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The L.A expantion: Victor_Lucchese Started by: AdmiralAckbar_ on Aug 13, '19 19:50
AdmiralAckbar was sitting in his office when there was a knock on the door then Alexus walked in.   She went straight over to the coffee pot pour her a cup, fixed it the way she liked it and sat down in front of him.

Alexus you are the person I really wanted to see.   I am thinking about expanding the organization and have a good man in mind.  With this expansion and the fact that you have ceased some of your extra curricular  activities you are able now to get more involved with our day to day operations.   I know you have a meeting in a few minutes but later on this afternoon I want you to attend his celebrations in the Clubhouse. 
Alexus told him she would be there and after some small talk she left for her meeting.

He then paged @Seg_El and asked him to please find Victor_Lucchese and have him come to the office.

As he was waiting he remembered how Victor had handled the Chinatown job.  He met with the leaders of their organization and set up a working partnership.  Each gang will have a section of Chinatown and sell their opium and sex as they see fit they will each kick up $100,000 a month to us to keep the cops out.  They will handle any justice inside their areas as they deem necessary.   Their coke and heroin they will get from us and in return we will not sell in their territories.  They will have our protection from the other families and there will be the peace. 
When Seg found Victor  he was shooting pool in the Clubhouse and signal him he wanted to talk with him.   He had just missed his shot and Books was taking advantage of his miss.  ARO was laughing at the miss.  Victor walked away from the pool table telling them both he had his eyes on them so no cheating.   Seg told Victor the Boss wanted to see him in his office.  Walking into the office Victor gave his smile and nod and sat on the couch in AA office as he always did when they met. 

@AdmiralAckbar started in a very serous voice.

Vic we need to grow and I know the guy that can take us to the next level and  who I can count.  He is one of my most trusted.
Victor leaned back and thought about several men just outside the room and asked for a day to think on it.
No it's gotta happen now. 
Vic had no clue AA was talking about him.  As he began with everyone is loyal and wants to step up and yada, yada, yada.
Vic you bum it’s you.
So tomorrow your my Capo, you’re going to form a crew and as always do what you need to ensure that everyone tows the line.  LA is still growing and I want the Council to see that they can count on us to handle business.  You got that.
Victors jaw dropped and then he nodded as his famous smile spread across his face like wildfire.


So Victor fromed the Lucchese Crew proud members and assocites of the Rebel Alliance under his Godfather AdmiralAckbar.  
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We stand to be corrected.


The L.A expansion: Victor_Lucchese

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Boydy shrugged

I'm sure the Admiral would have found his mistake without me pointing it out, apologies for being a stickler. Just page me if there's anything I can help with.

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Victor walked into the Rebel Alliance HQ just like he always did with a smile as he greeted everyone.  He looked at the crowd and thanked them for coming out to support him he thanked all the well wishers that called him and all the new friends he has made.  He stated that they have a Friend in LA were just a call away.  He thanked the Commission and AA for giving him this chance in life.  Then he nodded and the food and drinks came out on trays as he told everyone to eat and be marry. 

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Alexus meeting took longer than she expected.  She ran into her apartment showered and changed her clothes really fast.  She even surprised herself.   She made it down to the Clubhouse to the celebration for the man @AdmiralAckbar had chosen to lead the expansion of the organization.  

When she arrive there were so many people already there celebrating. She greeted a couple of people as she walked in and all of a sudden standing next to AA was Victor_Lucchese.  She felt like she was going to have a heart attack.    When AdmiralAckbar saw her he waved for her to come over to him.   He introduced her to Victor and told her this was the well trusted man he was telling her about. 

Alexus worked closely with AdmiralAckbar  but wasn’t involved with the work in the field so didn’t know of Victor involvement with the family.

She played it off like she really didn’t know him. She extended Victor her hand.  In his gentlemen demeanor he lifted it and kissed the back.

Well congratulation Mr. Lucchese, from what Don AdmiralAckbar had told me you are a well respected man of honor and so deserving of this opportunity.   I wish you the very best and know you will make Don Admiral and the city of Los Angeles proud.    The hostess was passing by with a tray of glasses of champagne and she took two off handed one to Don Admiral and Victor then took one off for her.   She lifted her glass.

Cheers to a very extraordinary and very secretive man.  She knew that would go over the others head but Victor knew exactly what she meant.

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Victor was excited to see Alexus as he wondered why she was there in this environment. He thought that she was a model that travel across the country, however when AA introduced them and she acted as if she didn't know him Victor went along he figured she had her reasons.  He kissed the back of her hand then when she handed them both drinks and lifted her glass as she made a toast again he followed suit.   He looked at her eyes as sometimes she smiled at him and other times avoided eye contact.  Victor knew to be patient and when the party is over and everyone has gone home she will make contact and explain the who whys and hows of her being there and acting like she never met him.  

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Harlow had gotten the chance to meet Victor_Lucchese once, on a trip to Philly.  Finding out he was a man of importance wasn't a shock but it was nice to see him again in general.

She smiled at him as important personages, ones far above her station in this thing of theirs, came up to greet the new Crew Leader.  Knowing a street rat hood like herself didn't have a place in his circles as of yet, she simply left a small gift on the table with all the others and quietly exited.

The card read:

Congratulations, Victor. 

You deserve only happiness and success in this life.  It was a pleasure to have met you and your son in Philly and I hope that, if time allows, we can connect again sometime in the streets. 

Until then I'm sending you all my very best wishes,

Miss Harlow

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books takes in all the people and great eats, though she is too excited to eat, she sips at her dirty martini. She has known Victor now for some time and is not surprised in the least that he has been tapped to lead a crew of his own... she is just extremely proud he had found a role for her to play in the expansion of LA. She sits back and raises her glass yet again in a toast to Victor.

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Ayahuasca approaches Victor and whispers "Is this really happening? Did AA really auth you or am I just trippin? are those real dragons in the kitchen I see?"

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 congrats Victor_Lucchese well done you deserve it

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 congrats Victor_Lucchese and good luck

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Victor walked around greeting and meeting and stopping to talk with his friends.  He spotted Ms. Harlow and walked over towards her.  He smiled and asked her how was she doing and looking around for here escort he knew such a kind woman could never be in his line of business.  He then saw the gift she lift then saw her Don and it hit him he has been wrong twice this night.  Ms. Harlow was part of his world.  He called over a waiter and told him to keep her supplied with whatever drinks and food she wanted and to treat her as if she was him.  The waiter understood and did as Victor ask.   He asked Harlow not to leave until they could talk a bit more.  

Victor then spotted his RHM Books and walked over to her and ask how was she doing as Books was always a calm woman slow to react but always decisive in her actions when she does.  She smirked and call him a lucky dork then said everything was everything and we will be on track soon.  Victor nodded then said he's not a dork his brother Vincent was.  Books laughed shaking her head as she took another sip of her drink.  She was keeping an eye on the gifts and the liquor that was being served to ensure the hostess does break the bank.  Victor always knew Books was solid.  

Then Ayahuasca walked up asking questions Victor was looking to see if his friend was joking or drunk as Ayahuasca started talking about dragons.  Victor admitted that it was real it was happing and thanked Ayahuasca for coming to celebrate with him.  Victor then called over a couple of servers to help Ayahuasca get some food.  

Then Seg-El walked over and congratulated Victor as Victor thanked his pal it was Seg that went to get Victor for the Sit down with his GodFather AA that got this party going.  

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"Miss?"  The waiter tapped her arm.  Harlow turned and was offered a glass of champagne.  "With the compliments of Mr. Victor_Lucchese."

Harlow accepted the glass and looked towards Victor.  When he looked at her and their eyes met across the room, she smiled.  Lifting the glass in a silent toast she nodded to him in thanks.

"Mr. Lucchese would appreciate it if you stayed around so he can talk to you, when he has time."

Harlow nodded.

"Of course.  I'll... I'll be over at that table."  With that she wandered over to a table and sat down to wait.

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When a leader can't see the red line under a misspelled word and correct it.


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When a bitch on her high horse doesn't realize not everyone speaks English as their first language.



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Alexus got word that someone name Stone had accidentally made their way to the basement of the West Wing Apartment and was completely satisfied with the results. 

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Victor walked over to where Harlow was seating and sat across from her.  He asked how has she been and what has she been up to since they meet in Philly.  He asked about the puppy that he had sent to her home in Vegas.  He talked about his son and his promotion and what he hoped he could bring to the table.  Harlow was truly a fascinating woman as she listen to him ramble on.  He did notice that she moved in big circles and was making connection to some powerful people.  Harlow was known by Lucky, Meyers and Bennie to include Frank and Vito.  She was well connected with the Commission and that was impressive even though she played shy.  

Victor did some research and found that he Godfather thought highly of her skill sets and style.  Victor took note and wanted to pull a few jobs with the raising start.  He didnt bring up the work at the ceremony because the walls have ears and these jobs tend to bring big dollars and lose lips sink ships.  He watched as the waiter still catered to her every need before she even knew she needed or wanted another drink or plate.  She was modiest as she eat very little and held her own when it came to drinking.  Her outfit was just as stunning on her as a model.  Victor recalled she was well dress when she helped his son purchase a puppy.  

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@Seg_El came over to Alexus, he told her that the Detectives investigating the incident that just transpired were outside in the hallway.   She asked him to come with her.   They walked out to the hallway were they had gathered with Gail.

‘He there a problem detectives” she asked them.   They told her they wanted to question some of the guest inside Victor_Lucchese ‘s  celebration.  She told them that it was a private party, that the Stone guy met his demise in the basement of the West Wing Apartments and he would have to limit his investigation to the crime scene. They told her that there was no indication of any foul play that they could confirm. She knew that because her guys were excellent at their jobs. They informed her that this is not the first mysterious death that they have investigated and she should make sure the basement stay locked. 

Please be advise that logs have been submitted to verify the locks on the basement doors are checked and secured every hour.  Alexus showed her aggravation in the tome of her voice. The resident and their guest have been warned not to venture to the basement.   We did not know who this Stone guy was, who he was visiting or why he ventured into the basement at the West Wing Apartments.  It’s very unfortunate what happened to him.

Now if you want to further your investigate I suggest you proceed back to the crime scene. Is there anything else gentlemen? The detectives gave her a disgusted and she watched as they walked off.  She looked at SEG and they both acknowledged it was over and walked back into the party.

With all the commotion she totally forgot about Victor.  She had to laugh to herself, after all this time she finds out they work for the same Boss.  There was something about him that makes this no surprise.  She knew she had been a little isolated from the crew because she had to keep a low profile.  Now that she's mostly out of that type of work it would allow her to be more public.  

She hoped the disturbance of people finding out about Stone’s demise wasn’t going to spoil  any of his celebration.

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Victor noticed Alexus moving quickly towards the exit the look on her face to the wasn't the smile she truly carries.  Victor studied Alexus and knows when something is up.  With a quick glance at David and Sammy as they made eye contact they knew to follow Alexus and give her there undivided attention.  The followed her as back up to ensure that she wasn't at risk nor the guest that were still enjoying the festivities.  Victor moved towards the area that they went but realized that he needed to stay with the guest as this was his ceremony.   

He spoke to the servers to keep everyone suppied with liquior and food and if anyone looks to drunk to drive give them a room and if they demand to go home stick the in a cab.  Victor had pre arranged to have 20 of his cabs at the premises to drive people home as they were going to be paid by him no matter what.  He continued look at the exit and would not stop until he saw Alexus return.  He still wanted to know why the the pretence of not knowing him.  

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