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Advertisement: Lets promote our product! Started by: Tombstone on Sep 14, '21 19:54

The camera zooms in and out on the screen showing a man, sitting on a horse, holding a bottle of Coca.

Thirty years ago a cola drink removed the cocaine from the ingredients! We know how much you missed that so we have created a new drink it's called Coca! In all major retailors right now! Go on... Snatch a Coca!

You need to remember to get down to the shop after work, your very very thirsty. The next advertisement starts to play...

Dinkys! Dinkyyyys! Dinkkkysss DOEEEEEEE NUTS! Hello there Officer! We have the greatest selection of DINKYS speciality doe NUTS! Get em hot, get em sweet helllll just get em right now!

Now you're hungry and thirsty, you're starting to feel like it might be in your interest to turn off the tv when another advertisement starts up and the strange flashy lights immediately hook you in...

Hello, you look like a betting man and what does a betting man really need? A new suit! That's what! So in partnership with Shovels Bookmakers, we here at Tombstone Inc. have you covered. Whatever suit you need we will deliver!


Just come to Tombstone Inc., get your suit, then start betting next door at Shovels Bookmakers! 


There is no dress code, we just like you too look your best!

Time to leave work right now, you need a Coca, some Dinkys, a new suit and to start putting your hard earned cash on some horses.


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Come on down..

To Tombstone Inc. 

Our new clothing range is in earlier than expected. Check them out and see if you would like to own one today!


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Trust us! We offer free, confidential help and support to anyone who’s worried about their – or someone else’s – gambling habits.

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