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Mayans MC Parking Garage/Clubhouse - LA Started by: Angel_Reyes on Apr 02, '21 21:05

Two bikes are set to the side of a large metal gate with a Mayans logo an the words 'Mayans MC' under it two Mayans in leather Mayans jackets greet whoever comes to the gates an identifies them before letting them past the gate when the gates opened it reveals three buildings two large ones an a small one on the left. The first large building in the center is a bit smaller then the one to the right but the building sign reads 'Mayans Clubhouse' an the o in the word house has a leg sticking out of it with fishnets an a high heel on it, as for the larger building on the right its sign reads 'Parking an Repairs' with a tiny wrench turning on the s of the sign making it face at an angle. The Parking garage had four large garage doors an could hold up to 24 vehicles inside was the sound of mechanics hard at work but on the out side a line of motorcycles are parked up an a couple cars are in the front of the parking garage serving as parking for Clubhouse members. The Clubhouse itself when the double doors open a large runway is visible with a stripper pole on it an to each side of the runway had booths for anyone to sit an watch further in the clubhouse a large bar with stools an to the right of the bar a hallway leads to bedrooms for Clubhouse Members, an a ladder leading to the roof where games of pokers are played by a bunch of different prospects from different charters around the US. Lastly but defiantly not least is the small building on the left the official name is Angelo's Mayans MC Dive Bar, its a small dive bar run by Angelo during his free time not managing The Clubhouse an Garage. 

Angelo walked into the clubhouse an smiled walking past the beautiful women walking them as he headed to the bar an looked as the prospect behind the bar. He pulled the stool up the bar an closer an sat still tossing his pack of cigarettes on the bar after taking one out an lighting it after he took an blew the smoke out an looked at him.

"Steve get me two shots of tequila an a beer"

The big prospect behind the bar shuffled around quickly getting him the shots an a beer.

"Thanks man"

He took the shots an smiled at Steve. 

"To great friends, an everlasting loyalty"

He got up with his beer an cigarette an headed to the front gate of the turf he had an wanted to share it with others so he told his two guards on the front gate to open it up an let people in for a quick explore as long as they are associated to a family.

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Rosalia's Duesenberg pulled to a stop outside Angel_ Reyes Motorcycle Club.  She was curious as to how each of the new Associates had invested the starting revenue they had received. She pleased to see that it was laid out much like a compound that would make it easier to defend if the need arise. She liked seeing people think ahead.  The fifteen year old stepped from the backseat of the car and walked up to the club as if she belonged there noticing some looks from Angel's prospects but ignoring the looks  as she walked up to one of the men . 

"Do you know where I can find Angel." Her gaze was void of any emotion as the prospect returned her eye contact. " I am not going  tell you nothing  girl. What's a girl like you doing here anyways?"  He said snidely to her as his eyes seemed to sum her up. Rosalia took a deep breath she was  getting tired of people treating her like a child. Regardless of the fact that she was one . 
You can either tell me where Angel is ." she paused and her pupils narrowed seemingly changing from the dark brown they were to  black.
Or you can go tell Angel that The Little Saint is here to see him. Either way I will be seeing him here soon. She turned away from him and found a several stacked boxes to lean against.  You must be a new guy or you would have had me in contact with Angel long before we got to this point. As her words sank into  the air the  prospect left to tell his Boss of the haughty young girl that was asking to see him. 

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Angelo was on the back patio enjoying a cigarette when a prospect came up to him seeming pissed off an then spoke to him.

"Angel, Hey man some little girl walked in like she owned the place claiming to be some little saint"

The prospect did air quotes mockingly.

Angel sighed an stood looking at him. 

"At let me guess you treated her like a girl too without any respect for her name?"

The prospect sensed the tension building. 

"What do you mean she is a little girl she shouldn't be he-"

The prospect sentence was interrupted by angels hand cracking on his forehead leaving a spilt in his eyebrow where his ring was on his finger that starts to swell an bleed a little.

"Idiot, Don't talk about my Jefe again or it won't be this friendly."

Another prospect rushed over to help up the one on the ground.

Angelo walked in through the back door of the clubhouse walking through the hall past the bar an sees Steve

"Steve, get my Jefe a nice cold glass of chocolate milk she might be a bit upset."

He walks into the front lobby stripper lounge he seen the small Jefe leaning on some boxes an walked right up to her offering his hand.

"Hola Jefe, Please this way lets get you out of this part of clubhouse an somewhere with something for you to drink."

 as he did walking behind him was two prospects an one was the one with the wound on his brow he looked at Rosa an spoke.

"Im sorry Little Saint I promise it won't happen again."

The silent tension that followed was broken by Angel.

"Yeah I had to get a bunch of idiot bodyguards to be around to protect me they really don't know that they are here for just that sometimes, Now both of you go trade with the guys at the gate" 

He said pissed at them then smiled at her leading her to the bar where Steve the prospect had already finished pouring her a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.




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Rosalia smiled and greeted Angel as he offered his hand. She placed her small in his and pushed her self off of the boxes she had been leaning on.  Her eyes grew wide as saw the new wound on the prospects forehead, she averted her direct gaze as he apologized for his misunderstanding. Angel spoke up before her she thought to break the cold silence.  

"Bodyguards are never the brightest are they?" She turned back to the prospect as they were leaving," Thank you prospect." Her words were quiet. She then turned her head towards Angel her eyes bright. " So, Angel I heard you had some cold chocolate milk for me?"  

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He smiled looking at the bar where the prospect had set her drink he pulled out the stool in front of the drink for her an he sat in the seat next to it. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes an set them on the bar pulling one out an sparking up sliding the ash tray to the other side of him away from his Jefe.

"Steve this is my Jefe, The Little Saint of Santuario. Jefe this is Steve a prospect an bartender, he is the source for any your chocolate milk cravings in the clubhouse. Also he is way more respectful then any of the other prospects around here that's why I made him the bartender." 

Steve averted his gaze from her eyes when he looked at the little saint looking down a bit he was trying not to upset her.

"Hola ma'am, thanks for the complement angel but some of the other guys know way more about showing respect an all that stuff then I do."

Angel sighed an spoke.

"You gotta stop being so humble man, the other prospects didn't think to refer to as ma'am when she came in. An even your smart enough to lead someone looking for me to me especially if they already gained entrance past the gate, Anyway enough of the nonsense I hope you enjoy the chocolate milk Jefe." 

He said smiling at her.

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Rosalia sat in the sat that he had pulled out for her.  She appreciated that he moved his ashtray away from her the smoke burnt her nostrils. She grasped the glass of milk and took a long drink. Satisfied by the icy cold chocolatey milk.  She was content with putting the incident behind them  it was in the past anyways. 

"Well met Steve, and I have to say your chocolate milk is the coldest in town. " She turned to Angel," Fine choice for a bartender. Maybe we can have Steve  tend our crew parties ? " She raised an inquisitive eyebrow  at Angel her eyes bright.

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"Yeah of course, I'm sure Steve would be more then happy to be a part of any party you host even as the bartender."

Angel looked at Steve. 

"I know I could just tell you to do it because your a prospect but I'm asking you could you do that for me? anytime the Jefe has a party an needs you to bartend could you do that?"

Steve looked anxious at first but he wanted to be apart of the MC so he wanted to take this as a opportunity. He smiled an looked in the little saints eyes.

"What angel said is true I'd be more then happy to bartend at one of The Santuario's parties."

Angel smiled an smoked his cigarette blowing the smoke away then putting it out.

"That's great Steve, thanks I will put some extra in your pay every time you do."

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"Ah that is great." A bright smile covered her face. She took a sip of her chocolate milks then set the glass on top the bar. Rosalia then  pulled outa wad of cash and handed it to Angel. 

" I would him like Steve to bartend a party for tomorrow." She grabbed her glass of milk and took another drink then looked at Steve." That is if you are available for tomorrow I have a special party planned for tomorrow."

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"He'll will be there Jefe, he has been working for me everyday I let him take weekends off but he still shows up an I end up letting him work anyway."

Angel set the money on the bar an looked at Steve.

"Could you give me a shot of whiskey Steve? an what is the party tomorrow for?"

He asked looking back to Rosa.

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"Great that makes me happy. I was worried who would bartend the party tomorrow. " She took a long drink of chocolate milk then set the empty glass on the counter. She nodded and smiled sat Steve as he gave her a fresh chilled glass of chocolate milk.  "Thank you Steve."

She turned  towards Angles her shoulders square to his. Although he several times her size the stool she sat on put them at nearly equal heights. When her gaze and Angel's were connected she smiled and suddenly grasped his shoulders.  

"Tomorrow is a big day for you Angel. You are going to have your Made ceremony. Your hard work and presence has not gone unnoticed and it is greatly appreciated."

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He came back to his MC after a great day finally becoming Made an also being prompted to a LHM he made his way to the roof an got drunk an gambled with a bunch of prospects. He laughed the night anyway telling jokes with his bodyguards.  

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