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Aug 01 - 14:12:29
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Quit stealing. Started by: Babydraco on Jul 14, '21 15:29

Peoples names..


Whoa nelly hold your horses people.  I witnessed this happening to someone a few months ago she was harassed relentlessly till she changed her name Because "someone else uses that name".  Then this just happened to me last night.  Someone telling me to stop stealing names. 



There is a feature in the game where you can reserve a name you do not want other people using.



If a person uses a name and the game does not say this name is reserved  then a person can use it. 

Stop this dumb harassment of players. You have no ground to stand on when you do this because of the Reserve Name Feature. 


DO NOT let anyone tell you can not use a name. 

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Hey Op:

Stop this dumb harassment of players

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Yes,  Charlotte that is what I am saying thank you for reiterating my point. 

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These baby rage posts are always a great way to keep yourself entertained. 

Would you like to speak to the name police? Perhaps a manager? 

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Some one called me? What did I do now...?

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@Dr._KennethNoisewater That is funny coming from a player who  I believe is also  Staff ( I could be mistaken on that staff role of yours) and should making sure people understand that if they don't want  someone using a name that they can reserve it. 

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I know the salty ass snowflakes around here bore me also. 

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Lmao. I rate you 0/8. Move along.

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Good thing your ranking of me means nothing when I go to bed at night.


Not my fault  You all don't like the truth spit. 

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I think people are aware of how reserving names work and don't need you to tell them what they should and shouldn't do. 

These posts are entirely unnecessary and frankly a waste of time and space. 

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Obviously not if you have people over the span of 6 months harassing players to change their names. 

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It is my time to waste as  I see fit. If you don't want to waste your time with them then stop going to them. 

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Maybe they just don't like you. There is an ignore feature for a reason, you are welcome to use it. 

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I made my point no need to follow this and make comments to people who are dedicated to misunderstanding the point. 

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Run along then. 

Not my fault  You all don't like the truth 

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At what point do these, "discussions" just become spam? 

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Don't like  what I see and get told then show other behavior. 

If you people take offense to my posts when I don't say any particular persons name that is on you for taking offense and you obliviously do or would approach it  like an adult instead of someone with the mentality of distraught teen who doesn't like to hear anything unless it agrees with their ideals. 


I have respect for you till you come at me  like some 12 or 13 year old on the playground.

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Aren't you the one who threw a public tantrum in the streets when people pointed out the flaws in your rogue thread?
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I Know this is drifting off the topic for this particular thread but personally I did not see it as any 'flaw' in the rogue thread that people were simply reluctant to discuss it. In fact if you watch it there was a very good post there by a rogue explaining a lot that i found very informative, after that last roguedemic we just seen the last week or so. 

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