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The Future of the City of Angels Started by: Video on Jul 09, '19 22:14

Run your own Crew

Ever dreamt of running your own crew? To wear a bold suit and be admired by all the wise-guys and gals of the land? Well now is your chance! It is the chance you have been dreaming of ever since you were a little lad snatching purses and running prostitution rings. NOW is your time. Will you grasp it? 

Rules and guidelines to follow in order to properly set up your own head quarters in Los Angeles are below: 

Requirements to Run your own Crew

  1. You MUST have permission from your current Crew Leader with
  2. Your Crew leader has to write a letter of recommendation for you listing out the qualities they see in you to lead a crew.  
  3. You must be between 11 to 30 days of age to apply. 
  4. You must have an interview with Video and Insta
  5. You will purchase your choice of either a 15 or 20 man headquarters 
  6. We allow Three crews per district. 
  7. You may not receive outside help from buying your head quarters.
  8. If interior conflicts should arise it must be dealt with interiorly. 
  9. If a crew leader is removed an open spot is formed and new applicants will be considered. 
  10. It is expected that In 3 months someone will take the rank of Godfather in the center and will then be leading the city. 

To start The application process 

  1. Ask your current crew leader for a chance to go and get a bold suit. 
  2. If they say yes, then ask your crew leader to write a letter of Recommendation for you which is to be mailed to VIDEO & ________
  3. Once the letter of Recommendation is received you will be contacted shortly for an interview that will be
    conducted by Insta and Video
  4. If accepted you will be notified within several hours after the interview. 
  5. Once accepted you are to shower the crew you were originally housed in with farewells. 

What should a letter of recommendation from my crew leader look like? 

Your crew leader should write out a few reasons why they believe you to be an awesome candidate to lead people in Los Angeles. They should highlight your leadership traits that you have exemplified in their crew, They should speak of your character and work ethic. Finally your crew leader should share with us why they would follow you if you were there crew leader. 

Again this letter is to be sent to the interviewers Video and Insta

TIPS to start your own crew

Purchasing a Head quarters is very costly. Make sure you have enough funds to buy what is necessary and required to keep you and your members safe from any potential damage while at the same time not bankrupting yourselves. 

Employ a right hand you can trust. If this is your first time running a crew employ a right hand who has been a crew leader before so they can mentor you along the way. 

Recruit. If you aren't looking for top talent it will walk right past you. Put yourself out there and start conversation. Don't be afraid of rejection. 

Communication is key. Communicate with your other LA leaders and communicate with your crew. 

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The council sat together and heard some pretty great feedback. So to make this transition more appealing for anyone who desires it we will cancel the interior conflict issue. Please continue to listen to the following to get a better understanding of what we mean.

So from here on the rule All internal conflicts be handled internally no longer stands. Instead what will be the case is that all internal conflicts
will be brought forth to the Godfather Council and mediated accordingly.

This way no two or three individuals can take over the entire city of Los Angeles and it will give everyone the opportunity of moving a sense of security. 


There is currently nothing to update you on. 

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Guys it's totally going to work this tkme

I promise
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System works great, send more money.

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Dean listens as an addition is added to this competition city. He thinks back to his fathers journal he read about the "free cities" back in his day. The tale always ended the same, the inhabitants always ended up dead and the city retaken by the ones who established to idea in the first place. Man I hope it turns out different this time around.

"This addition to this city has both it's pros and cons. On one foot this allows everyone who chooses to go to the city an equal chance to build without worrying about being killed in their sleep seeing as the Godfather Council will really be the one running the city."

Dean turns his head and covers his mouth, *cough*.

"Sorry I'm feeling a bit under the weather today Philadelphia is a cold city. On the other hand though this allows weak, inactive leaders to stay in power when one of the other local bosses could remove them to improve their own standing."

Dean looks to see many young faces who could take part in this opportunity.

"Again I'm truly excited to see how this turns out!"

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Damn those pesky inactive leaders...

Seems with the current regime in charge if your "face fits" as an inactive leader you can get the whole run of one city & a half share of LA. Look how much effort Video & his Auths put into Seattle. What a farce this world is becoming.


The Regime

Crewleader: Video (Don)

CL Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

RHM: Tony- (Don)

RHM Recent Activity: Obscenely Low (0-10 Hours Per Week)

LHM: Wilson (Boss)

LHM Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)


The Lunatics

Crewleader: Hayley (Consigliere)

CL Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

RHM: Mickey_Bowers (Capo)

RHM Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

LHM: alan (Wise Guy)

LHM Recent Activity: Obscenely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)


Order of Merlin

Crewleader: Newt_Scamander (Boss)

CL Recent Activity: Obscenely Low (0-10 Hours Per Week)

RHM: Kat_Pryde (Made Man)

RHM Recent Activity: Average (30-40 Hours Per Week)

LHM: Thomas_OMalley (Wise Guy)

LHM Recent Activity: Low (20-30 Hours Per Week)

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Every one of the above and the ones below should be purged. Any hand low and below should be purged. These are bad auths. Leaders, GF's and hands should be available for their families. This is pathetic. It is the worst I have ever seen here. 


The Brexit Party

CrewleaderActual_Tish (Don)

CL Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

RHMBaldur (Capo)

RHM Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

LHMEdvin_Sandberg (Made Man)

LHM Recent Activity: Obscenely Low (0-10 Hours Per Week)



The British Empire

CrewleaderSirWinston (Consigliere)

CL Recent Activity: Extremely Low (10-20 Hours Per Week)

RHMAreleous (Boss)

RHM Recent Activity: Low (20-30 Hours Per Week)

LHM: None

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"Damn Lady! Where did you get all this information?" Eddie scratched his head as he read the flyer that Lucy was waving to anyone who gave time to read. Eddie looked around saw three black shiny cars parked on the other side of the street. All were occupied by men wearing black suits and black hat. 

"YOU'RE WORKING WITH THE feds..." Eddie finished in almost a whisper as he slipped away from the crowd and disappeared.

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Oh man!!!


Now yes we have seen experiment/free cities before. Yes they've had their issues. But we have also seen free cities rise up, and watch its leaderships take reigns as GFC. I think Oragnor in Det achieved that feat, and some handful others. Now what allows a free city to nurture and eventually build? Its like nurturing anything thats starting to grow. You protect it from harm, foreign and domestic. You give it room to breathe, to bask in the sunlight so to speak. 

Besides, there is always this leadership MUST get better crowd. Or give new folks an opportunity crowd. Well for all the nay sayers. Heres your chance. Step up and claim your prize. Most that cant do, will always talk about why it shouldnt be done. The doers become GFC's from such opportunities. 

Additionally one of the reasons, I support something like this. Is for the guys that have never been CL, to test the waters a little. They wouldn't have to be worried about being shot internally. And they will have room to experiment and grow their skills. Ill be honest, I am not saying every contestant that goes in will come out a champion. But if we can achieve even one that polishes their skills in LA and eventually becomes a better leader. Then honestly thats a job well done. And if that number is higher, then Don Video has certainly hit the lottery. 


So quite simply.

If your choose, put on your big boy pants and play ball. If your about watching from the sidelines. Take a seat and clap or drink your need for armchair QB's out here. 

Btw, I applaud your competition Don Video. I hope some good candidates come forward. 



And now for Enaento, you speak of a leader from LV. Saying he's perhaps not good enough? Or doesnt sit at his desk longer than he should? Is there a written law that a certain amount of hours have to be logged at their desk? Is leadership really a by product of just sitting at ones desk at the HQ? We have seen men and women log more hours at their desks and be horrible leaders. So if pound for pound we get a good punch, whats wrong with that? Now dont get it twisted. I dont condone short hours at work. I prefer guys that are hard workers and do all they can for their families and districts. But at the same time, I am a reasonable man. And at times old country calls and people must answer. However they all do return. And when they do return, they tend to shine. Hence I invest in good people. People that have immense potential, people that shine when its their time. I dont expect a Petty thief to understand that though. 

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Addictions and Updates 



From here forth the age to enter this comp city will be from 11-55 Days of age. 

You are free to take Up to 2 people with you so long as their crew leader is okay with it and they are in the positions of right and left hand

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For a moment nothing happened & THEN... Nothing continued to happen.

This whole thing fucking stinks of I have shot everyone who isn't in my little buddies club. Lets find some other willing idiots (I mean auths) to step up for a go.

I for one cant wait for boredom to set in & the current dirt bags at the top turn on each other. Sadly we will likely be a country of less than 300 by then. I am going to take a long vacation & come back once SP decides he has had enough & cleans up Philly. A man can only play second fiddle for so long...

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Garou has been sat listening to Don Video announce the future of LA. Whilst it was something which had been done before with varying results, he saw no reason why something like this couldn't work again. The crowd appeared to contain a few low ranked Thieves and Civilians which seemed intent on trying to cause a scene but he was used to this.

"This is exactly what it says on the tin, an opportunity. People often scream that there is no opportunity and then when you give them exactly that, they decide to scream about that too. If you want the chance to earn something, fucking earn it. Take a chance and go with a leap of faith. If the world decided to simply give up everytime something failed on the first attempt, we would still be living in the dark ages."

"What I see here is something which has taken alot of thought and consideration and is offering people the chance to build something of their own. If it's not for you, dont take up the offer. If you are one of those that has a vision, give it a try. Sitting and picking out all the negative shit that you can will get us nowhere in this life. There is a cycle and that cycle will never change. I have seen era's of extended peace before and guess what, people said it was too quiet and boring."

"I commend you Don Video and Consigliere Insta for taking the time to sit down and draw up a plan for the City of Angels and I look forward to the driven people who decide to take up this opportunity and use it to try and create something special over in LA."

With that said, he stood back a little and continued to listen to the conversations that were taking place.

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Enaento. Dont mention me in your shit mate. I dont care. 

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Because you are shit Actual_Tish. Piss poor example as a leader -  the definition by your name.

Good morning :)

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ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye y eyey ey ey eyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeeyeyeyeyey you ever been a leader yourself or no?

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Sure have. Anyone who was in my crew will tell you I was an exceptional leader. I have led elsewhere for the last 10 years as well (still am.)

Now go back to being the piss poor leader you are.

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Sure have. Anyone who was in my crew will tell you I was an exceptional leader. I have led elsewhere for the last 10 years as well (still am.)

Now go back to being the piss poor leader you are.

Hey, Mr exceptional leader. Want to show us how good you are. Put on your big boy pants, stop the complaining and go shine in the LA. You have all the protections of the GFC council. Security will be the least of your issues. 

Time to show and tell. No more ducking and screaming.  

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"I think I see a lot of goodwill in the current competition. There is no entry fee, for one."


"For another, the Godfather Council will mediate. Giving up some autonomy and control is a con, yes. That is true. However, a pro is that they're granting auths to the public, like they would to their loyal followers."


"Giving up some autonomy and control is the compromise. However, you can form a type of trust with the other leaders, which is important if you wish to survive. You can build it up with time and communication, instead of both parties always watching their backs, with the comp city getting wiped or key leaders in the regime backstabbed."


Tony Dippolito tripped on a banana peel and fell face first into some pie.

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Tish starts looking for Enaento's mates to find out what a fantastic CL he was..... 


Anyone seen any of Enaento's friends? :/ All I see is this fuckin awkward turtle. 

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"Sure have. Anyone who was in my crew will tell you I was an exceptional leader. I have led elsewhere for the last 10 years as well (still am.)"

Then hold yourself to a higher standard. Think about what sort of message you're sending out with the constant friction and negativity. It reeks of sour grapes and while I understand you're probably pissed of your FATHER died, 10 years is long enough to know what's an acceptable way to go about things and what is going to be seen as a little bitch fit.

Take the L, move on. Hopefully next time round you'll get another crack at the whip.

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