.

She made her way back over to her, taking a seat next to her in another chair, then handed her the glass of wine.

"Hope you like it." She said to her. "I ordered only the finest alcohol for this event, although I had to do so discreetly. No need for me to go to prison for buying alcohol when prohibition is so strong."

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After a brief conversation with Klejnot, Olympia stood up from the chair when she thought she saw someone that looked like her date walk in. As she got closer though she realized it was not Brutus, who was apparently going to be VERY fashionable, so she slowly made her way back over to the bar, ordered another Martini and continued to watch the people stroll inside and begin to mingle.

There was a brief scuffle at the door as a young civilian had tried to make his way inside but was quickly shoved back out when he wasn't able to produce the $25,000. She thought he even tried to fake cry to gain access, and when that didn't work, he grudgingly took off down the front sidewalk and made his way.. God only knows where.

She turned back to the bar, downing her drink, sighing and saying, "Serve me up another please. If I get drunk this will be even more fun!"

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Aislin smiles as she walks through the doors with Ramires by her side. Her bold red dress clings attractively to her figure as she walks and the diamonds on her black shoes sparkle as the lights hit them.

Aislin waves to Klejnot, she then notices Olympia is at the bar as well, I could definitely use a drink, she thinks. 

"Lets go to the bar love, I am in sore need of a drink." 

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Showing up exceptionally late Bearzy struggles to open the doors to get inside.

Well Fuck

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Olympia smiled wide as Aislin and Ramires approached the bar. She got up from the bar stool to give Aislin a quick hug, and then greeted Ramires with a smile before saying, "Glad you two could make it! I'm three drinks deep already, waiting on Brutus to get here, and just watching everyone show up! Once we get a few more people I'll draw for the first prize of the night! How are you two doing?"

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As Ramires walks in with Aislin by his side. All suited up, he smiles as they walk in together.

He waves to Olympia as they walk up to the bar.

"Sounds good to me honey."

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She held a finger up to let Ramires and Aislin know she would be back in just a second. Then she walked over to the front entrance because she saw Bearzy clumsily making his way inside.

"Already drunk!?" She asked him. "Here, let me help you over to the bar. Another drink is probably not what you need but it's what you'll get. Along with some water."

Then, after seating Bearzy, ordering him a Whiskey and some water, she rejoined Aislin and Ramires.

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Klejnot waved slightly to Aislin and watched Olympia greet Aislin and Ramires. Sipping on the red wine she stayed put watching, and waiting. Listening to the subtle chatter of friendly conversations while waiting to see if anyone else was coming. The event was a good idea, at least to be a get together and spend time chatting. 

Some time had passed and she finished her wine, watching the door every so often before looking at the slow forming crowd. 

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Very fashionable, indeed. Brutus give a slight tug to the ends of his suit jacket and brushed off his trousers as he stepped out of the car. This sort of event was beyond anything he’s ever taken part in but he had a date. Los Angeles’ most eligible bachelorette; Olympia . A smile curled at the corners of his lips as he made his way to the doormen, handing off a small portfolio of cash, a donation to the event. With that he’d offer a nod to each before making his way past them and into the event area. She had certainly prepared and well! The lightning, decorations and arrangers were spot on. Immaculate! 

Though what really stood out wasn’t the lightning or the arrangements, no, it was that glistening silky blue dress that adorned her so well. His smiles broadened as he approached her. Careful to nod and ensure her closest bodyguards recognized him before he’d approach any closer to the city’s Godmother. Once he was cleared he’d make his approach, his smile beaming as he’d embrace her briefly.

“Olympia, you are absolutely gorgeous. You’ve done amazing with coordinating this event as well. What’re you having to drink?” 

Brutus glances around briefly before catching where the bartender was situated. He’d look to her, checking to see if she’d need anything before he went for a refreshment. 

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When Aislin and Ramires had both seated themselves at the bar, Olympia stood and walked to the middle of the room.

She cleared her throat loudly to be heard over the low music and began to speak. 

"Hello everyone! Glad to have you here! I think now is a good time to do the first prize drawing of the night!" She paused for a moment before continuing. "As all of you entered the room, your names were jotted down on a small piece of paper and placed inside a hat."

She walked over to the front entrance to grab the hat before putting her hand inside, drawing out a piece of paper and saying, "The first winner of tonight is...... Ramires! Your prize is $15,000! Congratulations!"

Then she walked back over to place the hat back on the table by the front door before reaching into her purse and grabbing the envelope of cash. She walked back over to the bar, taking her seat again before handing Ramires the cash.

"Yay prizes! This will be a fun night." She exclaimed as she picked up her Martini and drank the last of it.

Just then, she turned to see Brutus making his way towards her. She stood up from her seat, noticing his smile first as he admired her dress, then gave him a hug as he told her she looked gorgeous. 

"You look great yourself! I'm glad you made it!" She said to him. "I'm drinking Martinis tonight. I've had several already, so you better get caught up!"

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Grabbing another glass of whiskey and a glass of wine Bearzy goes to join Klejnot for a little while. 

"Hey I'm glad you were able to make it here, would you like another glass of wine?"

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Klejnot was lost in a daze, thinking that she stuck out like a sore thumb. She was not the kind of lady to go all out for formal gatherings. Looking back towards the door and watching Olympia lead Bearzy inside she went back to watching others chat. 

She jumped when she was approached by Bearzy before seeing he had brought two drinks over. Sliding over for him to join her she sat quietly, accepting the glass of wine she nodded softly. "Thanks..." She was not that talkative around large groups.

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"Of course we would come, we wouldn't miss this grand event for the world. Oh I so want to be on your level. But, I am doing very well, thank you for asking. " 

Olympia excuses herself for a moment, and Aislin manages to catch the bartenders eye, thinking that she should just go ahead and order while Olympia's away.

"How may I help you?" He asks.

Aislin thought over her preferred drink of choices and decided on something sweet and definitely alcoholic. "I would love a glass of your finest sweet champagne please."

Aislin tipped the bartender a twenty so that he would definitely make haste.

"Coming right up ma'am." He replied. The bartender was back quickly with her drink and Aislin took a sip just as Olympia came back. She smiles at her approach. "Busy busy I see." Aislin laughs softly. "Seems as though Bearzy has already started the party without us." Aislin takes another sip of her champagne. Aislin cheeks get a little warm as she downs the rest of her champagne. She puts her hand up indicating that she'd like another, Aislin was having the time of her life already.

Upon seeing Brutus arrive Aislin waves to him as he embraces and greets Olympia as Aislin sips on her second glass of champagne at the bar. Oh, the prizes, she thinks as Olympia makes her way to the center of the room and when she hears Olympia say Ramires's name as the first person to win a prize she jumps up in excitement, and hugs him. 

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Ramires hugs Aislin and spins her around as he hears his name.

"What ever shall we spend this money on?"

He walks up to Olympia and shakes her hand smiling and taking a bow.

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Olympia shook Ramires' hand in return and said, "More prizes where that came from as more and more people show up! And at the end of the night we'll have the jackpot prize. I won't be keeping any of the money for myself so the winner takes home however much is given to the pot!"

She smiled as the bartender gave her another Martini, noting that Brutus ordered it for her. 

She turned to Brutus and said, "Thank you for ordering up the drink! I'm already feeling a little bit tipsy, so that's fun! It's nice to have a get together in such a nice place. I do hope you enjoy yourself here! And.." She turned to Aislin. "You seem to be having a great time already! That's wonderful!"

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Klejnot had finished her drink, sitting quietly once more. Starting to lose faith that the person she was closest to would have come to at least enjoy the party. So she stood, apologizing to bear before heading away from everyone for some air, leaning against the wall as she put the palm of her hand to her head. 

With a sigh she looked around, leaning off the wall she let the person at the door know she would be back. Walking outside she stood looking up at the sky. In her opinion the party would have been nice to have in the cool night air.

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