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Oct 27 - 02:49:02
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Street Party! Started by: ZebedeeMcZebFace on Oct 17, '20 19:00

Too long have we been divided, too long have we been stifled in our ways and other stuff that I wish I could eloquently mention right now.


Zeb puts on some ella fitzgerald and moonwalks into the streets

We also have pie! ALL THE PIE!

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LostMyMind is out on his daily one free hour from the ward when he hears the word pie


Wait, Did you say pie? I am not allowed to party per rules of the ward, but pie, I can eat all the pie I want!

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Zeb funky chick LostMyMind and tops up his kool aid and serves him pie

Looking good buddy, show me your moves!

Zeb walks like an egyptian

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LostMyMind dances frantically around like a man who hasnt taken his medication today


Oh, KoolAid too? Is there sugar in this? I probably shouldnt....


As soon as he finishes speaking, he chugs down his glass of KoolAid with absolutely no thought as to how it will make him react

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Zeb hokey dokies (or pokies) around LostMyMind and wonders where the rest of the cool kids are at.

I'm about to start serving cheese and pineapple sticks!


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LostMyMind spins in circles watching this strange man dance around him.


Im not sure. It could be the fact that my keepers are over there


LostMyMind points across the street to the men in white lab coats.


Those guys, I don't like them, but everytime I try to ditch them, They stab me with needles and the next thing I know, Im tied down.

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embrace the needle my good dancing partner!

Zeb twists across the floor and clinks glasses

They know they're missing out!

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Oooh, I stole one from them the other day, Would you like to take it for a test run?


LostMyMind reaches into his pocket and pulls out a needle, He reaches towards the dancing man and offers it to him.

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Zeb twists over in the whitest way possible

Hit me my brother!

Come to the dance floor brothers and sisters!

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Zeb Northern souls across the floor, thinking, mmmmmm I know who'd love this shit.

Tony-Wilson, dance with me you sexy slut!

Zeb mash potatoes

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LostMyMind wanders through the mashed potato littered streets for his daily release from his room


Hmm. It appears that i blacked out at just the wrong time for the fun and I missed it all yesterday. What a shame.


LostMyMind scoops up some mashed potatoes from the street and begins to eat it while he wanders off into a dark alley down the road

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Zeb shuffles up to LostMyMind and removes the needle, replacing it with pie and koolaid

partayyyyyyyy wooooo dance my brother.

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You know I love a bit of northern soul...well northern anything really.

Just dont grind on left a stain last time
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Wearing shorts over his pants and three layers of shirts for added protection, Nutmeg was finally ready to enter the party in the streets that had been raging for days now. While there weren't many people here, there were enough booze and tranquilizers to keep three or four exceptionally large elephants buzzed for a solid month.

So what's going on here, exactly?

However now that it was Monday, he wasn't sure if the party was even still raging or if everyone had left. The one or two stragglers could just be the really committed party-goers, but Nutmeg wasn't one to leave perfectly good pie lay on the streets uneaten. So picking up a couple of them, he tucked the sugary goodness into his arms and slowly began to walk off.

Party on, guys.

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LostMyMind notices a strangely dressed man come to the party and begin to steal all the goodies without busting a move.


Sir. This is a dance party, not a steal all the goodies party! Oh wait, I know you. You are the shop owner who just walked by me in his shop and ignored me. In that case. You need the goodies, you bad bad man.


LostMyMind allows Nutmeg to go on his way before rejoining Zeb in the middle of the street, chewing on pie while dancing sporadically to the same song that has been playing in his head for days now.

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OliverQueen is out on patrol and sees a bloody mess of human body parts and mashed potatoes everywhere.

My goodness. It appears to me when this Zebedee fella throws a street party, He really pushes it to the max. I wonder if he partied his way right out of this mess.

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He had both heard massivle amount of noice from a place right behind the street he just walked dont by and also some youngsters told him that there were a big party going on that they were about to join, he himself turns around fast and walks faster away from the place since he just now didnt wanted to be near any big party but he also hoped that those in there had a good time.

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Zeb moonwalks across to OliverQueen and sticks some 'arrows in his quiver'

boogey babeyyyyyyyy!

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The streets are full of celebration. However, no one's attention is given to the abandoned alleyway save for its only resident, a local drunk, who is leaning against the cold brick wall, mumbling to himself. Before these events, there was nothing special about the alleyway; honestly, it is entirely unremarkable. It starts... the scattered trash and papers blow around ever so slightly, but there is no apparent wind nor breeze to coax the material around. Without warning, sparks and bolts of electricity fly around and fill the air, blacking the surfaces that they touch. The alley wall is full of unnatural light. The drunk is dazed and begins to urinate himself, shielding his eyes from the blinding light. 

As quickly as the phenomena began, it promptly ended, with a *THUD*. All that remains as evidence of the event are the randomly distributed scorch marks, the staggering drunk, and the staggered naked man climbing off the ground and wandering into the streets.

Germanicus Julius Caesar is just as confused as the drunk in the alleyway; one minute, he was in dispute with Piso in the Eastern Provinces, and the next, he found himself, who knows where or when?

He stumbled into the street and is confused by the architecture and artificial light illuminating the streets. A car flies by, blurring its horn as it almost hits him. He is attracted to the sound of partying and celebrating; he sees in a distance a peculiar figure yet welcoming figure; he approaches ZebedeeMcZebFace,

"Ubi ego sum?" 

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Zeb hot potato's his way to @Germanics and gives him some 'disco biscuits'

have 'ego sum' of that my boy!

now dance, dance, dance!

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