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OMERTA edition one Started by: Nomad on Aug 14, '19 03:36


Edition One

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Omerta is your weekly source of news. Packed with interviews, intriguing thoughts, criticism, recent events, a choice based game at the end, and of course all the latest happenings in the mafia.
Please enjoy this first edition of Omerta. 

Omerta does not look to offend or insult anyone. Omerta strictly is an opinion based paper that looks to keep you informed and challenge you to think of situations if you were in them. 



Were you away? Did you miss some big news? These headlines are for you! 

  • Per Godfather Luis_Patangeli Los Angeles is now its own acting city! Congratulations to all the LA residents. Among much pessimism surrounding LA when it first opened it proved to be a great success.
  • Rogues took out many lives mostly from Chicago but many from Philadelphia as well.
  • The Late Godfather DeanWinchester- died in a shoot out with Rogue JoseAltuve A terribly sad loss for the community as a whole. 
  • The Late Godfather Aladdin had also died but due to a gun malfunction. 
  • Victor_Lucchese of Los Angeles has been granted permission to set up shop as a crew leader in Down Town Los Angeles. The 39 day old Consigliere seems to be quite promising selecting a right hand who certainly has the experience to enhance that crew.
  • Boydy created a fight league. His King of the Ring has had intense brawls. The first round of fights are still going on and there is still time for you to place a wager on who you think could take the cake. We have seen knockouts and plenty of blood. So if you need to itch that blood lust fix, check his fight league out! 
  • Headed up by Godfather Wayne, Soap Box City has turned out to be an exciting venture into the windy city. Only two individuals Levey_Posner and Emily-Renfroe are currently housed in the city. Louis_T and Aristocrat are expected to move once the transition can happen for them. Those to be housed in Chicago had to create a sort of reasoning for why they felt they should be moved to the windy city. It was entertaining to say the least! 


This interview was conducted with Godfather Chairman - Luis_Patangeli. Philadelphia, Stand Up!


1.  Is it true this is the first of your bloodline to these shores? 

- Yes, it is very well true.. this is my very first character upon these shores. I am part of the wave of fresh blood that hit MR in late 2018.. I know of a few others who joined during this time and can proudly say "we" are still here and living the life. I fell in love with this life once I got promoted above Made and I hit the ground running ever since..


2. What has been one of the more difficult situations you had to endure as Godfather?

- I would say one of the most difficult situations I have had to endure since taking the seat of Chairman has been simply that, being a Godfather. It comes with great responsibility having to look over an entire city, it's well being, and the people within it. You are forced to make tough decisions constantly, and at the end of the day you have to live and own up to those decisions. That is the most difficult situation to endure as a Godfather.


3. What separates you from other all the other leaders in the mafia?

- Now this is a very good question. This calls for me to sit here and "preach" about how great of a guy I am, or try to convince the public that I'm not some kind of "Tyrant" or what people like to call me now, a "Dictator".. But I will say one thing about myself that I truly feel separates me from the rest, and this is just my person observation there are many great leaders around here: I am all about respect. You will not catch me bad mouthing a single person on this game, nor in my city REGARDLESS of what rank I am. We are all human beings behind the screen, sure we suit up and go to war and sometimes the mud slings, but at the end of the day, putting people down is just not cool in my book. Respect is earned, not given around here. Treat others how you want to be treated,


4. Who is someone you admire in this life and why? 

- This is a great question. I have met some great people since washing up on these shores, I will name 3 that come to mind very distinctly as they have been some of/ if not a majority of the reason I have been able to accomplish what I have.

Number 1. Valencia: She is my RH, my rock throughout all of this.. I can't say enough about her.. She is absolutely awesome and has been my mentor since taking a crew leader position. She has truly taught me everything I know about this game, and still continues to whip my ass into shape constantly. I couldn't have found a better friend on this game either within her. If you haven't somehow befriend her perhaps you should try because.. did I already say.. SHE'S AWESOME.

Number 2. @Isabella-Luciano (Dee as some of you may know) : Was another great mentor of mine. Her time was cut short after achieving Godfather status, but she taught me more about the RP aspect of this game, and really helped me get me to be the writer that I am today.. Her and Keats both inspiring me to write with in game money incentives, and just being the friendly people they are, molded me into a decent writer and perhaps a not so bad role player. I owe a lot to her and will forever cherish the writing community as a whole.

Number 3. LG/ Jack Mezzo: LG has been my role model since starting this life. I had loved everything about Race Street, the way it was organized, the RP focus behind it all, and just the simple fact of the people within were just absolutely great. I inspired to design my current organization around his, with some minor changes of course, but I will forever be Race Street in my heart. The people I met in that time will hold a special place within me. I thank you all for the friendships and quirky chats.


5. What does the future hold for Philadelphia? 

- You know, if you asked my predecessors this same question, they would all probably have some eloquent speech about this and that, probably with the thought on their mind that they would be top boss forever.. I will not sit here and fool myself, I know I've got a large target on my back, there is always some ambitious young mobster looking to seize control, that is our way of life or it wouldn't be the mafia. What I can say though is Philadelphia will continue on moving forward with business at the forefront of my mind. We all like to have cash in our pockets correct?




Once a week something odd tends to happen that will be what will be talked about. Will we be in the wrong of talking about it? Who cares. This is not meant to insult a person or persons but more the situations or how things were handled in hopes that things would change for the future. 

Louis_T openly criticized the standing Godfather of Las Vegas Wayne and one of the leaders of Vegas Brutus...He still lives? Um...I guess this is the new normal. Although Garou gave him a chance I do not entirely believe Louis deserved that opportunity. When a leader is publicly criticized, no matter how small or insignificant a mind may be, it is a necessary measure to remove any possible threat to the upper structure of your city. In this case, Louis not only criticized Two of Las Vegas leadership but he also put the safety of New York in question by how the situation was publicly handled. For any of those who may wish to twist the words allow me to clarify: I am not criticizing New York leadership by not removing Louis. It could in turn to be a brilliant move in forming this man to be a successful and outstanding mafia member. Hopefully Wayne and Brutus have forgiven the offense and the nation could move forward. 

Where does this now leave Louis_T, the man has certainly established himself in the streets as a fantastic orator and now has a certain home in Chicago in the coming days. There will be this sort of expectation that the public criticism he laid out against another crew leader will be almost forgotten by his level of work by how he outperforms everyone else. 

So what then is my thought? The thought i have is then this, If a person chooses to publicly humiliate or negatively criticize a leader of a city, that person deserves death. No arguments. No public responses. No trying to save face and arguing with a wise guy. Kill and move forward. 

Is this too harsh? Do you agree or disagree? Share your reasoning below! 




Off the top of the editors mind. Points to debate. Points to consider. Points to leave and let be. This is not meant to insult a person or persons but more the situations or how things were handled in hopes that things would change for the future. 

1. Street Stories are a bit boring. Lets be honest here, the streets have been watered down with the same ol' street speeches. People running around gunning each other down. Is it possible we can take this to the business districts? I mean the streets are in fact meant for us to be here for various reasons of course so is it really that bad? Well, perhaps not. But maybe we can direct our attention to giant stories into the streets rather than multiple variations of how someone escaped a deadly situation and seemed to kill multiple people. 

2. Unfair time expectations on leaders. It is quite literally insane that so many individuals think leaders need to be more active then they already are. Sure if your leader is not active and communicating with your people then you have an issue. Yet, if they log on and try to reach out to those who are responsible under them, i see no issue. Perhaps a point of criticism is for those of you who aren't talented at leading to take a look at why they are where they are and you are where you are. 

3. Rogues are a time and a waste of energy. Lets think about this, you put all this time into building a gun and then go out and shoot individuals to do what exactly? Upset the regime and hope the future is brighter? You literally allow yourself to go lower on the ladder if you are only killing wiseguys and the such. 

4. Why are there right hands and left hands of a crew, who are brand new to this life, when you had someone in your crew for the last couple of weeks or months even? One of the most bizarre things we regularly see in this life. 





Hopefully this is regularly blank. Obits takes a look at some of our greater losses of recent times. RIP To all the fallen. If someone is missed please feel the freedom to share below. 

Chicago - The newest city in the recent city authorizations went down. As one Omerta source stated, "The city Imploded upon itself." 

Aladdin - The Godfather of Detroit passed suddenly do to a pro malfunction. He was a great leader and detroit will surely mourn the loss of the man who helped to keep such great stability among the cities.

Undertaker - Tyler Durden sought the former crew leader and shot him down in a violent way on the second of august. Undertaker left behind a beautiful crew Corporate Ministry

Infinite - Per sources who wish not to be identified, Infinite was connected to a group of people who may had hoped to build and rogue. 




Three tips for you to learn how to take your mob game to the top! 

  1. DO NOT FEAR DEATH - Eventually you will die, so live a life you enjoy. 
  2. INVEST IN CREDITS - When Death comes, your children can reap benefits of your hard work should you choose to invest in credits! 
  3. COMMUNICATE - If you wish to be successful in this life, make friends. Build bridges. Over communicate. Do not just assume people understand you. 




Every week we will highlight one nominee for Mobster of the Week. They will recieve a prize and a sort of honoring for displaying to us what Omerta is all about. 

This weeks Mobster of the week is Legolas! The first time auth was invited to take part in leading in his home town of Philadelphia after a massive blow left their city hurt. The man informed his crew they had a new city and now the young leader is re-establishing himself in the city of Brotherly love. What an incredible sacrifice and loyalty this shows and hopefully we can all learn from this mans display. Congratulations Legoals, for showing Omerta what family is really all about! 




We take a stroll down ooc ave. for a chance to you to see what those who are addicted to what they are selling are talking about. 

  • In "Share Your Embarrassing Story" Flynn had a probably the best thus far. 
  • People tend to always be in need of a nice suit. If you are a tailor you may want to peak over there to make extra cash. 
  • A young retiree made some radical claims about the "next revolution" and the idea that Luis_Patangeli controls everything! 
  • The following bloodlines have been searched for: Bruiser, Grassboy, Indifference, Il Postino,




The Tea is your latest useless gossip section. People like this shit. Hopefully this can get done away with if everyone hates it. 

  • Frank_Cullotta apparently let his mouth get the best of him and wound up in jail. 
  • Word on the street is that Benedict has fallen out of favor in Ballard, Seattle. 
  • AvardT is sick of all the stories in the streets and is embarrassing them left and right. As Wayne said, its Gold. And If you dont like it then allow me to say in his words, Dice him bitch!




Inspired by a former Crew Leader this News Paper game is based on a series of choices for you to make. The point, to have fun and win a cash prize. 


Report Post Tips: 15 / Total: $830,000 Tip

I hope you all enjoy. 

Will be around in a week or so. A couple things to note:

If you have any mobster of the week suggestions please consider sending them to me. 
If you wish to donate to OMERTA to keep this running please consider doing so in credits. 

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Wayne took a seat on a nearby park bench and spent a good part of the morning reading the paper. It had been some time since a paper of this sort had been around. 

After finishing he walked back over to the news stand and shook Nomad's hand.

"The path of journalism isn't an easy one in our world, not many have tried it and even fewer have been successful at it. But I commend you for your efforts here. It is well structured, well written, and interesting. Perhaps needs a bit of a check for OOCitis but other than that I can see no problems. A fine publication, well done sir."

Report Post Tip

He always enjoyed a good read on the current events in the mafia scene and having seen the newest issue of Omerta on sale, he decided to purchase a copy and read it whilst enjoying his afternoon tea. The piece was well written and he wanted to make sure the Editor receieved as much praise as possible for putting it together.

Noticing his name, he wanted to ensure that a response was penned to the Editor just to clarify a few things that seemed to be lost in translation.

Dear Mr Nomad,

Thank you for your recent release of OMERTA.

In regards to the situation of a certain young member named Louis, I believe the events regarding his dealings in public were a little misrepresented. When his speech first occured in front of the public, he was not a New York City member, just a civilian out in public screaming things of his own accord. Towards the end of said discussion, I spoke with him in private and an agreement was made in terms of his attitude and presence out in the public. He was well aware of the consequences should anything further happen after he accepted a position from me in New York.

Needless to say, all hostilities ceased at that point and he was even then found trying to work for a position in Chicago, to which his application was successful. He will soon therefore be leaving my operation and work to hopefully build up his relations alongside those already working in Chicago.

Whilst New York and Las Vegas run separate operations, our origins in Philly were shared and I have alot of respect for what they are doing out there. Had this speech (or any similar speech infact) been started Louis whilst he was wearing our family colours, I can assure you that the results would have been different.

Many thanks,


Before sealing the envelope, he placed a few large value bank notes inside it as a way to thank the Editor for his fine work on the paper.

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Puts down the first edition after reading and smiles

“I love it. Keep them coming!”
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Step up your interview skills. You didn't ask one home run question. You lobbed softballs.

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Nomad, a fine paper.  But separate news from editorials.

In an effort to put to bed the issue that you raise here, I have given a speech.  I trust that this finishes this.

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CLO had just finished reading the first issue of OMERTA. He thought it was interesting and had some good humor there too. He hopes this will be a permanent feature to our society.  

"I will continue to read future issues"

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“Loving this.” Judas says, smiling as he reads.
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Luis_Patangeli I didn't know you played softball.


We should have a game at the next PH and affiliates company picnic.

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Wayne It seems my cover has been blown. I'm a secret major league softball player
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 This is the happenings in 1930? Am I am a time warp? 

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Major league softball player. Even the D league turned you down. Pansy ass interview. I guess that makes you a pansy ass D league player.

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Oh look Mercury McPsychobitch and Isabella Idiot are back to shit on people who have done more work for this place in a day than they've done in years.

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