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City Planning Meeting Results Started by: Whoreable on Feb 10, '20 12:43

The City Leader Council over the weekend to discuss the future of Philadelphia. There were several options presented, but after careful consideration by all parties, we voted and the decision was unanimous. We will be accepting applications from interested individuals that meet a specific criteria.  I think it’s evident that we have personally authorized many crew leaders across our cities that have never held the position or haven’t lead in quite a few years. We’d like to continue our vision of opportunity and extend it to those of you that are willing to commit their time and energy into restoring Philadelphia to greatness.



Application Criteria


A minimum of ten (10) days residency within the country from this date

You are citizen that has not performed in a leadership role in some time, has never had the position or felt overlooked for past leadership positions

Ability to communicate and work with other new leaders within the city

An understanding of standard business practices required to run a district/city with a 15 person occupancy

Prior approval from your crew leader and city leader

Self funding will also be a requirement for set up



Current City Leader Involvement


We will review, consider and vote on all applications and be the final decision makers regarding authorization.

We will make ourselves available to guide and advise when requested, but we expect you to make every effort solve internal issues amicably.

As in all new jobs there will be a probationary period, meaning we will revisit HQ size within a sixty (60) day period from set up.



Application Process


Please submit a summary to me detailing why you are interested in the position, as well as, why you feel your future leadership skills would benefit the city. I will forward your summary to all city leader’s who will then consult with their crew leaders. Once all summaries have been reviewed the City Leader Council will vote and make an announcement shortly after.


All applications must be in by February 11th no later than 5:00 Mafia Returns Time

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I too will need a transcript of this entire conversation as the head ruler of city in question. My counterparts clearly just had this discussion before I had taken over so I implore any such individuals who are taking roost in Philadelphia to message me first for my express permission. Thank you.

Also there is some great news as QueenFrostine has also recently signed off on my powers and has put her full support behind me as ruling body of Philadelpia. A more in depth look into this will be explained in the usual place later, my loyal subjects will know where.

~ Royal Seal of Revan

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This is a really good way of introducing people who have not performed in a leadership role for some time, never had the position or felt overlooked to the reality of a purge city.

Good luck to the applicants. Take up this opportunity if you prefer a bullet in the face to a knife in the back. 

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Dean listens to Godmother Whoreable of Los Angeles speak and smiles through the whole speech, then speaks up after clapping loudly.

”It’s always a proud day across the country when the powers that be see an opportunity to give new blood a chance and they jump on it, big +1 from me as I love seeing these things play out. Good luck to all those that enter, may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Dean nods to the Godmother who delivered the news and smiles, before taking his exit knowing the local trolls would soon be upon the streets here.

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Just for confirmation what o you mean by this;

A minimum of ten (10) days residency within the country from this date

How it's written I can't tell if you are saying that people applying must have at least 10 days of residency by today or?

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I would think that was pretty obvious, Michael

NPC invaders are scheduled to enter Philadelphia within the next 48 hours. It would be illogical to accept any applicants into the city who could not set up immediately in order to avoid that invasion. Since the minimum age is 11 days, and there was 1 day given by whoreable to submit applications, 10 days of age would be the absolute youngest any applicant could be and still be capable of authorization prior to the attack.

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Dagda , who the fuck are you?

Don't remember asking your nobody ass for confirmation or the condescending response, guess that wasn't obvious though..

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Anthony had taken a break from his collections long enough to find a suitable place to hear the announcement. He had removed his black brimmed hat so he could ensure nothing interfered with his listening as he knew this announcement must be important for a man of great stature to be coming to the streets to address the people.

Upon listening to the announcement and seeing others come forth and speak their minds, Anthony, himself approached the middle of those gathered and found a pocket within those gathered that he himself might speak and he heard.

Clearing his throat he nervously began to address the crowd.

“First of all let me say this, I think opportunity is great, Many of us, our grandparents, mothers and fathers or we ourselves cane to this country looking for opportunity. Most of us, still looking for opportunity. I support hard working men and women getting the chance they deserve in this thing of ours and always will. But. If the stories past down are to be taken as truth, this is rarely allowed to play out without outside interference. Not only that but long past down are rumors that this is only to appease the masses who feel there is no opportunity while giving no serious threat a chance in this but almost picking the least qualified so they fail and their time in this competition almost more entertainment than opportunity. You can look around the streets and in families who are thriving and deserve the right to expand who have members who deserve opportunity without filing for a chance in a competition. Men and women who stand out and who already are being overlooked who also know the stench this idea carries and shouldn’t have to apply for a competition city to get their opportunity. Yet knowing the history of such will consider it and maybe even forego their gut instinct and apply only to be passed up because they’re too strong and would give a city or leader too much of an upper hand if placed in a city to thrive.

Secondly, I hope the current regime isn’t seeing this competition in this light and I hope hard working Mafioso legitimately get a shot at something they already deserved but gave no current room in their own home city to take. Again, from stories past down, you have to understand we are a tad weary of the concept. I also again stand by the fact that the cities and families already have worthy Mafioso who shouldn’t have to apply to take the bump up in the ranks but I get the concept of what this is supposed to do. Opportunity. I just hope, as do many, that our current council truly give opportunity and this not be just another dog and pony show that our world is used to having paraded in front of them.

I speak from a place of nothing but respect and hope these words don’t and haven’t come across as being disrespectful but as being concerned and wanting to be hopeful that some deserving Mafioso get opportunity and this is allowed to play out without setting it up for a mass reckoning.

Thank you for allowing me to speak my opinion.”

Anthony nodded his head in the direction of those gathered and then stepped back once more to a position that he may hear and allow himself to be addressed if needed.
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Michael, it seems I have struck a nerve. It was not my intention to be condescending, although perhaps it should have been, since you are so clearly ignorant on many accounts.

My humblest apologies, you are obviously much more important than I, I should not have tried to assist someone so special.

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Dagda ; I’m glad such an intolerance piece of slim like you can recognize something so obvious, maybe you aren’t as useless as i’ve been led to believe. Best of luck in this world kiddo.
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I thank you. I will certainly need all of your luck to succeed in this world that I clearly do not understand.

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I’d like to thank you all for coming out and taking the time to listen to my message chronicling the city planning meeting results.


Grin-03 please just sit down. I have a very low tolerance for a rabble-rouser and would prefer you take your instigator backside to your own corner. I find your antics mundane and pedestrian and would like to see you be more creative by forming an original speech rather than heckle those that put in actual effort. I know your capabilities are limited, but maybe with a little effort you can do better.


Hello Michael, thank you for your time and interest. Mr. Dagda is correct in his reasoning. The ten day residency is a requirement due to the timeline we are currently facing.


Mr. AnthonyTanziniJr, my ancestors arrived in this country years ago and have made many contacts. I know, without a doubt, that there are talented people out there that deserve opportunity. The leaders of this country do not sit around and discuss over drinks creative ways to purge. We discuss training, recruiting, safety, population growth and the ones we see that deserve opportunity. We discuss how we can improve operations and do better.  This plan was set up based on all of us concluding that the best way to offer growth to interested individuals was to announce it and offer it to all that meet eligibility requirements and are interested in furthering their career.


I’d like to thank those that have listened and shown their support, as well as, those of you that have submitted applications.


Well, that’s it… pure and simple. I hope this alleviates any doubts and helps everyone with their decision making.  

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Drake listens to Godmother Whoreable's speech and nods his head in agreement, while applauding.

"This is indeed a great opportunity! For those who feel like they never get a chance, this is their time to shine and earn their stripes. I can't wait to see who takes lead in Philadelphia. I wish everyone the best, and I hope that the leaders can work together to make Philly a dynamic city again."

After speaking, Drake left to go back to his HQ in Chicago. The streets were already going crazy, and he did not want to be a part of it.

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Dr. Funkhouser here, you're listening to 101.3 Raised Eyebrows. We've got a caller on the line who's sure got his eyebrows raised about something. Caller, are you there?

"Hey, Dr. Funk. Long time listener, first time caller. Here's what's got my eyebrows raised: we are days removed from the previous tenants of Philadelphia being leveled the morning of the city head being eligible to take Godfather. In what ways does this new initiative not feel like that same prolonged death sentence for all involved?"

I couldn't tell you, caller, you'll have to ask them yourself! 

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I wasn't heckling you, I was commending you. Most people who have been around the block can see the hallmarks of a purge city, a ploy needed when your own people have realised that leaving your protective umbrella is a death sentence and new auths from within are not forthcoming. So targeting this specifically at newer bloodlines or those who feel they haven't had a fair crack should ensure that you get some more people volunteering themselves to be slaughtered within the next few months. This is a clever way of educating them on the realities of how this really works, almost a public service you're offering really. Kudos.

And whilst you might not appreciate my appearance here, I am actually glad I came by. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have heard you reassure us that you aren't all sitting around and discussing over drinks creative ways to purge. That's a weight off my mind because if you were trying to be creative, asking people outright if they know who Curtis is shortly before they die and mass-mailing authorisation for the deaths of high ranking individuals in your own city would have been pretty poor attempts at it.

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I'd like to thank all of you that submitted applications for a seat in Philadelphia. Some of you really put a lot of effort into them. The city leaders of this country were extremely impressed. After careful review, entry and placement in the city is listed below.

Old City District - James_T_Kirk

Bella Vista - Chaos

South Philly - Javier and RichardWad

We look forward to working with you and watching you grow the great city of Philadelphia. 

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Revan ran his rambunctious scepter against the concrete floor beneath his very feet, making his way over to a list of names that had been posted by one of the Godfather Chairmen who had not yet openly admitted support of his rule-- and noticed quickly that his name was not held prominently on the list, or even anywhere on it at all. At first he felt dejected and as if this was the end to his historic run, but that was not so and he quickly came to a glorious realization-- he was not being held from ruling the city, but already held enough power that a family wasn't something that he needed to possess at all.

I approve of these names.

and with that, he went down the list with a pencil and drew a check mark next to every name, but his simple support was not enough. You see, a King could not rule without a family, and if one was not to be given to him then he would need to join someone who had been entrusted with the very thing he did not need to seek.

Javier, the name speaks to me. You will be my muse if you so wish to accept.

He obviously accepted.

I, King Revan, now fully stand by every family within this city and hope that we will all be able to work together for as long as our good health affords. Long live Philadelphia, long live the King!

Everyone clapped.

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Furious were glad to see that those guys will make Philly great again, he were to scared himself to apply, no he wasnt, he were more like, what the heck. He smiled at his own thoughts and came up to gratulate those that won respect from all our CL:s and started new crews in Philly.


"Good thing all of you going to Philly, hope you all do a great thing there and stay in line and make good thing there"

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Are the City Leaders Council ever gonna publicly divulge the reasons for the Philly removal, or should we just move on and forget it ever happened?

One would assume that if you guys have the authority to fill the city, surely you would know the reason for the whole city to have been completely obliterated. So, any chance the kin of the fallen could hear that reason at some point?

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MrBlobby ; If they haven’t by now then they are likely never going to which is fine. I’m sure the rest of us have moved on with our business, best your kin does too.
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