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Billy was eating breakfast and going over his books when he got the phone call from Detroit. His smoke shop out there had been shaken down by some unknown. Until recently there was nobody of note in Detroit. Now there was, and he figured it was time to pay a visit to the man named Insta.

Unfortunately before he got the chance he also got a call from New York. The soup kitchen in Harlem had been hit too. He knew he had a good working relationship with the New York families. KennyRusso was out there and the soup kitchen wasn't even a front! It was just an old restaurant that Rora had converted into a soup kitchen at some point.

So, when he picked up the phone to dial in to find out about his 'angels' he wasn't surprised to find out they had been shaken down too. Not only had Billy lost a lot of money this morning, it had been all over the country. Someone was coming for him. He needed to get to the HQ and fast.

"Roar! Wake up, we got some problems. Reach out to everyone you know, someone is going after my businesses all over the place. Get up hun, this ain't no fucking picnic. Check your shit too, I have a feeling this might be bigger than we expected."

As he got up from the table to get dressed Charlie came into the room. Sweat was pouring from his face, his gun was out of it's holster. This was not Charlie, Charlie did not panic like this.

"Boss! There's men, they're taking out some of my guys, we're in for it, but I don't know who these guys are. Nobody does! They came out of nowhere, it's as if they just suddenly all showed up at once with the power of families that had been here for generations. If you thought Durden and his men were bad, he's got nothing on these guys."

Billy's wheels were turning, and he started to rattle off things, ideas, names.

"Charlie get Oscar in here, I need you and him to go to the spare apartment downstairs and get in touch with AddieMoretti_, SilvioViolante, Lady-Integra, and Wild-Card. I've got a few folks to call myself."

Billy picked up the phone and dialed a number he hadn't thought to dial in longer than forever. Not unless he absolutely needed to, and this was one of those moments. As the secretary on the other end picked up, Billy could hear the slight bit of nerve in their voice. Just enough to realize what was going on.

"Hi. This is Billy-Mastrosimone. I doubt you know my name, but your boss does. I need to talk to Valencia."

The voice on the other end piped up.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm not going to patch you through if I don't recognize you. Besides, she is very busy and cannot take calls. If you would care to leave a message..."

Billy snapped cutting them off.

"Fine, just tell her that if she needs anything to call me. I have a feeling we're all about to be in the same goddamned boat. Have a great day now huh?"

He slammed the phone down onto the receiver.

"ROAR! We got bigger fish to fry today. Philly is getting hit to! You or your dad know anybody we can reach out to that might be able to help with this crap?! I've got one of two friends I can still pull in, maybe."

He ran into the bedroom as he yelled through the house and slammed open his desk drawer to pull out his address book. Flipping through the pages he stopped on another name... LadyF.

"You think LA is getting hit too? You might want to contact your lawyer, you know that Pita guy, and make sure our goddamned wills are all set."

With that he made his way back into the kitchen to the phone again. What the hell was this? Who had the kind of power to hit everyone at once? Every single established crew? At the same time? Not even Durden could pull that off. Not like this.

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These guys were not messing around it would seem and while she had not gotten shot herself, her new security guys were taking a beating.  She had already lost a couple of guys and she was stuck on these damn crutches.  To top it all off, she had to cancel her plans with Charlie to have coffee!

Addie sat in a car shooting at bodyguards and trying to reach the guys with the scary looking guns.  The car provided her with additional protection; as well, as a place to sit.  Shooting a gun on crutches was damn near impossible she had found out.  Unfortunately she was going to need a new car or two after this invasion.  This was worse than the stories she had heard about during the great world war.  The war that was to end all wars.  Well someone needed to send a memo to this guys.

She was really starting to wonder how much her cousin actually loved her.  He practically had forced her to come here to America and ever since she had gotten here someone had constantly been shooting at her.  Was this normal for this country?  It was all so uncivilized.  At least back home there was such things as honor and hospitality even among blood enemies.

"Hey Mat let's go around the block.  I hear more gun fire from over in that direction."

"You got it boss!"  Mat exclaimed.

Addie smiled.  She liked the sound of that.  

As they rounded the corner, Addie saw another guy with a gun taking shot at one of her co-workers.  Leaning out the window she aimed and fired while screaming, "THIS IS FOR RUINING MY COFFEE DATE YOU BASTARDS!' 

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Drom sat at a coffee shop on the Strip. Hearing a gunshot he didn’t think twice, this is the way of life. Continuing to sip his coffee hearing yet another gunshot, only to hear what sounded rapid shoot next. A Tommy gun so early in the morning? He was thinking to himself. Seeing a car drive fast by with a bunch of men hanging off it, that caught his eye, standing up and looking out the window. His bodyguard came running into the shop bleeding from the arm.

Causing a little panic in the shop people began to run out. His bodyguard looked at him, “Boss we are being hit. We have no clue who, they just rolled up and started opening fire.”

“Alright just relax let's get you patched up.” Looking around for something, which he could not find anything. “You know where to go, I will try and figure out what’s going on.”

Drom’s bodyguard went out the back, which instinctively he pulled his hood up over his head as he stepped out the front door of the coffee shop. As he looked to the left he noticed what looked to be a mobster, but could barely see as he was surrounded by other men protecting him. Drom took charge pulling his wrists back so his hidden blades would slip out from the sleeves of his coat.

The fight began, Drom ran up to one of the men slicing his hand holding the gun and stabbing his gut wounding him pretty bad. The next man came at him and put his hidden blade through the man’s hand. Fighting his way through the guards trying to make to their boss, as a car drove by he heard a gunshot and the man he was going for dropped to the ground. The guards scattered like roaches being hit with light.

Moving his hands back to sheath the blades he grabbed a cig from inside his coat pocket. Lighting it up thinking, “Shit I better get back to Summerlin.”

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Aurora went into the adjoined suite and picked up the phone and dialed.  "Dad-"  She didn't get to finish her statement before her father was asking her questions. 

"We're fine."

"Some losses."

"Mostly just businesses." 

He'd rapidly fired questions and then she was silent as her father explained how he and Aunt Tara were getting Will enrolled at his new school for the fall but then they'd be somewhere safe before long.  He'd call tonight.

"Love you too."  she told him before hanging up the phone.  She'd feel a lot better when she finally had an actual home again, somewhere her family could all fall back to in times of trouble... someplace like Hollowpoint. 

She sighed glancing only briefly at the box on the floor with the map of Philly sticking out of the top of it.  There was no time to wonder how things were back in the city that wasn't home anymore, no time to worry about people who hadn't worried enough about her - or feared her reactions so much that they didn't bother to call.  No.  She had a family and city of her own now and so, the next call was a no-brainer.  "Beko?  It's Roar."  

A pause. 

"Yeah, we're seeing action too, Billy says it's happening all over... who the fuck....??" 

Another pause. 

"Okay.  Good to hear boss.  Where do you want Billy and I going?"

She nodded to herself.

"On it.  You too.  Good hunting, Beko."

She hung up the phone and called out to Billy in the other room.  

"COUNTEROFFENSIVE IS BEING FORMED."  Billy peeked into the room and she stopped yelling.  "Beko wants us to rally the troops a bit then get out there and give 'em hell!"

Aurora tucked the phone between her shoulder and ear.  She dressed as best she could around the phone as she called No_One_ to make sure Doc Nolan knew what was up and could watch his ass too. 

"Hey Doc, got some bad news for you.  Give a call to Don Beko, seems we got some pretty violent fucks in the streets right now.  It's all hands on deck."

Then a call to PITA, "Please tell me you got that will of mine all finished up?"

Then another to SilvioViolante, "Friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you don't know already its a very good day to lay low.  I know you're not real fond of the idea of using that pretty pea-shooter of yours, but if you got outside today, you just might have to.  The streets are real hot right now.  Just wanted to give you a heads up."

After that, her shoulder holster went on and two nickel-plated, pearl-handled M1911s came out of their locked box and went into place.  If these bastards wanted on her dance card, she was more than happy to oblige. 

"You about ready?"  she asked Billy, rushing into the room to join him, just pulling on the leather jacket which she was not thinking of as 'hers.'

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Billy nodded his head as he hung up the phone.

"We got any idea who the hell these people are yet?"

He grabbed both of his guns from their holsters and made his way to the front door. Listening he heard gunfire outside, but nothing from the hallway.

"Sounds like they are still stuck outside, I'm going to the window."

He did just that, using the wall as cover he leaned around and took two shots, watched as one of the men outside went down and another clutched at his shoulder. He swung back into the room in full, prepared for the window to explode in a hail of gunfire, but it seemed like the guys outside, Charlie's men, were enough of a problem for now.

"Well Roar, you're a better shot than I am, you want to have a go at it while I make my way downstairs to clear a path?"

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"Yes, Rora, the will is proceeding apace. Just the last few finishing touches to ensure all of your requirements are met."

He paused and listened aghast at her insistence that it might be needed. Surely Las Vegas remained firmly in control? With the state of things, the cities were likely to enjoy some period of peace without armies on the move. Weren't they?

"Are those gunshots? Yes, yes, I'll be cautious and ensure that your documents are safely filed."

"Yes, I've hired a few men to keep watch of the place."

As if on cue, loud pops began to register on the edge of his hearing, not on the phone this time.

"Miss, I'm afraid I have some business to attend to. Stay safe, we'll catch up once things die down a bit."

In the grand scheme of things, Pita was only slightly above a nobody. He ensured that affairs were in order for others of a more valuable nature than his own. That enabling work made him useful, but unavoidably replaceable. He was honored by the work all the same and performed it as thoroughly as he was able, but its nature made it baffling why hostile forces would come after him of all people.

Nonetheless, his man Tattaglia stumbled through the door with a sleeve stained crimson with blood that was at least partially his own.

"Mr. Altomare, we got a problem. We got some bastards in suits taking pot shots at the office and two of the boys are down."

The guard interspersed his words with tentative glances out the door and cringed after a gunshot sounded much closer than those before it.

"Make that three. We've got to get out of here and get somewhere safe."

Pita looked across his desk at the pile of documents scattered there. Wills, deeds, business communiques and the like were sorted through hours of work to establish a sort of web of inter-connectivity that would take a painstaking process to recreate. They'd have to buy time for him to pack this up, there was no other way.

"Keep them busy Tattaglia. It's of the utmost importance to ensure that my clients are not adversely affected by this more than necessary. I'll pay whatever incentive is required to keep you all fighting whether it's money or a foot in the door of something larger."

The guard looked at him like he was a madman. Perhaps he was right, but this work was more important than any one of them.

"One more thing Tattaglia. If things look hopeless, offer a surrender. Tell them that I'll offer myself up along with all the paperwork I have if the lead man of the attack is willing to parlay. If they accept, be ready to act when you hear the boom."

It seemed his security man had upgraded him judging by his expression. Now he wasn't just a madman, but a fool as well. In spite of that, he nodded and pushed his way back out of the office, unloading several rounds from his handgun in the process to cover the movement.


Five minutes. That's all the more he'd received before the shooting stopped and the sound of men shouting for negotiation began. Three quarters of his packing was finished and what was left had begun to seem increasingly unimportant, but the pause in the conflict suggested the time for such decisions had passed. It was a miracle that the police had not yet arrived, but then again these things always seemed to happen where officials were blinded by the sight of dollar signs.

Setting his stuffed briefcase behind the desk on the floor, Pita calmly straightened up in his seat and clasped his hands in his lap in what he hoped was a suitably submissive pose. The most important part of any sale was the first impression after all, and this sale was life and death.

The door to his office opened slowly and a strongly built Midwesterner with a shit eating grin swaggered into the room. Pita remained stock still as he watched the new arrival take in the small, sparsely decorated space and chuckle.

"What kind of mob lawyer keeps a brick shit house like this as an office? I thought you boys were rich."

Pita smiled broadly and nodded.

"Sir, I can assure you that there has been a misunderstanding. I believe we can come to some sort of agreement if you would be willing to discuss our business in an amicable manner. Please have a seat."

Pita gestured with his right hand to the seat across his desk. His other remained low as the visitor scoffed and walked to take him up on his offer.

"Alright city boy, I'll bite. My employer represents the good people of Las Vegas and he's going to get rid of the mob scum in this town one way or another, but hell, you seem like you're too soft to be in with those sort too good. 'Course, my boss will probably want some reassurance. What have you got?"

Pita leaned across his desk with a conspiratorial grin and lowered his voice in a way that encouraged his visitor to lean in closer.

"I have in my possession a list of deeds that should be of great interest. I also have a surprise that I think will knock you off your feet."

The big man leaned forward and grabbed a handful of Pita's tie and collar, hard enough to be intimidating but not yet so hard as to cause pain or trouble breathing.

"What kind of surprise?"

Pita desperately felt around the back edge of his desk with the left hand he'd kept low through the whole conversation. When he felt smooth wood grain and metal he exhaled sharply and regained his composure. As he squeezed his fingers around the protrusion he stuttered out a reply, hoping against hope that his security were ready.

"One with a real bang."

The report of the shotgun strapped to the underside of the desk was damn near deafening inside the little office. Wood from the desk sprayed out towards the visitor and mingled with flesh and blood to pattern the far wall of the room with a grisly new paint job. The hand slid off of Pita's collar as the visitor slid to the ground adorned with a new gaping hole through his torso. Gunshots began popping in rapid succession outside the room as his remaining security renewed the fight, this time on their own offensive. By the sound of the retreating pops, they were finding some success in the surprise attack.

Pita reached into the bottom drawer of his desk, withdrew the small handgun hidden away for emergencies, and gathered up his suitcase. Packing was officially finished whether it was complete or not. He had the most important items. The shotgun would have been nice for the sake of appearances, but he'd never have been able to properly aim the damn thing if it wasn't bolted to the desk which made it fairly inconvenient.

Stopping to peer around the door frame, he shouted at the top of his lungs.


Hopefully he'd be able to find his way back to the HQ. He'd hate for his last words to be so formal.

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Silvio blinked as he listened to Rora on the phone. 

"Ah- grazie for the warning, Rora."

He glanced at Hazel, who'd just emerged from the bathroom, and smiled up at her. Reaching down to his jacket on the floor, he removed the small, shiny Beretta. 

"Well... we are going to stay in today, apparently."

Hazel smiled back, but as she climbed on Silvio's lap he had a moment of thoughtful reflection. He was a lover, not a fighter. But wasn't it possible to be both, to protect the people he loved? Perhaps that was something he should speak to Aurora about on a day when there were not gunshots on her phone calls.

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She'd been in the streets for hours fucking up the enemies of her boss/sister Beko when she'd gotten separated from Billy.  At the time it was just one of those things that happen and she wasn't worried.  She'd always been smart, fast, and tough as hell so... it was a shock when she felt the bite of the bullet that brought her to her knees. 


Aurora wakes up in a hospital bed.  Blinking she realizes that she must have been shot by one of the bastards who is trying to take over LV!  Thank God someone in her crew, Sicarios, got her to the hospital before she bled out.  The reaper came close again today... but once again Aurora proved to a hard woman to kill.


Opening her eyes she noted Beko in the room with her.  

"I hope you brought Tequila?"  she joked reaching a hand down to the swell in her belly that only a few people knew was even there at this point.  Since she felt no bullet holes in her stomach she silently prayed that the baby growing within her had not been lost.  She drew a breath.

"call Billy-Mastrosimone for me, please, let him know I'm here.  Tell him to bring my father Gavin, his cousin AddieMoretti_, and a priest."  She wet her lips, dry from the horrible lack of moisture in the hospital air.  "I'm not going another minute without becoming his wife."

Two things were happening right here in this hospital room if she had anything to say about it.

  1. Beko would reaffirm her as an associate of Sicarios and she'd get started on recovery the second they let her out of the hospital.
  2. She would marry her fiancee Billy and become Aurora-Mastrosimone ... today.

Then she'd worry about recovering.  

One foot in front of the other.  One step at a time.  These fuckers may have slowed her down, but it was going to take a lot more than a bullet to stop her story.  

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Drom continuing to make his way to Summerlin, every time he tries to hail a cab they just whip past him. “You fucker.” He shouts as the cab halls by. Still walking with his cigarette in his mouth he noticed yet another group of men surrounding one man. Looking at the building next to the group he smiles and takes a run for it, running up the side of the wall drawing his hidden blades from his sleeves. 

Coming down hard onto two guards faces with his hidden blades smiling as he slowly stood back up looking at the group. “Ello boys.” Which in turn he starts his attack again, moving for the man in front getting him in the side. One of the men behind him begin to draw a pistol and he uses the body of the man he just stabbed to block the bullet. Pushing the body onto the man and sweeping the legs of the man next to him, as he fell Drom sticks him in the chest with his hidden blade. 

Hearing the screeching of tires as he dodged a fist, what looked to be a high member of Vegas’s families popped the man in the middle again the guards scatter like roaches. Relighting his cigarette walking down the street realizing he is almost back to Summerlin. His body began to feel the exhaustion from fighting, cracking his neck and continuing on. 

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Billy carried his old friend into the hospital since Charlie couldn't put weight on his left leg.

"Nurse, I know you've got a lot of these today, but this guy needs attention right the fuck now. Now where is Aurora Byrne?"

He looked down the hallway and the nurse behind the station went wide eyed. She had seen him before, it was very likely that she would see him again, and trouble seemed to follow Billy Mastrosimone. This waif of a woman had picked up on that too, and so without giving him pause, she pointed down the hallway.

"Room 139 Mister Byrne."

Billy shook his head.

"I'm Billy Mastrosimone, not Billy Byrne. You can just call be Billy. What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you Rachel."

Billy smiled and headed down the hall, making his way into room 139 and stopping immediately when he saw Donna Beko standing there.

"Oh, uh, Beko. Hi. I didn't expect to see you here. Can I get you something to drink, or eat or something?"

He barely looked at the woman as he spoke to her. His eyes focused only on the woman in the bed. The love of his life. Paler than normal, but alive. holding onto their baby as she lay there. He wanted nothing more than to hold her too, but he knew that with the Donna in the room, he had to act up the right way. He couldn't break, not in front of her.

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Beko sat on a chair next to the hospitalbed. The days had been long and the hours had been high, she thought was leaning forwards and resting her head in her hands. She did not know when she had gotten there, but as soon as she had gotten the news that her member, Aurora-Mastrosimone had gotten hit, she began the search of who and where, only to reach dead ends, and ending up at the hospital instead. Doctor said it was bad luck, but Beko knew that Rora was strong. She smiled faintly at the unconsious woman and leaned back on the chair. Outside of the hospital, all over the city the enemy was walking around, screwing people over and crashing their homes, and Beko sighed out heavily, and without thinking, started tripping her foot up and down. She had learned to stop doing that, for the main reason of not annoying other people, but the dead silence was heavy and if you tried hard enough, you would even be able to hear the low buzzing of no sound at all.

Beko heard a slight movement coming from the bed, and shot up from her chair. Walking over to the bed, she smiled faintly, and gave no thought to the fact that she was most likely looking like a tired old lady, with bags under her eyes, almost advertising the whole enemy situation the whole country had going on, and the lack of sleep it was causing.

In her hand she held a bottle of whiskey, and had mentally slapped herself, whenever she had thought that a single glass wouldn’t hurt, but the whiskey was for Rora, cause she sure as hell would be needing it.

"I hope you brought Tequila?" Aurora joked, and Beko felt the laughter let out for the first time in weeks, while slightly shaking her head.

I will remember to bring Tequila next time.” Beko said, while gently placing the bottle on the bedside table.

I am so happy you are okay, Rora. Please stop getting shot.” She had a serious look in her eyes, but with a slight warm glimt. 

More time passed and the silence broke again with the sound of Billy-Mastrosimone hurrying into the hospital room. She nodded to him, and finally figured that she could leave for now. The two of them would probably love the privacy, but Beko also had to get back to work.

Take care you two.” She eyed Billy and gave him a serious look. Slightly lowering her voice she took a step forward.

We will find the fuckers who did this, and make them wish they had never been born.”

Giving one final nod to the two of them, she left the room.

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Aurora watched Beko go through heavy eyelids and then turned her gaze to Billy as the door closed behind Beko.  "I hope you like scars ... got a feeling this is gonna be a doosey."  She said softly, another attempt at humor which she couldn't really make herself embrace.

She reached a hand out towards Billy-Mastrosimone, beckoning him to join her at the bedside.

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Billy made his way to the bedside, shrugging as he did.

"I was never as much a fan as you are. But it's nice to know that we've both bled for our family."

He placed one hand in hers, and one on her abdomen.

"How's the walnut?"

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She smiled when Billy called the baby 'Walnut' but she dared not make a big deal about it.  

"Good I think."  She moved Billy's hand down and slightly left until he felt what she was feeling.  "I think it's unhappy we're not eating breakfast with dad right now."

She chuckled, hoping he could feel the fluttering just under her skin.

"Let's get married."  She said as soon as he looked up to her eyes.  "Today.  Let's not wait anymore.  Just... do it.  I don't need a dress or a church, just you and our family.  Bring them here if they won't let me go, bring a priest.  I'll marry you at the gates of hell if I had to.  Just ... don't let me go another day without being Mrs. Mastrosimone."

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Billy smiled his broad grin that he got when he was truly happy. He could not help it, he had wanted it ever since she said it was going to be a small affair. Billy would wake up in the morning hoping that today would be the day they sat down to talk about how to do this. It was always so busy though, and today of all days, Billy almost lost her. She was right, no more wasted time.

"I have a few phone calls to make."

With that he ran from the to the nurse's station and picked up the phone.

"Gavin, It's Billy. Aurora was shot. I need you at the hospital pronto."

He hung up before the man could get in a word edge-wise. That would be a fun thing to pull on the man. He dialed @AddieMoretti_ next.

"Addie? Well find her then and get her to the hospital, I need her here now."

He hung up and frantically dialed another number.

"Lady-Integra please. Hey Tegs, I know you don't like flying, but if you want to be at your brother's wedding you should make your way to Vegas right the fuck now."

He hung up again, and dialed a final phone number. @Wild-Card had just left this hellhole and Billy felt terrible for asking him to come back.

"Ah, hey Alu. I know you're probably real glad to get out of Vegas while the gettin was good, but uh, Aurora and I are gonna tie the knot, pronto. I'm supposed to have a best man. You think you might be able to come down?"

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"Gavin, It's Billy. Aurora was shot. I need you at the hospital pronto."

Gavin's eyes went wide and he dropped the phone, sprinting toward the car that he owned but rarely ever drove. He was pulling onto the road in an instant, and his foot only rarely left the gas as he blasted through red lights and weaved through traffic.

"Aurora was shot. I need you at the hospital pronto."

And then he'd hung up. 

She was dying. It was the only thing that made sense. Or the baby was dying. Or both. 

Gavin had done something similar on a number of occasions: don't share really bad news over the phone. 

As he drove, he couldn't help but picture her in pain. 

There was traffic in the road leading up to the hospital; Gavin through the car in park and abandoned it in the middle of the road, sprinting and weaving through the traffic. He shot through the reception area like a bullet, following the signs toward emergency and intensive care. A gurney was blocking a hallway intersection and Gavin hit the floor to slide underneath it like he was Lou Gehrig. Popping up, he darted around another corner, starting to run out of breath.

He passed the room at a sprint before his mind caught up to his eyes and he slammed on the brakes, reversing direction to enter the room of Aurora-MastrosimoneHe knelt at her bedside, ignoring everyone else as he struggled to catch his breath, asking the questions with his eyes. He didn't want the answers, but he had to know. Was he losing his daughter, his grandchild, or both?

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Billy made his way back to the hospital room after putting the phone down, only to see Gavin kneeling at the bedside.

"Wow Gavin, you got here fast. I only just hung up with you a minute ago. I'm still trying to track down a priest. I know the hospital has a chapel in here, you would think a priest is easier to find."

He shook his head and stepped into the room, kissing Aurora gingerly on the head.

"I've got the nurses tracking him down hun, don't worry. Now we just gotta wait for the others."

He smiled at her and then looked back down to Gavin, his smile fading as he took in the visage of his soon to be father-in-law.

"You alright old man? You look like you're about to collapse. Sit in the chair, let me get you some water."

With that billy took the glass and the pitcher at the bedside and poured a glass for Gavin.

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Several hours later 

Drom exhausted from the fighting struggling to stay up. Making it to the hospital he walks up into the Emergancey room. Looking at the woman behind the counter panting and covered in cuts blood that could be his or other people's. Looked like something straight out of a horror film. 

​​​The woman behind the counter didn't even speak he looked at her annoyed and walked around pushing open the ER door. As everyone turned to see him he grinned pulling his hood down as he saw Beko.

"Will someone get me a shot of Morphine and some stitches and stop fucking staring."

A nurse ran to get what he asked for.



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"A priest?"

Last Rites? No. No. No. But Aurora looked okay and... he narrowed eyes at Billy.

"How are you so calm right now? Who's dying?"

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Billy furrowed his brow and shook his head slowly, his mouth falling agape before he spoke.

"Uh, nobody in this room. Aurora is recovering from a gunshot wound, but they missed the baby, and she's out maybe a kidney. We wanted you to come down so you could be part of the wedding."

He gestured with the water to the chair against the wall.

"You sure you don't want to sit and relax until everyone else gets here?"

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