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Do you believe in ghosts? Started by: Shandi on Sep 20, '20 12:23

I agree DiegoC there ate too many ideas of ghosts and desires for them to be real... it's very easy to challenge the idea though when you start skiing about the logic behind it all!

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I do believe that ghosts exist or at least the souls of people and animals come back to be near loved ones or even enemies.
My Mom passed away about 5 yrs ago and she was a very heavy smoker and it could be smelled on her presence or her home.  I do NOT smoke, nor anyone around me,  but I sometimes will smell that scent within my home or when I am having a bad day. I believe whole heartedly that she is nearby watching and guiding me and letting me know she is  close by.  She has also dropped a coin or a feather at times letting me know she is near as well.  A few times at work when I was about to explode over dumb shit that idiots have done, I look down and there is a coin.  It is like she is saying "hey, Chill Out"  
JMO, of course! ;) 

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Nope. There are billions of people on Earth. Billions have died, surely they'd be very common if they existed. And only weirdos have "seen" ghosts under unusual circumstances.
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Proudly joins the ranks of the "weirdos"...

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Unfortunally must I say that those that believe in ghost arent really good in there heads. Theres many that knowes this. Sorry to say for all that nelieve in this.
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I believe there are spirits of sorts and other worldly things of the sort but ghost like we think of them normally? I personally don't believe they exist. But to each their own nothing wrong with the people who do think so.

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I do believe in them! Some people claim they don't, that's their opinion, but I do believe in them.

The world is bigger and weirder than one can imagine, for example the quote, "Reality is often stranger than fiction."- Mark Twain

The world could be without ghosts and such as, but I believe in them for the sole purpose of thinking that your/ my loved ones never left you

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I Believe In Alot Of Things But Yes I Do Believe In Ghost/Spirits

And To Be Honest, They Dont Judge You On Your Worst Days.

People Pray To God And That Bible Did Claim A Person Walked On Water lol


Just About Anything Is Possible At This Point.

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I don't believe in "ghosts" however I do believe the spirits of family members/friends that have passed watch over us. I've never seen a "ghost."

As for spirits, I have had experiences that have kept me from harm.

One day I was driving and the car in front of me slammed on his brakes for no apparent reason. In that split second I closed my eyes and braced for impact. Miraculously, I found myself past the car and safe. I'm not sure who was watching over me but someone was.

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I've never truly believed in ghosts and yet I love watching these live action ghost hunter shows where they go around supposedly haunted places and try and prove/disprove the existence of any ghosts in the building. Sometimes I'm watching these shows and convinced the place is haunted and that i've seen a ghost, but then start to immediately doubt it and rationalise it.

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I dont believe in ghosts but there is an interesting documentary on nefflix i think it was called life after death. It has some people talk about their experience with death and what happened to them while they were pronounced dead for 10 minutes or whatever. It was very interesting
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My wife is obsessed with all those ghost hunter shows on TV and I feel a little part of myself die every time they use their pseudo-scientific equipment that detects otherwise indeterminable noises and they all jump and shout, "did you heart that? It said 'DEVIL!'" and pretend to be scared.

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I want to believe that something like ghosts exist, purely because of videos and other things I've seen and heard on the internet that are hard to explain otherwise. I've never experienced anything supernatural myself. I do want to though :(

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I didn't believe in them until I saw footage of a ghost on a New York subway. He chased a man named Patrick, a sculptor, off the train. He bellowed in a ghostly way "get off my train."

After that, I uber everywhere in Manhattan, and believe in ghosts.
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I absolutely believe in them because i am pretty sure we have one in our house. we bought an very old home and from the beginning i felt it

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i don't know.  

I have never experienced a ghost and all of the ghostly documentaries you see on TV are too unconvincing. But i can certainly understand if people think that they have seen them or can feel their presence and there are many people in that situation.  

So, my contribution to this debate is that i don't know.  

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some time I really do beilive in them and some times I feel like meh, its not real, but there are many thnigs that happens that are out of nature.

so maybe who knows.

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hmm, not sure about to be honest. i never seen one so dunno.

but i think people can feel things sometimes. When my grandaddy died my grandmother felt it. That was like as he came to say goodbye.

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So from what I have been taught is there is no such thing as ghosts. We are taught that they are demons because souls can not come back to Earth unless given approval from God.

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I will be honest, I haven't fully decided if I do or not. I mean many people do, and many don't. I am just uncertain. 

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