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Dec 02 - 19:40:17
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27
On the bus after a long work day
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Sitting on my ass, listening to Bullet for My Valentine and attempting (and probably failing) to figure this game out.

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Relaxing and staring out a window constantly at the stray cats while chatting with players.

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Gotta say, Love the replies. It's nice to see the normal things we all do to pass the time.

Right now? I'm binge watching Breaking Bad, smoking some herb, and keeping an eye on my security cameras. 

Good Times. 

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Laying in bed after waking up
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Leaving work ready to play my game
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20 til 11 am, on a Saturday, just woke up.

Sipping my coffee, debating on staying home today or going out, on my xbox while listening to FFDP.

and obviously playing here lol
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keeping an eye on my security cameras


I'm mixing strawberries and Dos Equis beer. Three thumbs up.

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Couple of smokes, n some TV cant complain. Bout to go out for lunch in a little bit. 

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Hey you gotta have security cameras these days, am I wrong? I think not. It's saved us in the past. 

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Finishing up a tv show before catching some sleep.
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Just played Call Of Duty with my daughter... she kicked my ass! o.0
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Your Daddy

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Just chilling in bed with my amazing girlfriend <3
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She got mad that I didn't tag her, so eh...

Monika ;)
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Nothing wrong with doing guys NRA, congrats! Necrophilia though on the other hand.. ugh. 

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Watching North Woods Law
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More Preacher. John Boston Summer Ale.

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Completing my Hustle. 

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waking the fuk up.  Coffee and then more Coffee.

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