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Current Regime, a reflection, a discussion. Started by: ThomasCrown on Feb 24, '21 18:58

Thomas Crown sitting atop his building at Times Square, with his legs kicked up on his table. A Cigar in his mouth and his favorite glass of scotch next to him. Was just pondering about different things, always a ton on his mind. From how he was going to interview his next guest, to the shipments he was responsible for, to the current environment in the Cosa Nostra. To say that Thomas did a bit of thinking would be an understatement. He was always very methodical and meticulous. Always desired reasons and statistics to back his presumptions and projections. Whether it be business or otherwise. He was also a staunch student of history. He had this thing about going to DickGrayson library in Manhattan and digging up old books. It eased his mind a bit. Just learning about the past, some of the things older ancestors of the Cosa Nostra did. How they handled certain situations. It always intrigued him, it gave him a certain introspect into their minds. Its probably the biggest reason he had started his interview series. As he looked thru some papers on his desk, he got further into this thoughts, taking a deep puff of his cigar and then putting it down to wash down the smoke with a sip of his scotch. He picked up his pen, scribbled some notes and then got out his chair and walked over to the window behind his desk. 

Some of these numbers would really blow your mind! 

He exclaimed. Not crazy or anything. He tends to blurb out words sometimes. Was a part of his thinking process. As he looked outwards into the city. Overlooking the hustle and bustle of it. People on their grind, cars packing the streets endlessly and the sirens of the emergency vehicles around the city. He scratches his head. Took another sip of his whiskey and got back into his chair. And continued to finish the scribbles he was putting together. In due time he was done. And decided to run down the street corner in front of his building. He had something to say, so he looked for a soap box, kicked it over and jumped on. 

Hello, my fellow mafiosos. Hows everyone doing today? Hope business is good. 

He stopped. Looked down, smiled. And took a puff of his cigar. 

Let me correct that, I know business is GOOD

As everyone around him started to giggle a little. 

Alright, with that said. I was thinking. And going thru some old notes I had dug up in Dicks library. Went thru some old accounts of old Cosa Nostra history and was just analyzing the numbers from now. And I came across something, that isn't necessarily surprising to anyone thats been paying attention. However, it is a outlier of sorts in our history of Cosa Nostra. 

Thomas gets off his soap box and starts to walk around the crowd of mobsters that had gathered around at this point. 

So first things first. Lets talk about the huge army of button men walking around. I would say, that we have never had so many button men wonder these parts, unlike ever before. Which obviously is a sign of a bustling Cosa Nostra trade and a credit to the current regime. 

Thomas digs into his pocket and pulls out a paper he had scribbled. 

Godfather - 13
Don - 58
Consigliere - 22
Boss - 31
Capo - 41
Made Man - 19
Wise Guy - 168

He looks back up and starts to reiterate the numbers. 

So 13 God Fathers. Which isn't all that much, considering we have 18 districts and only 13 titles so far. That will get filled in time I am sure. So that number isn't all that telling. Most regimes will eventually touch this number. Its the top of the food chain, there is always someone to fill these roles. 

He looks down again and runs through the numbers again. And then looks up. 

What is something that sticks out to me is the 58 Dons running around. And I say this with the highest respect to the men and women that have earned this title. Don isn't just given to anyone. Only the highest and the most trusted mobsters will eventually earn this title. Which again, speaks volumes about this current regime. 

Thomas looks down at the list and reads some more. And hops back on his soap box. 

So another 22 consiglieres, 31 bosses, 41 Caps and 19 Mades. All high titles in the mob. All highly respected individuals. Whats interesting though. Is that we have just as many button men as Wise guys in this thing of ours. And obviously as time proceeds, some of these individuals will earn the right to be called Button Men. This however speaks to the back bone of the current Mafia. We are as strong as we have ever been.

Thomas stops, take a puff of his cigar. 

So with that, I started thinking about the the prolonged success and stability of the current regime. Its no surprise to anyone, who's ancestors were involved in the revolution. Or someone like myself, who was basically asleep in the old country. That the last regime was to say the least, ruthless and limiting. There were purges, there were wars. There were removals every day. To say that business was unstable and dysfunctional, would be an understatement. I mean I remember when, the God Fathers got comfortable shooting their own CL's and then leaving the districts barren. Their goal was never about progress or prosperity. But simply about holding power they had ascertained. Which I mean, works for some. But makes progress almost a exclusive privilege. Not inclusive, like the current regime. 

Thomas takes out his flask and takes a swig of it. To wet his throat a little.

With that said. I think we have only seen a few regimes that have allowed the Cosa Nostra to grow like this. At least there are only a few that I found in my research at the library. For the first time in ages, some bloodlines will see the rank of Don, God Father and even Chairman. All well deserved. Dreams are being achieved, dreams are coming to fruition and upward mobility is an all time high. I mean, ask me. Ive been in the property acquiring business for a bit now. The prices have sky rocketed. And that speaks to the booming business at hand. I think the overall money supply in the Cosa Nostra economy is almost at about 3 billion dollars. Thats pretty high. For a avg number. So in all good things are happening. 

Thomas takes a deep breath as he continues. 

However, with such expansive business, stability. Also comes a moment of plateau. Now, as I said before. Me personally from the registers of my forefathers. Have never seen anything like this. Something like this doesn't get built without immense trust at the top. And tons of gratification among the mobsters themselves. Because if the last regime taught us anything. Just because the bosses are happy. Doesn't mean the mobsters are. Alas here we are. A utopia of sorts. There are still goals that have to be realized. Still peaks to be reached. We haven't reached a moment of saturation per say. There is still more to come...

Thomas stop. Takes a look at the crowd that had gathered. 

However at this point. I wanted to ask. What do you guys think about all of this? And my question isn't just tailored to the Bosses, and I welcome all to speak here. Bosses or mobsters. What do you make of this period of prosperity? Some would say its boring, the stagnancy is. Others are bathing in the byproducts of the economic boom. Whats the general feelings here? As my assumption is, the lack of rogues. Is basically a signal of the mobsters being content. Otherwise, there is plenty of fire power out there. To cause headaches. Yet again though. Here we are basking in the glory, of a regime. That maybe perhaps the Zenith of our history. 

Thomas steps of his soap box and gives the space to the next speaker. 

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Evening, Mr. Crown. It's great to see members of the community out here trying to spark discussion, so my kudos for that. 

I know there are people who thrive from the chaotic thrill of war, bloodshed and murder. I expect this period will be... unfulfilling for them. Personally, I enjoy these times as it allows space and calm to engage with our community more. Explore the events and activities only made possible with time and... well, breath in our lungs. We've seen a number of challenges and competitions set by the community, I enjoy seeing what people are capable of administering.

I believe that we shouldn't waste the time we get when we reach a plateau. It's the opportunity to build on relationships with our crew members and implement whatever comes to mind when we think of the life of a goodfella!

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So you want opinions? Very well.

Personally, I think this regime is as self-aggrandizing as this speech is.

We have room for 5 districts in each city, yet the constant ‘expansions’ - most without cause or explanation - speaks volumes to me. I mean, let’s be honest here; a scorched earth expansion is simply a mass purge with a fancier name and a soupçon of implied reason. 

You speak of trust, but that really only extends to those of us with other-worldly, mostly “numbers” based connections.

With four of the six cities now headed by known “numbers” mobsters, also heavily populated and headed by affiliates and fanboys thereof (RIP LV & LA), most of which were - at best - minor cogs in the removal of the previous regime, the current system smacks of nepotism and cronyism. Is that really something you should be bragging about?

Or how about we discuss the activity levels of those at the very apex of this thing of ours? Average, low and extremely low for the three most powerful mobsters in the biggest, most aged cities. Awe inspiring, I must say!...

I know this response will do nothing except call forth the uber loyal to defend their imperial masters with the hope of proving their worth to lead another dummy city, or mark me as suspicious and eventually cause my demise, but I’ve given up trying to work in any capacity because of the futility of putting in more than a modicum of effort, so I’ll continue to just keep quiet and do nothing in the hope that eventually this regime will revert to type with their usual tactic of outside bullying and doctoring other-worldly photographs.

I expect there are many in the same boat; the ones not in the directory of the “numbers” telegram service, so to answer your call for opinions - this mass congratulatory back-patting is as shallow and hollow as it is unmerited... in my opinion.

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I do believe you have miscounted the number of Godfathers, perhaps you forgot TylerDurden.. They've been roaming the streets for so long they should surely be recognised. Particularly when they're more active than some of the others of that standing.
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Thank you very much for being the first brave soul to come out here for this discussion Mr JackMezzo

He gives Jack a firm handshake with a smile. 

I think I will respond to your words in two parts.

Thomas walks to the center of the crowd as he starts to speak. 

So firstly, I am by no means here to be a proponent for instability, war or bloodshed. It is very much a part of La Cosa Nostra, but its a necessary part. Not so much the basis of it. The basis of our business, is And the business is BOOMING. Hence, why I spoke of this Regime as perhaps the Zenith of some of our past history.

Thomas takes a deep puff of his cigar and offers one to Jack. 

Also, if I may add here. Something my ancestors learned and from the words of someone very smart, that my great great grandfather had the pleasure of knowing. The Hand to the Chairman said "If you start earning the reputation of a blood hound, you will eventually be put down as one". Hence, why I am no proponent of blood. And also, understand that it is very much a part of what we do. War is bad for business though, that goes without saying. The previous regime showed that in 'live and dead color'. 

Thomas laughs a little as he paces back and forward a little. 

Now the second part of this discussion, is actually why I wanted to start this discussion. Some leaders, are very much like hotel owners. They house people, they will help some people. And are at times less than interactive, to say the least. Now this is not a shot at someone, just previous experiences of my ancestors. However, there is no one standard leadership style. Everyone is very different. Everyone likes different flavors, its what makes the Cosa Nostra a diverse community of sorts. 

Thomas stops and looks around the crowd. 

With that said. The reason, I wanted to bring this discussion to light. Is to offer the mobsters that maybe bored, these different avenues that they can explore. Avenues that perhaps they may not have been able to before. Like you said, building communications and relations is a big part of this. Not everyone likes to communicate, and it is a very intricate part of what we do here. Without communication there is no organization. And we are very much in the business of organized crime. 

Thomas start to pace a little again. 

Now to go along with that. I loved what Mr Harison was able to do with this bowling tournament. The whole of Cosa Nostra took part, and I think we all had quite a bit of fun with it. I think others have tried similar ventures, but did not get the same kind of feedback. Others are just afraid to venture down that road. 

Thomas walks over to where Jack was standing. 

This is why I welcome your input very much. You have given some tips on how to progress forward, in times of a booming economy. Where things may seem like they have hit a plateau. And realistically talking, this is more of a graduation of sorts. From just going thru the progressions of your daily affairs, to now building relations and friendships. That help grow the basis for the Cosa Nostra. So for that I thank you very much for your response here Mr Mezzo, your reasoning is always top notch and much appreciated. 

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Thomas walks over to where Max was standing, after he had pointed out a prominent member of La Cosa Nostra. 

And you are absolutely right MaxHardcore, how can I forget about the God Father of Delaware. He seems to be a prominent member of the Cosa Nostra these days. The turf of Delaware is certainly growing, there is no doubt about that. And Mr Tyler and his organization deserve their due respect among these parts. And the Cosa Nostra always welcomes them with open arms. Whenever they dawn upon these parts. 

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Thomas takes a moment and jumps back on his soap box. 

So I want to add something else here. I have had mails sent to my office with responses to my initial speech. There are some of us in the Cosa Nostra, that are a bit too shy to actually come out here and speak their words. As to the reasoning for it, I do not know. 

However, I will say this. If someone is 'shy' to speak here publicly. Feel free to send me a mail or mails to my office. Or a anonymous credit with your message. I will more than gladly share your comments, concerns here with due anonymity. 

Thomas starts to open one of the mails he had received earlier. 

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Thomas Crowns starts to open one of the anonymous mails he had received. Wasn't a cheap delivery either. He pulls out the letter and starts to read it out loud. 


- Why with all this peace, growth and calm. Do we have on these shores, more than three hands with less than 15 days of work experience. Even though there are 50+ Dons around. Why is that? I understand trusting your hands is important. However shouldn’t a crew leader equally trust a member, who has obtained Don (even if primarily granted, for hitman advantages)? If not, is the rank effectively diluted and superficial? Are promotions, just being given to string along members to a certain extent. But yet can't be trusted to fill the roles of hands, and yet are given the honor of Don. While in some cases, non Button Men serve as hands? Is this what a Don has become a title with no trust?

- I also wonder why so many leaders on these shores have minimal presence. Godfather/Godmother are no exception. Shouldn’t the top dogs set the example?

- If the shores are so tranquil why aren’t more districts being filled or opportunities being offered to those who’ve put in the work? Why keep hands that barely even show up to work? Isn't it on you as leaders, to build your crews and develop new hands. It does reinforce certain aspects to this discussion.


Well then!!!

Thomas exclaims. As he takes a deep breath. And looks around. 

Any leaders that want to take a stab at this? Since this doesn't really pertain to me. Not being a leader and all.

Before Thomas gets off the soap box. He just gives a shout out to the mailer. 

Also, Thank you. To whoever you are! Mr/Ms Mobster for the questions/comments. Your input is certainly appreciated. 


Thomas steps off the soap box, giving space to the next leader, willing to answer this anonymous mobster's mail.

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Mr. Seymour, I'm going to tread on Mr. Crown's toes here and address your response as it raises something I'd like to talk more about.

Self-aggrandizing as it may be, I'm not against people taking pride in their work and ensuring that people know who was responsible for it. If you don't then someone else will take the credit. Though I don't appreciate egomaniacal overlords or senseless goading, I believe it's fair to have a boast about an achievement, if it is such.

Which is where I'd like to use your comments to request further input from the community, as Mr. Crown has. First, caveating the a few points;

There will always be life and death in this thing of ours. In most cases, it will never be the fault of the majority that they have suffered. Only the actions of the few who have the control. So when the day comes that your Wise Guy mother or father takes a bullet, you should carry on their legacy knowing that you really, probably, couldn't do much about it. That's what the challenge of this life is about, getting to the point where you influence the actions and reactions. I also can't comment on a "scorched earth" approach, in my mind and under certain conditions I'd deem it unnecessary, however in this life I've not yet been the one to call the shots on when that is or is not deployed.

So, putting all that to the side for a moment, what improvements on the current state of affairs would prove an improvement on the last regime? Every generation wishes to achieve more than the one that preceded it, so it is only natural we're curious as to how. Accepting that there is a natural cycle of life and death which we work around, what would make a difference to that cycle?

Is it more trust? I wish I was able to speak for everyone when I say that we are placing trust in previously undeveloped relationships, however I can only relay my current experience. Everyone has already heard enough from me about how I value letting younger members explore their potential, however it might be worth noting that Asher's family line and mine have never crossed paths before. In fact the majority of the Philadelphia upper structures are new faces to me, which I consider a great compliment to the trust placed in me by this regime by allowing me to work alongside them.

In a nepotistic system, if it were a utopia, would it matter who is running the show? Clearly it takes some sort of close connection between leaders to maintain a period of stability and growth. If we're doing the right things with that period, does it matter how many "numbers" are involved? Which is where I'd like to know more about what the community would like to see over what they feel they are getting.

Again, speaking only for Philadelphia, there is a clear "One for all, all for one" approach being applied. Individuals unrelated to each other aside from the city they work for are funding the development and protection of others in that group. The benefits are filtering down through the ranks, regardless of history or reputation. That for me is a difference to what my ancestors have experienced, and any positive different, however small, I feel is a step forward.

Seymour, I know we've briefly spoken privately regarding this and I thank you for your response, so please don't feel this is directed at you. I'd like for anyone feeling the way you do to speak up. If we have the time and effort to implement positive changes, tell us how. How can I help your motivation levels to continue in this life? We spend so much time striving to reach these positions, to reach those ideal conditions of peace, headspace and capacity, that we may as well make the most of it. Personally, I relish in these peaceful times as stability allows creative ideas to take off. Boxing, horse racing, literacy events and competitions. Not all... exactly attributed to the life of an underworld mobster, but we're doing the best we can for those that are inspired by this life.

Unmerited as it has been dubbed, how do we change that and make it so we can proudly stand and make a self assessment of our efforts. 

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Hey Jack

how on earth do you treat on a clowns toes?  I mean, how do you know where they are in those huge fucking shoes?

I know i'm off topic here but i'm totally intrigued.


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Good afternoon Mr Mezzo. Many thanks for addressing my response, I appreciate you taking the time to discuss matters with us, as I’m sure many others do. It is genuinely refreshing to be able to respectfully discuss the state of affairs with a high ranking individual such as yourself. I wonder if you would be so kind as to expound upon a couple of questions I have, with regards to your speech?



I'm not against people taking pride in their work and ensuring that people know who was responsible for it.

I agree, it’s just a shame nobody felt the need to take responsibility for the removal of LA and DT, or to explain the reasons behind it.

I can appreciate - as you have mentioned - that you do not call the shots, and are therefore unlikely to have the requisite knowledge to elucidate on the reasons behind the situation, but I do hope the awkward, deafening silence surrounding this issue is not something you would condone, given the above sentiment?


Accepting that there is a natural cycle of life and death which we work around, what would make a difference to that cycle?

For me, more transparency would be a good start. I accept the reaper will visit us all, but without the “why” of it, how can we be expected to improve and avoid the same pitfalls that befell our parents? As an explanation for death was something this regime voluntarily vowed to afford us all, it seems a bit lax to avoid the conversation on something as grand as the removal of 33% of the cities in the country.


...if it were a utopia, would it matter who is running the show?

Again - agree. That would require someone to postulate that we are indeed living in a utopia, however. Is that what you wish to posit? If so, why the need for restructuring? Or is it your contention that it is now a utopia because of the restructuring?



Once again, I would like to thank you for coming out before us all to discuss your thoughts of the past and visions for the future. I do appreciate the time you have afforded me, and the greater community.

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Of course, I don't mind expanding on this with you at all. Apologies in advance if I go on a bit.

I find it appropriate to comment on reasons for war as a responsibility to the aforementioned 'blameless' members of this life who were just trying to make an dishonest living. In many cases, I know that the kin of those that represented the losing side will often reconcile with the aggressors behind closed doors, or at least seek some form of closure from those who know "why".

To be blunt, yes - they should know why their parents took a bullet, if for no other reason other than as a learning exercise. Remember, it's strictly business, how do we do better next time? We should however, not forget those who maybe are the first of their generation to walk these streets and may struggle to understand the cycle we live in. They, among others that are just trying to make that dishonest living, while climbing the ladder toward a coveted position of insight, should be informed as to what political misstep occurred to result in the murder of their family. 

I respect and value the individuals I work with within the upper structures of the country and understand that they have their own issues to deal with, but those are my feelings on the matter. I don't have a problem telling you that I did enquire into the reasons why regarding Detroit and Los Angeles, and I did question if there was going to be an announcement, however was advised it was being handled elsewhere.

I hope this covers your first and second questions, Seymour. In short, I agree in a learning environment and that there is a responsibility expected of those with the information behind decisions of war. This is while fully understanding that there must be a cycle of life and death, and that not everyone is going to be happy about it...

Your last question is a great question, and bloody difficult for me to answer. I've tried to find a way to not dodge it by saying 'it's not my decision', however that is the truth of it. I am a captain under a Godfather I respect and trust, and so follow my orders when given to me. Do I advise when consulted? Yes, gladly and respectfully. Would I have done things differently over the course of the last few months? Sure, there are things I might change, people I might spare. That doesn't mean to say it would have been the right thing to do, or that I might be alive today as a result of my inaction. I don't think I'd ever know what might have been though. We're all still learning, I guess.

What I can say in the hope it is helpful, is I was willing to trust the established regimes a month, two months, ago long enough to pull together and launch some pretty time consuming events. Some which lasted for up to a few weeks at a time. I would only invest my time, effort and money like that if I felt we were in an environment where it would be unmolested by the complications of war.  

My role for the meantime is fixed though, and as long as I'm not a key decision maker I can only make safe judgements as to when is a good time to invest into the community. I'll aid those judgements and this time of peace as much as I can through diplomatic engagement with the leadership groups across the country, as it's in my best interests as someone who finds value in these plateaus.

And of course, in the interest of remaining alive...

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Papua hesitantly walked up to the box as Jack had finished his speech and had departed the stand leaving all by standers and the address youngster to ponder on his words. As he took a sip of Dutch courage he ascended the soapbox and started to orate


I do believe Don JackMezzo is much more of a worthy orator than myself but I do believe I could make a humble contribution to the topic and give some ideas that I have from earlier but also potentially add on to mr Mezzo's.

As he nodded ThomasCrown who had provided the platform and was attentively listening he began to speak in a low but articulate voice that would carry distance without being obtrusive or kill his larynx before he finished his speech was over


Unlike some of the powerful people currently running local operations, districts or even cities my kin have not graced these shores for eons, my first ancestors only came to this world a little over 5 years ago. After some very short lived career my 1st ancestor earned his badge and even was allowed to take the LHM position to a man known as big_al. Shortly after getting this esteemed position my ancestor was killed along with nearly every member of the organization he was part of. His son knew not what to think, and talking to some of his father's friends who were outside the organization he knew it was not personal. Being young and certainly not aware of the politics at high level places he didn't go on a path of revenge but rather followed some of the journal entries of his father and absorbed any of the lessons of more established gangster from long lines of criminal activity.

This son lived for a long duration and died tragically in the middle of a large war by an ancestor of Jack. His son however knew that the two men had respected each other very much, and knew that the war had made these men fight out a personal battle but that the survivor was surely a respectable man. After knocking the door of the newly appointed godfather the son was given job and even without asking was given information that piece together the cause of the war in which his father had died.

Papua pauses for breath

I'm sure there are numerous stories of respectable gangsters who have taken in kin of their previous rivals, they know that this community does not attract enough talent to shun youngsters for the actions of their parents. Many of us have a parental death before we are even allowed to drive a car, or even finish kindergarten. This is hard to all of us, yet as mr mezzo points out it is the cycle of life in light of the paths we chose to take. 

Yet what is there to learn for youngsters whose family member was shot before they were able to make a name for themselves, before earning a badge of trust by any organizational leader out there? How can one learn from dying in their sleep to only witness their kin from heaven to suffer the same faith? Well in my opinion reading old speeches in the streets could be one of it. Some of the more known gangsters have left public entries of their journals, should you have issues finding them, surely your own crew leader or a more senior member of their leadership could provide you with directions how to find them. Or rather ask them if they would in private like to share journal entries from their own ancestors. Often big wars, big betrayals or big triumphs are there for those willing to listened and learn from history.

Papua smiles and nods before stepping off the box

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- Why with all this peace, growth and calm. Do we have on these shores, more than three hands with less than 15 days of work experience. Even though there are 50+ Dons around. Why is that? I understand trusting your hands is important. However shouldn’t a crew leader equally trust a member, who has obtained Don (even if primarily granted, for hitman advantages)? If not, is the rank effectively diluted and superficial? Are promotions, just being given to string along members to a certain extent. But yet can't be trusted to fill the roles of hands, and yet are given the honor of Don. While in some cases, non Button Men serve as hands? Is this what a Don has become a title with no trust?

- I also wonder why so many leaders on these shores have minimal presence. Godfather/Godmother are no exception. Shouldn’t the top dogs set the example?

- If the shores are so tranquil why aren’t more districts being filled or opportunities being offered to those who’ve put in the work? Why keep hands that barely even show up to work? Isn't it on you as leaders, to build your crews and develop new hands. It does reinforce certain aspects to this discussion.


So since, no one really took a jab at this. I will to some questions here. 

First question, about Dons being trusted and fulfilling slots as hands. I think a lot of this comes down to trust & comfort. I am sure everyone of the Don's around is trusted. You don't get that title till a God Father deems it worthy. Its not something a CL can just bestow upon you. So inherently that title comes with a bit of confidence from your city/district. And that requires expanding your wings past, just being a good solider in a singular crew. 

Next up. The GodFathers/Mothers not being around as much. See, this is how I see this. And everyone has their own opinion about this. You don't get to GodFather or Chairman, without putting in your time. There is a lot of work required to get to that point. By the time anyone gets there. You are seasoned, well versed in the business and above all, have learned the art of diplomacy and communication. Without all those underlying expertise, odds are you will never see that title. And even if by an off chance, that title does fall into your lap. If the person, isn't well versed in those expertise, odds are the person won't hold that title long. Being the head of the organization requires a bit of seasoning. Its rarely given, usually earned by some long hard hours of work. 

Also, as I stated earlier. Because it takes so much to get to the title of GodFather and Chairman. Most of these heads, usually leave the day to day affairs to their under bosses. As they should. A lot of the time they delegate. And usually at that level of power, connectivity, involvement. Realistically talking. Their biggest value to the city or districts is usually communication and networking. If a GF is crappy at that. Odds are they wont be there long. So from my perspective. Whether your GodFather/Chairman shows face a lot or not. Odds are they are so much more involved in the working behind the scenes, which usually doesn't meet the eye. And as a GodFather, discretion is everything. 

For the last bit. I think we have seen this regime have a competition in LA. When the space was available. We also, saw that LA was never really all that well developed. So the opportunities have been given. As for the folks running the districts now? As I said. No one gets to that level of responsibility, without a bit of work. Responsibilities like that, don't just fall into folks lap. Now can one district perform better than another? Absolutely. A lot of it comes from the organization of the leadership. Also comes a lot from the mobsters. Like for example, and I don't know this personally. But just because old LA wasn't developed, doesn't mean their leaders were undeserving. Sometimes, you just don't have the mobsters to carry the city or district the way you want. Is that in part a fault of the leadership? Absolutely. At the end of the day, anything that happens in the crews, does reflect upon the bosses. Hence why, being a Button Men is a huge thing. An associate can make a mistake and get away with a compensation sometimes. Button Men, usually pay the ultimate price for mistakes. Such is the way of our world. So in essence to answer your question. Opportunities are usually given to those that have earned it. Not because they are liked or know mobsters. Im sure the latter could be the deciding factor between actually getting the job. However, the work is the underlying basis. Everything on top, is just extra work that you have put in. Whether that be networking, communicating or building relations. 

As for grooming hands that are more active in the daily affairs. As I touched on this a little earlier. Its probably down to comfort and trust. Not just solely trust. And if a Crew Leader, can't develop a worthy hand. I am sure that will be reflected as such. And scrutinized, like you just did Mr Anonymous. 

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- If the shores are so tranquil why aren’t more districts being filled or opportunities being offered to those who’ve put in the work? Why keep hands that barely even show up to work? Isn't it on you as leaders, to build your crews and develop new hands. It does reinforce certain aspects to this discussion.

I only want to take a small element of this, but based on what my own family line has seen, and some current numbers, I believe I can shed a light on parts of this.

Gangster - 61
Thug - 10
Civilian/Petty Thief - 51

[Numbers from most recent City hall census]

As a practical matter, this is the effective maximum number of un-crewed. Sure, there are often a few random un-crewed earners/wise guys, but the number is usually a single digit. Furthermore, to be realistic, the vast majority of the gangsters are also crewed, as well as some number of thugs and petty criminals, meaning that there are probably less then 50 un-crewed at this moment. The question "why aren't more districts being filled or opportunities being offered to those who've put in the work?" is somewhat disingenuous. Of a certainty, inactive, or nearly inactive, hands should be evaluated, and potentially demoted in place of active members of a crew. But the districts are "full", or at least as full as they can get without more expansion of the population of this little thing. there are no 30 man HQs that are full, and only 2 with less then 3 empty spots. For all practical purposes, the districts are "full". minimal point of opening more HQs unless either the existing ones begin to fill up, or City hall decides to remove the barriers around some of the closed districts.

Development of new talent is always part of a process that is partly dependent on either growth of Cosa Nostra, or turnover(which is to say, War). So some delay in that process should be expected at the moment.

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As he joined the group discussion, Nick gave casual nods as his eyes naturally met some of those present. He noticed a few different lines of thought had opened up and took in each piece of mind with an open, non critical one. After news broke Mr. Crown was on a mission to pick the brains of some of the more prominent members of their society, he'd kept light tabs on the New Yorker's street presence and his own appearance was in line with that.

When a break sprung, Scarfo added his thoughts to the concern of activity levels to no-one in particular yet as a general addition to the group synergy, looking casually yet confidently at those that cared to listen.

"Sometimes this life ain't all there is to the world. Sometimes you needa stop and listen to something other than jail cells being busted open and the background noise of timers goin' off and sometimes you just have no choice but to focus elsewhere. I think it's healthy, and maybe even necessary the further up you go. Plus, it gives opportunities for others to step up and show their worth.

And I think a person's character should be more telling of their contribution than the hours they spend seated at their desks. Time, it's just an illusion anyways. A clock can't tell ya what it can't speak of."

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There are so many nuances being missed out in these conversations that need to be drawn out.  Too many people talking in riddles or avoiding some of Seymour fine points. 


But lets put it straight, what is being alluded to here in this discussion is the lack of pride and accountability, there are crews filled with Gangsters that have been in some sort of zombiefied/or coma state since November last year. There is a crew leader who has no hands coming up for a week now and comes out of of their bedroom and steps into the HQ for maybe 1 hour per day.


All of this is being allowed to happen, there is no pride in this thing of ours right now, there is no holding others to account. Our ancestors would be turning over in their graves looking at the state of this thing of ours.

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Gunther was concerned by the outcry that he was seeing by a man he had not met, MaxHardcore, about another man who he also had not met. Simply enough though, he felt something needed to be said about the situation.


"I'm a stranger to the person you're referring to and can't speak to their defense on a personal level, or help you in damning them, but I will say that the things you're saying here are skewed heavily. A crew leader with an age beyond that needed for the tittle of God Father has had time to do things, earn trust, and impress those that gave them the authority to set up. The accountability you're referring to is in place, the person you speak ill of, was placed in their current position by a person who earned the tittle of God Father. What you're doing is choosing a snapshot in time that makes them look unfavorable and inflating it severely."


Gunther paused for a moment.


"What I'm trying to say is that, though someone appears to be aloof, does not mean that they suddenly loose all credit and accolades they've earned over their lifetime. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please."

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Gunther you are making the same mistakes as everyone else, focusing on a single point made within a greater topic. When people are trying to draw attention to what appears to be a wider problem within this thing of ours.

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Gunther grinned at MaxHardcore and nodded his head.

"The fact that you feel I'm making a mistake along with most of the points you have made here, are your opinion. I said what I felt in response to what you have said. Simple as that, not drawing focus away from anything."

Gunther placed a hand on his chest.

"Please feel free to explain to me what exactly is the 'wider problem'? Ask anyone, I'm not the type to tip toe around a topic or draw focus away. I'm willing to listen and share my opinion just the same."

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