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Oct 24 - 05:24:34
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The Silence. (A memorial) Started by: Wheeler on Aug 27, '20 00:45
You also don't get to decide when I forgive someone. Show me where he earned any respect and Ill be happy to give it
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I'm not asking you to forgive anyone I'm asking you to be respectful on the streets.
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You don't have to give anything, Bucket, but you are proving - in the broader sense, excluding what happened yesterday - why Anton bothered so many of you dorks: you cannot put anything into perspective. You can't just ignore someone. You are incapable of the rational thought required to consider your options and take the high ground. You talk about the things Anton has done but you meet him on that level at every opportunity. You are morons. 

Look past the memorial. It does not concern you. He is gone, be happy, try and make something of yourself, young buck. Take a breather. Life goes on. 

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If you are really asking me the question why then you truly don't understand the irony of how you are acting I'm afraid this discussion has run its course.
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I’ve never cheated or written rape posts. We aren’t nearly on the same level. The fact that you can compare his actions to what Im saying is absolutely insane
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So you claim, Bucket. We don't know that though, because you've bravely chosen to hide behind a wall of anonymity whilst you criticise a dead man... and my money is on you retiring once you've had your fill here, avoiding the consequences of your opinions. Brave boy.

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The only thing you took from what I said was to purposefully misinterpret one point to angle it in your favor. Does that tactic sound familiar? Except while Anton did that in jest - as a troll, as you all loved to call him - you are doing it completely unironically.

Take a good long look at yourself. You are an idiot. As the new Leader of the Streets, I cannot sanction that buffoonery. 

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Mack wanders the streets stumbling upon a poorly constructed memorial upholding the brilliance of a man named Anton. The people there are touting his tenacity and "leadership" of the streets. Deeming that the only leader of the streets are actual garbageman he gives a drunken laugh. Approaching the crowd he notices a couple of faces. He stands in the shadows listening intently, watching the scene unfold. After Bucket blew his brains out in an alley after having a back and forth with Cromwell, he decides to interject. 


"Anton was a terrible person that consistently harassed and tore down other members even crew leaders. He was an un muzzled dog running amok, set loose by whatever trainer he was being raised under. He was a sad lot. That would rather create a trouble than solve one. I am quite happy that the Gods have struck him dead. If he ever comes to these shores again I sure hope it will be in hiding for if I find him, I'll toss em back to sea. I was not present at the speech he gave that angered the Gods but from what I've heard it has brought back trauma for some female counterparts. How can you sit here and defend such a garbage person while your sisters and mothers and cousins have most likely been hurt in such a manner? I'll remember Anton as a shite man, and a fly on the wall. Consistently buzzing and annoying but having no resolve to make something better of himself."


Mack spits on the picture Wheeler has placed out of Anton and begins whistling a cheery tune as he wanders away from the delusional mobsters 

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If he ever comes to these shores again I sure hope it will be in hiding for if I find him, I'll toss em back to sea. 

You’re talking a big fucking game now that Anton is dead. Why didn’t you talk shit and make threats when he was alive? Oh wait, we all know why, you’re a little bitch. Run back and hide in your headquarters before someone puts two in your head like your friend Douglas got. 

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Ragnarok You do not know what I have said to him. I have threatened him. Him and I have always fought back and forth. He knows I saw him as a filthy person unapproachable to me. Your threats sound like you know who killed my buddy Douglas. You should be careful of your love of Kuklinski or you'll be dead just like him. But yeah, defend someone whos written about rape fantasies. Anyone associated with you should be very careful in the future.

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He was an un muzzled dog running amok, set loose by whatever trainer he was being raised under

In all respect, are you saying that Grin-08 isn't a capable leader to set up another leader? You do know Anton came from The Grin Gang originally from Chicago as of you are now a Chicago Leader, or are you just pissed about that one internal conflict you had with him and another member of this greater Chicago Crime syndicate? 

Also when did it become okay to spit on a memorial, seem's to me that this feels a little like grave pissing?  

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Comprehension clearly isn’t your strong suit boy. I never once defended Anton’s actions. I called out your fake tough guy act. It’s an act, you wouldn’t do shit to Anton and you will not do shit to me. These are clear cut facts.
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You know what warms my scouse bones more than anything? Is people who are coming out here after anton had died, claiming all sorts against him. Yet didn't have the balls to say anything in thr streets back to him or against him. You know what we call that in scouseland? Shitbaggery, of the highest order. 


Me and Anton clashed many times, we didn't see eye to eye. There is proof of that publicly and privately.  However my relationship with him never wavered. If I had something to say to him, you'd bet your bottom. Dollar id come out here and say it to him. 

I would not wait for his demise and then come out here with my cock swinging proudly, you juts look like a massive floppy cock. One that doesn't have any balls attached to the base of it

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FatherMacklePenny, I don't give a flying fuck about your argument. You speak to one of my Captains like that again and I'll have you put to sleep.

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So you're saying that you never actually seen it, yet you're soooo outraged by it? That sounds legit. 

Nobody here has once said they support what he said, so coming out here, acting like this, won't get it noticed by the gods.. I'm assuming that's your end goal here. 

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It's amazing how one can still cause so much conflict from the grave.  Rest in Peace Anton. 

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The homeless man takes a big loooooong piss on the memorial. 

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Mahihkan watched as the upheaval grew her multi colored eyes passing from face to face as each spoke their piece, many out of sheer emotion.

She knew this Anton's bloodline he had targeted a couple of her ancestors, but she had no run in with his bloodline.  She was well aware of his behavior and tactics, yet chose not to speak at his memorial.

She would keep her thoughts and opinions about the man and his bloodline to herself, not for respect of the man... no... not for him.

It was  out of the simple respect she had for the position he held. He was a Crew leader not of the city she resided in, but he was Crew leader and that position deserved respect.

Her head pounding from all the arguing she left the crowd the noise fading as she traipsed down the quiet alleyway.

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Understand that there are much problem with this guy and during the years I also have seen so much sad shit from him but best is to leave it behind and walk through and forget this guy that not is so important so some ones in here starts to get mad at each others.


Life goes on and so do we, respect is the best to through again each other instead of loads of anger please.

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Wonderful memorial post my friend Wheeler.

I don't condone rape, it is a vile crime and he paid the price for it. I am not god so therefore I can't judge him. 

Just thought i would stop in and pay my respects as he did help me out a few times when he didn't have to.

Anton I hope you find salvation out their where ever your soul left to.

Tony flings his cigarette on to the cold hard ground, quickly crossing his heart before walking off silently. 

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