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A new story of Raki Started by: Raki on Mar 07, '19 03:01

Raki sitting on the front steps of someone's porch, as he pulled his flute from his sleeve, he looked up, rolling his eyes, again hearing people running their mouths about shit that either wasn't true, or about stuff they did themselves, and tried to blame him for it, he sighed shaking his head, spreading shit that wasn't true just ro ruin him for no reason, maybe it was because they didn't like him. Well if that was the case, oops oh well, it wasn't like they couldn't ignore him and move on about their daily lives.

Moving his thoughts to more intellegent things, he put the flute up to his lips, playing the music of battle, and how he had been through the ages, taking down asshole after asshole, painting the grounds with their blood, painting it in time itself, as he played, he could see people starting to gather around listening to him play. As he played, he felt as if time spiraled out for him, coming back in flashes, in his head, seeing how he came in handy, the hero for those who needed him. He always seemed to arm for those who were loyal to him, he would repay that favor, and he was ready to do it all over again, But only for those who would stay loyal to him.

As he played the flute, he got onto the story of his love in time, As time went on, he had a forbidden love, that he was never allowed to enjoy, because when he did, he always seeme to get shot at just right when did, it was like time itself rooted for him to survive each time, which he did, and he time he survived, he got up wiped himself off and coming back better than what he was before, and for that he was thankful. 

He then played the tune of his twins and his life that was happening as of right, it made him happy, it made him think of things, that he would have never thought of before, his family telling him there is all kinds of possiblities, as long as he kept going, ignoring all the ignorance that tried to being him down, he was ready this life, he would go all the way to the top as he would play the tunes one after another, as if he was having the most peaceful best day ever, even through all the bullshit that was happening, he played on over them. 

"Who is that?...they sound really good." A woman stated. 

"I think that is Raki..from Detroit...they say he is very quiet." One of the males said.

"Raki?...My daddy once said that he is very beautiful." Another Famale said. 

"My Father said, he never ages...I wonder if that is true...he also said that he was adobted by by a mob family." Another male said. 

"Well...he does have the looks, and he plays well...listen to the story he tells, it would make any woman jealous, at least the girl that he playing about, should feel lucky." The woman said, as she puttheer hands up to her cheekslike she was tryin to simmer a flush in her cheeks.

Raki played one last song, about the story of man who went the time, he never aged, he always fell in love, but when he couldn't have that love, he would become bored, thinking of things to do, as he would play his music, he thought about the wars he had been through, going to hell and back to fight what right, and what he stood for, no one ever did that anymore. He thought maybe this time would different considering he would be getting engaged here pretty soon, and for now he was happy.

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Savannah stood in the  darkness, happier than life itself as she listened to the music he played. Bringing love to her heart again and joy to her soul with their twins, she had lived many lifetimes and always came back..

Her soul was complete and mind filled with the futures that will be theirs once more. She lost him once but found him. Raki had saved her, loved her and never gave up hope for her return.

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Opening his eyes, he saw Savannah, as he finished off the tune, he smiled. He then stood up, putting his flute away, he then bowed to the crowed for their applause, and high complimentaries, it made him happy. As he stepped down, he walked over to his soon to be fiance. He intertwined his fingers with hers as he guided her to a place to offically propose to her. 

he started to gently guide her away from the crowd as they cheered him on, he chuckled, he then saw some girls wanting him to go out with him, he then turned and kissed Savannah, gently but deeply, ignoring those girls, nipping her lip ever so gently. "Come on...I have something for you.."He said, chuckling at bit.

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Savannah looked at the girls as her eyes turned bloodred of a warning. She gripped his hand and walked with him to the place, unsure what he was going to do there.

"Where are we going my love?" If she had a heart it would be beating faster within her chest right now.

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"Just trust is a surprise." He said as he took her away from the crowd before she went wild on them.

He then saw one of is old hangouts, but he had changed alot, it was more updated, and more cleaner than it used to be, it had more of a respectable atmosphere. it was like a pastre/ and or cafe, as he pulled her in, from the warm sun, and he set her down in his favorite corner. 

As The Lady came up smiling at both of them, she looked to be a bit older, so she seemed a bit more respectable. "What can I for you?" THe woman asked. "I will have chamomile tea, and your strawberry filled scone, as for her...I am sure it will be a coffee..."He smirked at Savannah, as he continued on. "probably the same...unless she objects." He smiled back at Savannah, he put his palm to her cheek.

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She blushed as she gets pulled into the booth, sitting opposite him. Looking up at the waitress "I will have the strawberry scone and a coffee, white and two sugars.please"

Turning back to her love.and held his hand.

" will you tell me what the fuck is going on my love,. You know I hate surprises "

Biting her lip as she lowered her eyes, thinking the worst ideas.

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He smirked at her seeing her soo nervous, as she grabed his hands gently, he almost wanted to laugh, " remember all those questions...that you asked?...about what I was up to?" He spoke softly, as the lady left to get their order.

He then rubbed his thumbs along the back of her hands, trying to get rid of his nervousness, he looked up at her smiling, and loooked back down at the tale trying to sort out his thoughts so he could speak to her and that way she could understand him. he cleared his throat and thought to hell with it. 

So he let her hands go, and pulled out the small box, and and he knelt on one knee, and he looked up at her, opening the box, as he looked up at her, with a warm smile, showing his dimples to her, "Savannah this question has been on my mind for awhile, I even asked your father for your hand in marriage, and he said I am going to ask you this...Savannah will you marry me...and make me the ahppiest man alive?" He asked, as he heard everyone come to a dead stop waiting for her to respond.

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"Yes I remember" she frowned thinking that he was going to say something else. As her throat dried and blinked to the fact he knelt before her.

"Say that again my love . " taking a few minutes to sink in and nodded her  head.

"Yes yes I will my love"

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He almost chuckled seeing her blank out, he hadn't seen that from her before, most of the time she was so sure of she knew was about to happen, but today, she didn't, today she blanked out, he shook his head. "Will you marry me...and make me the happiest man alive." He repeated.

Then he watched as she came to the sudden realization of what he was asking her, of what she wanted him to ask her, chuckled, as he out the newly made ring on her finger, and stood up and kissed her, he felt instantly happy.

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She got up and flung her arms around his neck, kissing him madly. Savannah's heart if she had one lept from her chest as she kissed him again with joy.

"The answer is yes, yes my love I will marry you always"

She always wanted to be with.him 

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He chuckled standing up as her arms went around him, his arms went around her, lifting her up slightly, kissing her back, nipping her lower lip Gently, And they were to kiss, after hearing her answer, the small crowd began to clap and cheer them on, he then set her back on her feet gently, without letting her go.

"Good....because I wasn't going to take no for an answer." He chuckled, whispering deep into her ear.

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Her eyes widened as she heard his words "I should hope not after all this time I. Wanting me." She smirked as she stood back down on the ground. Smiling happily as her skin warmed to all the cheers around them

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He laughed, shaking his head, as he sat back down pulling her into his lap, "Mhm..this is the first time I have seen you smile, and it actually belongs there." 

"By the way....have I told you how much I love you, lately?" He said, as he kissed the lining of her jaw.

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She wrapped her arms around his neck as she sat upon his lap and looked at him.


No you haven't told me. Keeping me in the dark on this proposal. That was sneaky

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"Well I had to find away to surprise it was a big step so I had a lot of thinking to do..."He chuckled shaking his head, the beads in his hair clanking together. 

He kissed her neck, as their order was brouht to the table. "Is there anything else I can get you?" The woman asked, as Raki shook his head and looked up at Savannah, seeing if she needed anything else. 

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Savannah looked up as she ordered a slice of strawberry cheesecake " just that thank you " as she tilted her head to the side, feeling his kisses upon her throat. She purrs softly 


So when do you want to do the deed plan this wedding my love."

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" I don't...but mostly likely my sisters are going to want to plan that..." He chuckled shaking his head over the image. 

'Speaking of that....what colors do you want?...because I was thinking more of like ralaxation colors...more like my sister thought those would be good for for your wedding dress lily and ilyana and few others said they would go dress shopping with you if you wanted?" He smirked a bit, he could picture her all dressed up like that.

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She blushed as she thought for a moment

"I'm asking my boss miss Nikki to be my maid of honor"

"Thinking white or cream with a hint of gold"

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"Ah...I see so it looks like you are liking part of colors." He gave a soft chuckle, he took a sip of his tea, and set it down on the table.

"Well...while my sisters are planning that....I might kidnap you and the twins and take you guys out to the beach here pretty soon."He said, as his hand started to move up and down along her back.

he wanted to laugh, seeing her pick colors for her dress and giving her something to do, made him happy, seeing her happy, "You know...My sister's and one of my brother's find me hilarious...because they are all settled down...and I am just now kind of settling." He said, as he took a bite of his pastry.

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"I hope you are settled or I may find me a toyboy " she.smirks as she shuddered feeling the electricity of his touch flow through her body. Picking up her fork her.cheesecake.

"A break sounds love, the twins will love the beach"

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