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First Crewleader? Started by: Roberto_Carlos on Apr 20, '20 09:43

Oh hi guys. Appreciate this thread is probably somewhere in the ether however;


Whilst being in 'lockdown', I was reminiscing briefly about when I first arrived on these shores and how things have changed over the years. Although I have had a few breaks along the way, there are still some familiar faces that have been here since I first started.


It would be interesting to know (IMO!) who your first crewleader was when you first arrived as well as who your favourite has been and why:


First Crewleader: The_Gambler, shortly followed by -Ellis-.

Favourite Crewleader: Lia_Vazzi - A generally decent chap who's crew interaction was second to none. Could also build a great character and made the game very interesting. 


Thanks for listening, you're all bloody awesome. 


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First Crewleader: TommyC

Favourite Crewleader: Anita. She had time for everyone even though her crew size was massive at the time.
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First: _PUNISHER_ again in the days of mahoosive crews where subcrews were bigger than some crews now.

Favourite: Hard to say but TheThirdDan was hoping for all of his hitters would go a little bit rogue-ish so I'll go with him.  Special shout to Animal in the original Vegas experiment about 8 years ago though!!

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My first was Salvatore_Riina.

Great crewleader, also back when the crew size was around 150?

My favourite one would be Oliver_McTavish I think. Badass Inc. was a great family to be a part of.

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The first person I joined was Lia_Vazzi, can't call him my first Crewleader as I thought he was shocking and made some horrendous decisions that saw me actively attempt to derail him fot the next 4 years.

So IMHO, my first Crew Leader was Dean_Martin, followed a few months later by DonnieBrasco. Despite having a crew of 200, Dean was everything you ascribe to your experience with Lia Roberto_Carlos

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Can anyone remember the name of a crewleader way, way back in the day, during .org times, who used to Google translate all of his communications into Italian, pasted underneath the English part? He was my first CL. He was a terrific man. Incredibly stupid. I loved him. 

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Good God, it's been over a decade. 

if my memory serves, my first CL was "Tie". Followed shortly thereafter by Inspector_Clouseau.

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First crewleader....SamTheAmericanEagle...absolute nutjob!

Favourite crewleader? I guess.....Ganelon - that was never boring.  More recently?  Princess....nobody else has come close to engaging with her crew or so I've encountered in the last year or so.

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Lexicon, also recall BaronGreenback

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Sidious. He brought me over to this game many years ago. We where friends from another site.
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KingBenny. Best CL I've ever had. 

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My First CL was Duke! 

It's a little hard to name my favourite crew leader as I had the pleasure to work with so many fine individuals: Duke, Dyson, JTG, Crystallize, Pine and most recently Rizadon. Maybe I am just one lucky dude. 

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LudariusCane was my first crew leader, and by far my best.  He showed me everything I know today.

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Well I hope I get this one right with Sprozza for my first crewleader, followed quickly by Cantillon- which lasted almost a year under his leading.

My Favorite Crewleader would definitely be the bloodline of TazioLeonetti and I have had amazing times and characters working right beside  Him- even better than my Godmother run!

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Zapata, was that TuriGuiliano?  I don't remember him doing that, but it sounds like the sort of thing he would have done.  My first CL was Toaly back in the summer of 2003.  Great times, back then.  My favorite was probably Robespierre. He was the one that got me to get more involved and pushed me into training to become a hitsquad leader under the guidance of IronCurtain and BADCHOICE.

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My first leader was SecretAgent. He and I knew each other from P2P networks. He went missing, I came to find him on some weird game I'd heard he was playing. After having some fun with an old admin on IRC (She didn't like my name so kept trying to ban me unsuccessfully.) Then I settled down and started to play like a good girl. That was May 2003...

It was SkyWitch that got me involved, but I can also thank people like FatherPatMcGroin, TheIncredibleDrunk, BADCHOICE, TeQ, BrianArao, IronCurtain, HOG, Ganelon, TheD, TheThirdDan, and a few others for teaching me the ropes. 

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first one was bobbymunson

I really never had a favorite.
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RebusDupeoUlricMusic was my first but my all time favourite was Cthulhu who sadly died of wackback or more recently SammyGato he had alot of heart and brought back alot of the old tradition.


Badass inc with Mctavish and JohnnyAxe seemed like an amazing crew and they had a heavy street presence i remember you wouldn't mess with those guys

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Don’t remember honestly. It’s been years since I first played. But as far as I remember they were all pretty awesome!
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Wow! What a nice walk down memory lane this is! Some names I had really forgotten! 

I first joined in the time of STAE which must have been 2001/2002 or somewhere like - I found a ton of IRC logs from 2003.

Nice to see that nearly two decades later there are still some familiar faces knocking around! 

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