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LiveWrong Presents. Started by: Lance on Jan 13, '21 16:06

Lance had worked hard to cultivate an image of being a winner.  Countless hours spent training; first as a triathlete, then as a cyclist and finally as a walking pharmaceutical advert.  It took a lot of work to look as rough, rugged and awesome as he did with the rigours he put himself through.  With the fame and fortune he had accumulated by being the most awesomest, mono-bollocked celebrity in these seven cities. 

Literally, tens of people knew him solely as Lance but Lancelot Evergreen Armwrong was about to make a name for himself in this fledgling entertainment industry he saw evolving ahead of him.

He had sat down with focus groups and all the same responses had come back:

Lance is a winner, everything he touches will be a success.

The same focus groups had come back with the quintessential name for his entertainment company

LiveWrong Entertainment

Lance stood in front of  a gathering of dignitaries, godfathers, goombas and everything between.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to welcome you to this, the opening of the first dedicated entertainment company where you, the license paying public are the stars.  We have a selection of potential ground breaking programming that will titillate, infuriate and inform in equal measure.

We hope that this will be the start of a wonderful friendship between you, the watching public and our sponsors.

Lance pulled a curtain down to show the offerings of his newly founded venture.

LiveWrong Entertainment Presents:

  • Unprofessional MafiaChef – A cooking contest where our contestants battle it out to be crowned the Unprofessional MafiaChef of the year and with it the prize of $10 million.  With guest appearances from the culinary masters like Tammy.

  • Keeping Up With The Canadians – A series following our strange northerly cousins as Indifference starts his can’t-be-arsed adventures in bold while Foamy, his trusty nut-hoarding friend hunts out the stash of family porn...or is that the family stash of porn?

  • 72 Hours In Los Angeles-  A series where we follow the great people in L.A and reveal the deep dark secrets of that particular Lunatic Asylum

  • @Dick Grayson - A Sidekick Story - A heartfelt documentary where we get an insight into the trials and tribulations of being a hand. (Foamy's idea)


The application form for Unprofessional MafiaChef is here


The details for 72 Hours In Los Angeles is here

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Lance glanced at his researchers and assistants.

“Who got DickGrayson’s name wrong?  I want to fire someone over this.”

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Indifference looked at Lance.  Something was amiss.


"Perhaps you found more than Foamy's porn stash.  It looks as though you maybe found my beer stash."


Indifference looked back at the boxes piled 7 wide, 4 deep and 16 high.  It was hard to tell.  Lance's sloppy typewriting skills were telling the story, though.  He was starting to formulate a drunk-winged conspiracy theory in his brain...

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Tony being Canadian couldn't resist the new show Keeping Up With the Canadians and was curious to find out more about this show and see how many sorry's will be said in the show. Tony expected a bunch of apologies, maple syrup, ice hockey, and poutine here and there within the show. 

Tony approached lance and told him: Eh, this looks like a great show eh!

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"No doot aboot it, Tony_Alacchi."


Indifference crawls out of his igloo as he sips his Tim Horton's coffee.

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Tony had noticed his Canadian friend, because we Canadians know each and everyone of us on a personal level, at the local Tim Hortons. Sipping on his hot coffee, he wondered if indifference would join him in a swim in the frozen winter lake since Canadians all love the insanely cold waters for some odd reason.

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