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Evening Ambush Started by: leoo on Jan 07, '19 09:33

Sitting in his small apartment leoo was scrubbing his shoes with a toothbrush when he heard loud footsteps on the stairs outside his door, multiple people it seemed but leoo paid no mind to it as the building was home to many more people. As the footsteps got closer they seemed to stop just outside his door, now raising suspicion to leoo. looking to his right at the clock seeing it was six in the evening, and leoo wasnt expecting any visitors at this hour. Getting up and walking to the table a few feet from the door reaching under it for his Glock just in case, as he grabs the gun an explosion pushes him back against his couch with enough force to flip the couch on its back the Glock flying out his hand hitting the wall behind him and making it just out of his reach. 

As the door's shrapnel flew into the room, so did a small smoke bomb, causing the small room to quickly fill blinding leoo from anyone who were to enter the small room. Using his leg to grab his Glock and slide it towards him, leoo quickly cocked it back and listened carefully for any footsteps to enter the room. leoo decided it was necessary to take a shot at a window forcing a draft to slowly clear out the smoke, but also giving away his position. Rolling to the left side of the couch as the smoke cleared just enough for him to see one of the men who entered the room, it seemed the men were dressed in black suits with black dress shirts rather then your normal white dress shirt. 

Leoo quickly aimed for the first mans head he could see letting off a single shot which was followed by the thud of a body hitting the ground, and the sound of multiple tommy guns emptying their clip into the bottom of the couch which barely stopped the bullets of the guns. The haze of the bullets gave leoo his only opportunity to slip out from the right side of the couch after rolling to that side and slide behind a plated wall which protected his room that held his small armory, taking a round in the left thigh as he slid into his room. opening his drawer quickly and pulling out pump action shotgun and checking to see it had 5 rounds inside it. 

putting all his weight on his right leg as he stands up with his back against the wall, he pumps the shotgun locking the round in the chamber before leaning around the corner and letting his finger slide the trigger against the back of the trigger guard. as the slugged round hits another one of the men followed by another thud and more automatic weapon fire towards his new direction. Each bullet either wizzing past leoo with his back now against the wall again or hitting the metal plate placed inside the wall stopping any of the bullets that hit it. 

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Leoo looks around the corner only for a bullet to fly past his face, he puts his back to the wall one last time before taking a run towards the window to the left of him slipping out onto the fire escape. He makes his climb to the top of the building and climbs in another window of a random couple who heard the explosion and were hiding together in their bedroom. Looking at them with a shocked look in his own eyes as he tries to process the whole situation before figuring out a way to escape the building. 

"sorry you two" he says to the couple before running through their apartment and heading out the front door and heading down the stairs holding the shotgun in his right hand as blood trickles down his leg making him feel weaker by the minute, but the adrenaline keeps the pain bearable. limping on each step he takes with his left leg, until he finally sat down against the wall about 3 floors above his apartment. reaching in his pocket and pulling out two shells to load into the gun. leaning his head against the wall as he rips the bottom of his shirt to tie it on his leg and slow the blood flow to the hole in his leg. 

As he leans against the wall trying to recoup his strength he hears more footsteps running up the stairs, taking no chances his pumps the shotgun and takes aim towards the bottom of the stairs waiting for whoever it is to make their way into his vision. Sitting in an awkward angle as he holds the gun against his shoulder looking down the top of the barrel as one of the men who blew into his apartment came around the corner of the stairs, taking no chances for the man to even see him he pulled the trigger forcing the mans head to splatter against the wall behind him. 

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still laying against the wall, watching the awkward angle for anyone to come up, leoo gets up and grabs the mans gun and the clips, and straps the shotgun to his back, then begins to go back upstairs since he'd drawn attention to the stairs. once he makes it to the roof, he sees the building next door was only a few feet away, with such a small gap, leoo easily jumps it and made his way to the stair case on that building, heading downstairs in that building until he made it all the way to the bottom before noticing Knightmare at the door of his apartment.

leoo walked to Knightmare and quickly handed him the shotgun, "i just got attacked upstairs by some goons. i barely managed to escape but i did get hit and i need to get out of here." he points to the hole in his thigh as he speaks. unsure of what was to happen next but he knew that since Knightmare was there he would be safer then before.

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It was a long hot day in LA. Knightmare was finishing up his duties and decided to go see his brother in arms leoo, maybe take him out for a few drinks. The walk to leoo's apartment was only a few block from the Royal Minority compound and Knightmare didn't mind the chance to stretch his legs.

Ten minutes later, as Knightmare was about to open the door to leoo's apartment building, he saw leoo limping up the sidewalk. Leoo handed the shotgun to Knightmare and explained what happened in very short words. Knight nodded to leoo then pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and proceeded to bound leoo's wound.

"It is always something exciting with you Sir leoo."

Knight chuckled to himself as he finished dressing the wound. He stood up and checked the shotgun for rounds ... three left. Knightmare chambered another round looked around quickly to see is anyone was giving chase.

"That should hold till proper care can be given. So my friend .. gunmen after you .. how do you want to proceed? Get you to the head quarters for security or go up and finish these scallywags? I will, of course, protect and defend you to the best of my abilities."

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looking at knightmare as he proposes what to do next, leoo gives him a small chuckle and then looks to the door that would lead to his apartment. "it would be quite a shame if we let them get away with blowing the door to my place, now wouldn't it sir?" A grim smirk flashed on his face as he used his free hand to pull the hair from out of his face and then pop out the clip of the tommy seeing he had about 15 rounds left in it, and 30 rounds in the clip he had stashed into his left pocket.

leoo pops the clip back in and then taps knight on the arm as he begins to walk back into the building he had just barely escaped. "my place is on the second floor, so if they're anywhere they gotta be there or the third floor looking for me." he said as his happy expression faded into a serious and blank expression. twisting his neck in weird angles forcing his neck to pop and loosen up before heading upstairs towards his apartment which was now in ruins and filled with smoke. fire alarms going off as the smoke flowed out of the apartment into the hall forcing everyone to leave their apartments and head outside, giving leoo and knightmare a small crowd to blend in with.

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It was to be 'repel the attack' instead of retreat. Knight let a slight smile slip on his face as he waited for a pause in the people leaving to quickly step inside the apartment building.

With leoo bringing up the rear, Knight headed up the stairs first, while leoo hopped/limped as best he could. As they neared the second floor, Knight slowed down and put his back against the wall, carefully he looked down the hallway. Two men were outside of leoo's apartment with their backs to him, waving smoke out of their faces and quietly talking. Knight glanced at leoo, leoo poked his head around the corner then nodded to Knight.

Using guns is not new for Knightmare, but still an acquired taste, as far as guns go ... shotgun ... point and pull, the perfect weapon. He stepped around the corner with the shotgun held at his hip, took four quick steps and fired. Both men were shoved forward and landed on their faces. Leoo walked past him and put a bullet in each of their heads. Knight chambered another round and held the gun towards leoo's apartment.

"If what you told me holds true, that makes five down ... I do not believe there are anymore, but let's be cautious."

Leoo nodded, Knightmare slowly entered the apartment as leoo went to the staircase and kept his gun trained up towards the third floor ....

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Limping just behind Knightmare, leoo trains his tommy towards the staircase making sure no more people come back. Still following Knightmare as they both step over the pieces of door. leoo makes his way to the bathroom and grabs his small box filled with a few first aid supplies and begins to patch up the hole in his leg. 

After patching up his leg he heads into his room and pulls up a floorboard and pulls out a small safe. he opens the safe then pulls out a M1911 and roughly $900k, then grabs a pair of black combat boots from his closet which had gone perfectly untouched. 

"i guess its time to find a new place and not be so flashy about it." he says with a chuckle before hearing more footsteps come down the stairs outside his apartment. everyone who lived in the building had already cleared out by then due to the alarms going off. leoo quickly grabbed knightmare and pulled him into the bedroom and took aim at the door with the tommy. as soon as the last man in the group came around the corner into his apartment leoo let the tommy rip the last 15 rounds into the mans chest.

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As the sound of the 'Tommy' settled, Knightmare eased the shotgun from his shoulder. He then went and stood by the front door as leoo finished getting what he needed. With a suitcase in his hand, leoo walked towards Knight. He paused to nudge the man he just shot, then spat on the son of a bitch.

I watched leoo still limping slightly, so I took the suitcase from him and handed him the shotgun.

"Let's see about getting you to the doctors. Hmmm?"

I switched the case to my left hand, leaving my sword arm open and ready. I peeked out the door and looked both ways .... the coast was clear. I took a step into the hallway, paused to listen for any sound ... only the distant wail of the approaching police sirens. I motioned for leoo to follow as I headed for the stairs.

We stepped outside, leoo was sharp enough to conceal the shotgun under his coat. With all the panic and mayhem, we blended in with the rest of the scared occupants. I looked to leoo ...

"Which way is quickest for us?"

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"ill be fine without a doctor thank you." he says as he tosses a small duffel bag over his shoulder with the shotgun and the tommy inside covered by a few stacks of cash and what space left was taken over by clothes. Leoo steps back over the door with a slight limp, and motions for knight to follow. getting out of there soon would be their best bet, the gunfire and explosions in the building drew a lot of unwanted attention. 


After making it out of the building with Knightmare they both head back to HQ and look through the newspapers for another place for leoo to stay, this time making it more of a secret so something like this wouldn't happen again. "thanks knight, i probably wouldn't have made it out of there if i hadn't seen you." 

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