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Nov 24 - 14:21:55
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The Silence. (A memorial) Started by: Wheeler on Aug 27, '20 00:45
The silence is deafening. Its echoes ring out through empty alleyways, ricochetting from empty shop window panes. The leader of “The Streets” was dead. His fall from grace both a sudden thing and a culmination, the inevitable build up, of a gradual process. His cause of death, it seemed, was a heart attack. Those who had faith, said it was an act of the gods. Those who chafed under his rule of the streets blamed it on his spiral into the depths of madness. He, like great rulers of the past, dove deep into the depths of insanity. He gazed too long into the abyss and in the end, it seems, the abyss gazed back.

His leadership had been a chaotic affair. He would run contests, and then take over the contests of others. He would have them banned, if the mood took him. He would dictate to us his take on the history of this land. His narration of events often... differing from the memories of others. He would tell fanciful tales and allure to illicit affairs with often unwilling participants. But despite this, he always drew a crowd. Whether of people shouting him down or of people quietly chuckling at his antics, it made no matter. He brought a measure of life to these streets that many have tried and failed to match.

Both he and his line had always been an... Enigma. An anomaly. Perhaps one of the most controversial bloodlines in the history of this thing of ours.

He was Anton. The latest in the line of Richard_Kuklinski’s descendants to grace these shores. His bloodline was comparable to that of David’s. Of Solomon’s. It carried with it a legendary status, which would no doubt impact the world for years to come.

The silence, is a smouldering thing. Whether or not another of Richard_Kuklinski’s descendants would walk these shores was a matter of speculation. It was said his line had been blacklisted from entering the country. That tails had been set on his children, to ensure that they would not follow in his footsteps. No doubt, this was a smart move. The community needed time, time to recover from his reign. There were many bereaved families mourning their lost loved ones. Harassed into early graves by the self proclaimed leader of the streets. But still, there is a void in these streets where Anton once stood. A silent void, sucking in all sound. Deafening to those with ears to hear it.

No doubt, every member of this thing of ours, including the late Anton would wish to see this void filled. So now, now we wait for another to step into his shoes. To take on the mantle, to wear the crown, of leader of the streets. To fill the hole left by his passing. And hopefully, to learn from the lessons of those who came before, and work towards healing the wounds, still sore, that were left by them.

Rest in peace Anton. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

The silence.
The silence is bliss.
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Fuck Anton
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There are plenty of people who have already shown they are capable of taking Anton's place, but the reality of the situation is do we seriously need someone to actually "lead the streets"?

Anton's posts were simply piles of bullshit designed for controversy. The stories shared by those who are willing to simply share stories are still around.

I really can't say there is now a "void" in place where Anton once was. His post was sickening to those who got to view it. Some apparently nearly let it fucking go by. You can't simply do that in this thing of ours and to give Anton any damn respect or a fucking memorial is shameful, no matter if he is a friend of yours or not.

He did much more than cross the line with whatever fantasies came out of his mouth. You can choose to remember him all you wish, but I really don't see much reason to give him ANY sort of respect with what came out of his mouth especially with the controversy his past bloodline has given us.

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For a long time over many bloodlines I assumed Kuku (Anton) was being a parody of himself and had the community fooled in his own private joke.  After what we've all seen it might be fair to say I overestimated him. 

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Dog, I would respond with some enlightening words about learning from the past and respecting the dead, but now you’re also dead. I won’t be writing a memorial for you, but rest in peace all the same.

Guywhoreturned, yes there are plenty of people who will continue to step out into these streets, that however, does not change the reason I set this memorial up. Whether you loved or hated him, Anton impacted the lives of many of the people in this thing of ours, whether his speeches were or weren’t up to your standards or not. I saw the Franks Castle speech. I didn’t find it as offensive as some of you clearly did, but that’s just a sign of the times.

Whether or not you feel he should be remembered, he must be remembered. Because not remembering the past does not change it, and those who do not remember their past are doomed to repeat it.

In regards to respect, he was a crew leader. Whether you appreciated his unique brand of entertainment or not, he deserves respect, by virtue of his being. Whether or not you agree with him, he was in a position of respect. Along with that, as a crewleader, he deserves this memorial, as any other crew leaders who pass deserve one. Too often, is the death of a Crew Leader a shadowy and forgotten thing. We should remember those who pass. Those who knew them best should come out and inform us of their stories, of their passing, of the whys and how’s behind it.

And I would like to add, that as a crew leader myself, I do not need nor care for your permission to remember him. I will remember him as he was, flaws and all, regardless of your opinion and YOU would do well to remember that.

Lazier, Anton was a parody of everything. He ripped the piss out of everything and everyone, including himself. Perhaps he went too far, but how do we know how far is too far without reaching it first? A long time ago, we wouldn’t have seen anything near his like prosper in the way he did out here in the streets. The fact he got to where he did, doing what he did is an example of changing times.

I would like to finish this by reiterating what I said earlier.

We need to remember the past, if we are to learn from it. Forgetting that there ever was an Anton will not make this place any better. And just because some of you couldn’t stand the guy, as @Duggees poll showed, multiple members of this thing of ours appreciated @Antons unique brand of humour.
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I must say, this place has indeed changed... just not in the way that some of the malcontents assert.

Sure, people consider what was said to be in poor taste. Anton has accepted that and taken his lumps. Once upon a time, paying the ultimate price was sufficient to wipe your line's slate clean. Not anymore it seems.

Sure, this may not be an official memorial, per se, but it's still a memorial of sorts. We've had STRICT rules about the respect to be shown to the dead for many, many years - particularly where grieving relatives and acquaintances congregate to remember a fallen friend. Some of the comments here would not be accepted in an obituary, yet they're acceptable here - knowing the man is not here to defend himself?

Well, if that's the expected behaviour, I'm afraid I shall have to stand alongside Wheeler and buck the trend.

RIP Anton - the streets are a duller place for your absence.

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Wheeler, I’ve worked with you in the past, you seemed like a good guy. Stop trying to justify Anton’s rape fantasy as entertainment. It was sick, twisted and disgusting. If you can’t see that, you’re part of the problem. 

I understand that he was your friend, as you told me over and over again while I worked for you and he continued to harass me. You’re little memorial service here is the reason it will happen again so stop trying to label it as humor or entertainment. He knew exactly what he was doing and the rest of us did as well.

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FrankCastle, I’m sorry, I don’t believe I ever worked with you. Maybe your granddaddy, and I had a lot of time for him. He, was a good guy. Hell, I had a lot of respect for him. Still, I told him repeatedly how to deal with Anton, and he never took my advice. Instead opting to die, and for his children to go running off on tangents. So no. I don’t know you. You never wrote to me. Your ancestors came back under different names. I was friends with your granddaddy, but I don’t know you. And you certainly don’t know me.

I don’t justify what Anton did, but I don’t agree with condemning him to be forgotten to time. He’s dead, he paid for the fuck up of a speech he gave about storming your castle. Now that should be let lie, and those of us who appreciated @Antons many other shining qualities shouldn’t have to defend our grieving for his passing to those who had a beef with him.

You’ve won. He’s dead.

Let those of us who would like to remember him do so. And not have our memorial service tainted by the bitter entitlement and self Righteousness of his enemies.
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Feel free to remember him all you want Wheeler. Don’t label his rape fantasies as entertainment or humor though, they are neither of those. Doing so is what will allow things of that nature to continue. Especially coming from someone in such high standing as yourself.

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After following Kuku and now as Anton and many more different name and all bad shit he has done in theis world Im NOT one that miss him at all. He has during all years hurt so many people in many ways and this aint good, he seems like a small boy that with worlds try to be a great guy but always misses this out.


Anyhow, RIP Anton and really hope any lessons are learned finally since you unfortunally never before learned any lesson.


Life goes on for everyone and soon his memory will be vanished. No one is above the law.


Take care all and make sure to continue to be a person with good respect and handle carefully with each other.

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Is a thinly veiled story about horse riding really that much worse than illegally cloning yourself numerous times, in order to praise your own writing and lie about financial donations?

As it says in the bible - let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 

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FrankCastle, with or without your permission, I will remember him. Don’t worry about that. It’s a strange time we live in where wiseguys feel they have the power to dictate to Crew Leaders what they can or cannot do. If I wasn’t me, and you weren’t the descendant of my good friends Billy_Russo and TommyDonnelly, I might be inclined to take offence. Instead, I will remind you to know your place boy.

Higher powers than me have labelled his “Rape Fantasies” as unacceptable, and reinforced that by putting him in a hole and blocking his offspring from entry into this fine country. I’m sure that no one in this thing of ours is unsure as to whether “Rape Fantasies” are acceptable or not at the moment, regardless of what I say.

His posts in general were humorous and entertaining, unlike yourself, I am not focussed solely on the “Rape Fantasy”.
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Be quiet Frank a man is trying to grieve here.

Mr. Wheeler please pardon Frank’s behavior and continue on.
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The place will indeed be a tad quieter now that Anton is no longer here, nobody can dispute this. What was said was a mistake I'm sure if Anton was here he would agree. I'm certainly not condoning it as it was genuinely uncomfortable to me. 

Now with that being said standing here taking potshots at him isn't right either. A lot of people have been waiting for this day for a long time, celebrate with class please the storm is over. Let's not turn this into something terrible.

Rip Anton, it will be quieter that's for sure, please learn from this and better. Let us all be better.

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The late Anton featured prominently in the requests for forthcoming questions in the MobGov/Pew Pew Report surveys and they were rarely (if ever) congratulatory or positive.

We at MG-PPR have no truck about whether he was a good or bad man just take him as we have found him and generally that was as a wind up merchant looking to poke and prod about the edges until he found someone willing to take the bait.  I'm sure we could list dozens of different names that he has hooked onto and tormented.

If you took some of his writings as a piss-take then it was fine however rightly or wrongly there was a dark side that did bully and torment.  People can remember him as they wish but to many he was incredibly divisive.  Personally I tired of some of the woe-is-me...why does nobody appreciate me schtick a long time back.  Yes he was one of the most vocal people on the streets but it doesn't make him the best person to be in the streets.

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FrankCastle, we had this conversation in private, as i gave you the decency of dooing so. I asked you to have seome decorum and warned you the outcome if you could not. Im now doing this publically. Drop it, anton has paid for what he did. And you wont be seeing his liunage around here for a very long time. 

Time to move the fuck on

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So we can just Let people defend it? Wheeler brought it up publicly so it doesn’t really matter if it’s been discussed in private.
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Bucket scousepole is more than entitled to police his own city members private or otherwise, wheeler is a crew leader and is paying his respects this is not the street corner for Anton bashing he's gone now.
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Wheeler is also paying respect to one of the biggest bags of shit to walk this shore. His bloodline has been a cancer for a decade. Along with rampant cheating and now this development he doesn’t deserve a memorial thread. He made Wheeler giggle like a child a few times so it’s all forgiven.

The others on top have spent the last few months profiting off the scumbag so they’re happy to stay as silent as possible
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Anyone can pay respect to anyone you don't get to decide that! Nobody is condoning any of what Anton has done. You acting like this is just making you look like what you are claiming Anton was, a disrespectful douche. Everyone who dislikes him has won he's gone. Now show some class about it and don't litter the streets, help rebuild it.
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