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What does being Made mean to you? Started by: PeterMcNeil on Mar 13, '21 03:43

For those that have received their button, for those that are hoping to get it, what does it mean to you as a person?  Is it a sense of personal achievement? Is it a sense of loyalty being rewarded?   Or is it just another step on your families eternal progress to something?   The button has, and I'd assume always will be, a rank that is sought after.  A prize to be gained for many, some not always so fortunate


I'd be very interested to hear from the opinions of those who, through diligent record keeping, managed to retain some of their ancestors diaries.  

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Interesting topic. I have given this a lot of thought lately. So there are a few answers for me and it varies on situations and circumstance so be patient with me a little bit.

Currently, I am Don. When I had been promoted to Made Man, for me it was like a sense of loyalty being rewarded. I got to be feel like I was trusted to represent my crew leader as a Made. And I take that a bit to heart.

My ancestors previously would have to determine if they truly felt anything for their leader. Sometimes it was just a stepping stone to make more money through organizing crimes throughout the country. Sometimes it never felt like anything to them.

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It means I done made someone happy.

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ShaynaAmherst from my own ancestors diaries I'm often at odds about what it means.  I've seen entries at the start of our families careers where Made Man was the pinnacle of achievement, where there had never been a Godfather, and anything beyond being Made was a dream for the majority and then other entries whereby it was just granted as a matter of course due to time served.    Even during, let's call them disputes, the absence of a button could mean the difference between surviving and being taken out anyway as part of a scorched earth policy.

I'd certainly agree with you that it is about being trusted now, there feels to be a lot more trust in this thing of ours than there was in these old dusty parchments.  The desire is that always plays out for the best, in the past sometimes not, but I do like how that trust is a key factor in business.  It makes everyone money that way.

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Interesting question - I apologize for the late response on this as it was created over one month ago.

What does being made mean to me?

1. It should be the ultimate achievement.  As a made member, you should be a true member of a borgata and the untouchable so to speak.  No one should be able to put a finger on you in the life without your boss' okay.  If anyone does, your right to retaliate and kill the attacker should be automatic.

2. You should be able to have people report to you.  While as a "made guy" some list them as just a soldier - and while that's a true rank title, they are bosses within themselves, whether having territory in a specific neighborhood or having a crew of their own associates. 

3. You have the first step to settle disputes amongst associates.  If an associate on record with you has an issue with someone else, you sit down with them.  You should also be able to collect protection money from anyone who is NOT made.

There's so much more than can be said for this level, but it's more than what I think the game permits.

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Bernie made his way to the street corner for this conversation, interested to shine more light on the subject. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver flask, promptly taking it to his lips and drinking from it, before inserting it back into his pocket.

Fortunately, when I arrived to this country, I arrived with an extensive box of diaries, and what a fascinating drunken read they are. With these diaries, I've read many different things;

In some cases, being made and making your bones wasn't worth it. I read one instance where the sole requirement to reach Made Man was to give the boss 10 million dollars. At that point, is it worth getting the promotion? Or are you just buying it?

Bernie reached for his flask and took another long drink.

To me, that's not what being Made is supposed to be about. Becoming Made, getting trusted with one of the highest accomplishments in your family, should mean more. You are becoming a member of the family. You are now on a level higher than their siblings, higher than even your mother or father. It's a common thread I've found among the diaries, "If your mother were on her deathbed, and we called, who would you choose?" If you're accepting the role of Made, the only choice is your Don. It's not a question.

Bernie nodded in remembrance of a day of highest importance to him with Chong.

I would say reaching Made is a pinnacle of sorts. Don't seek it, and don't accept it, if you're not going to do the rank justice. You're not just betraying yourself, you're betraying your family. It's an act of supreme loyalty.

Bernie reaches into his pocket for his bowl, wraps his hand around it, then runs off down the street.

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Shoresy had a little time to spend in the streets since he was skipping out on leg day.  No one does leg day.  


"Made?  It's up to the Crew Leader to decide what it means, since they are the ones doling out promos.  I've had kin in families where being made means jack squat really - it's a sarcastic wink because you already have an expiry date on you.  I've been in families where I donated millions, stayed loyal, reached level 40 and killed more than 10 gangsters per day - and it didn't get me anywhere.  I've been in a family where I reached 25 drug units on the 70th day and I was immediately made.  All completely different scenarios - but something I didn't really have control of.  And that that it is - I don't put a lot of thought into it, to be fair..."


Shoresy looked over at Wayne waiting for him to chime in, but he seemed to be busy letting a Puppers marinate in his gullet.


"Being made for a leader like Wayne is an honour.  He's a leader that puts a lot of work into his family and crew.  So - I try my very best to reciprocate.  Acknowledgement of that reciprocation is what I appreciates about him.  Also, he has a hot sister."

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After the storytelling hour and the puppet show, Olivia was ready to head home. Her little legs were tired, and her arms were tired and her face was tired. It was exhausting being a cribinal. She stopped to rest for a second or two before she and Mr. Bear made their way home when she heard the discussion happening. "What do you think they mean, Mr. Bear?" she asked, before getting off the bench and moving a bit closer. She knew she was made because when a mommy and daddy love each other very much... 

She lost her train of thought when Shorsey stopped speaking, "It means I'll be growed up." she told them, having politely waited her turn. "Mr. Lucas says I'm too little to do much, but I run real fast, and sometimes I sneak all quiet like and no one sees me." She pointed to Bearistotle and introduced them, "Plus, I have Mr. Bear to keep me safe. Or Rodger. Or that other one that smells like liver and onions." she said with a grimace of disgust. "Right now Mr. Lucas keep me safe. And Mr. D keeps the cherries stocked a shelf I can reach. But maybe one day when I'm growed up, I can keep them safe." she smiled brightly at them, "Ok bye bye, its Mr. Bear's naptime." she said with a wave before climbing on the bear's back and giving him a pat. "Nap Time, then snacks!" she said to her bestest friend in the whole wide world, as they headed towards home. 

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Carmine listened to the discussion after he had said his part.  He was not only shocked, but also in pure disgust.  In Sicily, being made, or a man of honour, meant something in his town.  You went your own way - and handled your business by a different code.

While first he noticed the response from "dddda", he responded directly to that statement.

"I have to admit, this does seem the case.  Unfortunately, the way the structure of this world seems to be - it is in fact not very difficult to obtain that ranking.  I recall some statistics of our thing as of now"


I then reached into my pocket and pulled out the piece of paper showing the statistics


Godfather - 8
Don - 36
Consigliere - 26
Boss - 36
Capo - 20
Made Man - 9
Wise Guy - 95
Earner - 46
Goomba - 88
Gangster - 76
Thug - 21
Civilian/Petty Thief - 55


"Now let's make sure I have this correctly.  We have a total of 135 made members of our thing.  Of these....8 Godfathers....36 Dons?!  26 Consiglieres, 20 capos......and only 9......made men....."

Carmine took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

"Pardon my strong opinions, but this is clearly more bosses than there are soldiers.  While I understand many do not agree with my viewpoints - mostly out of fear of change and narrow minds in my opinon - and only my opinion....a Consigliere is supposed to be an advisor.  In New York alone, we should have no more than 5 bosses - period.  Who are these people being dictated to?  A capo?  I have to agree with someone else who stated they're for show - because that's exactly what this shows.  There is no form of organization here - and quite honestly.  These statistics are laughable at best.  Sure, we have 286 associates, from various ranks, but many of those ranks are passed through very quickly."


Glancing over to Shoresy


"Yes, that does seem to be the case.  But unfortunately, from what I can see it looks as though being made has been largely watered down.  If anyone simply bought their button - they should be shelved immediately along with the individaul who went about that task.  Or, if not, then they should not be recognized at all.  Work must be put in.  How do you know the individual isn't an undercover cop?  Do these individuals get groomed?  There's too much involved here.  The way this thing seems to work, is none of it matters.  All too often, people bring up back door societies who operate - these rankings are irrelevant then.  The true power must be those who operate in other discussions.  Oh how sad.  Glorified button pushers is what they are then."


Carmine took another deep breath and continued after delivering this response.


"There needs to be a standardization of what being made means.  I've said it again.  And you need to have defined rules.  If you don't have them, then all we are discussing - many of us here, who mention 'mafia' or 'our thing' are purely shouting hot air and truly don't know what the hell they are talking about....Our Thing truly has rules that everyone knows and obeys....but unfortunately.....this "thing" we have here is just king of the hill with a time clock.  Nothing more...."

With that, Carmine said his last words and walked off into the night.

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What does being Made mean to me?
The long and the short of it, it means everything, and it should mean everything. However being Made in one crew and being Made in another isn't always equal. Would I put the same value in being Made in a crew run by SpikeS as I would in a crew run by someone like Alexei? No, those aren't equal, those aren't even in the same decimal point.
I think the devaluation of Made has been well documented by better speakers than myself, but I would love to see this regime make changes, and make Made something that is to be proud of again and not just another rank.

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Clearly, a promotion from SpikeS to Made is the far more valuable one, given Alexei's Great Eastern Bloc Fraud. Thank you for reaffirming my high standards.

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Oh of course one would not want to take into account someone's past actions. Everyone knows SpikeS is the pillar of our society with his harassment of countless females. Yes folks let us bask in the harassment aura of SpikeS.

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I have never harassed any females, and it's highly inappropriate for you to try to make such a gross claim. Additionally, I have been taken exclusively for almost four and half years. I have not discussed your personal matters here, and do not wish to. It would be very immature, just as your attempted slander is.

I have not made any claims against you or Alexei's person, outside of the straight fact that Alexei's line was part of a massive financial fraud. I have not discussed your own line's disciplinary history, but you are the one that mentioned my name in the first place, in a negative manner. I suggest you watch your mouth though because it seems you're either ill informed or simply trying to slander. I am sorry you are jealous of my clean record.

But on the actual topic here: You and I both know, I wouldn't promote someone easily... I probably would shoot them if I found them sketchy before promoting them anyway.

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Well it would appear that things went to a slight tangent, although that does spark some additional debate which cannot be a bad thing.  Assuming that YourFavoriteSpikeS and ThymeBalm have put their individual comments to bed then I'd love to hear from anybody else who has thoughts on their 'button'.

For me it is so interesting how it changes over time, over the decades, looking through journals I can see where it was a prized position - and then one just randomly handed out after a set time. 

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Personally, I think made should be the height that you have earnt trust, have contributed in many ways to the family and the fact i would put my reputation on the line, through the actions of you being made under me.   Sadly the realism is we live in a world where if you don't screw up long enough, some crews will promote you anyway without hesitance.   It feels almost like a game that people want to reach the next level and rush up the ranks in competition with others at stages, even if they still do not understand the world we live in, methods to improve themselves, or a basic knowledge at stages.

This week I talked to some of my own crew as I have only elevated hands previously, as people i trust.   Despite some of their families being here for a decade, no one had talked them through much of how our business works, yet some had reached high ranks.    So sadly to me the rank means more depending on who it comes from especially if i have not worked with the family line before.   Different crews are going to have different ways of judging, so although I take some pride when I get that badge.   It doesn't mean what it once did to my family line.

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I will get a step further even, with the recent war, I was asked by a made from a family whose leader had fallen could i take them in.    They hoped to stay alive, and rebuild, but sadly I looked at them and said, you're made, you have attained a rank that stops any protection generally.   If you join me, it will be just prolonging the inevitable, before I put a bullet in you.

A few minutes later the person died, but the idea a person who not fight for their family when the leader has died, after being made by that leader, said, made meant very little, is that what I wanted at the time to be bargaining when I die also.   I understand loyalty is a two-way thing and it is a difficult issue to judge sometimes.   However, if people won't put their lives on the lines when you will for them as a leader, maybe the made system is broke or the candidates we gain.

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I appreciate your honest input.  But unfortunately I cannot help but think the system is indeed broken.  You have to have a reason to be made - there's no set status - if it is not the same by all of the borgatas, then it isn't truly "made".

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Yeah, sadly I sit with the Jack Mezzo idea that you don't have to have all your members as Made or above, Staggering and limiting ranks may not be the most motivating to all, but can be useful to separate people out or make them raise their standards.   If they are unhappy, they can talk to me.   It is just hard sometimes to have something that balances loyal, knowledgable hardworking people getting rewarded, and working within guidelines to retain citizens in our cities sometimes.

We want to see the population rise, but we don't want just anyone being Made, Don, GF sometimes, if we don't have any trust in them.   I understand some crews are blessed with more talents than others, while others like myself nurture skills. as part of a long-term goal, but the truth is, there is no perfect system.

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There isn't a perfect system.  But I am of the belief that not everyone should be made.  If I have 100 people in a room part of this life.  20 should be made and no more.  Maybe things improve, and say 20 people are recruited to replenish the 100 - we would make 5 more - maybe 10 more.

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Well, we all know. if we took say 30 people in, even after recruitment in general long before made, we will have people who retire from our legitimate businesses, people who just disappear in inactivity, and fail to succeed in our rolls. and then different people will pace themselves at different rates or have objectives they want to complete that take longer.

Made used to be something people aspired to more when it took longer and was a rare achievement,.

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