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The Complacent Corrosion of Conversation Started by: AmeliaGato on Nov 22, '21 16:29

Amelia had taken to walking the streets with cotton wool stuffed in her ears these days. It wasn't so much the bickering, or the poorly constructed speeches that had made her try to avoid them all together, but rather the fact that most of what was happening were short bursts of shouting, insulting and just boorish behavior that frankly was giving her secondhand embarrassment for those involved. Sure, she had stopped and listened occasionally, sometimes she even spoke. But weeks had gone by and the childish retorts continued and thus Amelia had taken to stuffing her ears to avoid having to hear any of it. It was possibly not quite the reaction those involved wanted, but it what had happened. And she wasn't the only one that she saw wandering around with their ears covered, avoiding certain corners and just sighing if they saw certain people step up onto the soap box. 

While waiting for the traffic to slow enough to cross the street, a group had caught her attention. She wasn't one for big fancy speeches or having everyone pay attention to her, or at least she pretended as much. But she recognized those across the way and she just started getting more and more frustrated, the fact she couldn't hear a damn thing didn't make a lick of difference, she had to avoid a place she liked visiting because they were too lazy to do more than fight like school children. While waiting to cross, Amelia was getting more cross, and by the time she was able to march fully into the area of the streets so many used to frequent, she was ready to fight. 

"Shut up," she screamed, her voice echoing through the streets, pigeons startled from their roosts and taking to the air cooing their offense at this. Amelia stood there, shoulders heaving while reaching up to pull the cotton wool from her ears. She was expecting a cacophony of sound, but was pleased to realize her shout had done the trick. 

"Does anyone even listen anymore?" she asked, as people started to move closer trying to figure out why the short fat woman had screamed, "Has the bar dropped so low that its easier to trip over it than it is to raise it up and expect people to behave like adults and use their brains for more than a sentence?" she asked those gathered. 

"And more so, do Crew Leaders just not give a flying fuck about the words those who represent them speak?" she asked, "Honestly, if I dug around in my journals that some of you all tote around referencing, I could find that the very first ancestor who landed on these shores was killed for making a terrible joke in the streets." she shook her head, "People are actively avoiding this place, they're mocking uppers, they're not impressed by your pontification or your 'ignorance is bliss' stance that some families have seen to take." she shook her head. 

"I'm all for an active bustling community, but when its an endless pissing contest with the tiniest fucking dicks I've seen in my life, well its just not really worth it is it? It's being overlooked and ignored, it's driving people away, and so you end up with an echo chamber of stupidity, which really does speak volumes, far louder than anything I could yell." 

Amelia couldn't remember if she'd done so yet, so she ruefully shook her head. Perhaps earlier she had done it sarcastically, who knew. No one was paying attention anyway, the lads had their dicks out again waving them around and the clever woman forgotten, whilst the "Look at me!" gents had sword battles. After all was said and done, Amelia let out a deep breath and clenched her fists a few times to hide the fact hat they were shaking slightly. Not from fear of being shot down for her slightly disrespectful words, but rather she actually did quite hate having that much attention on her at once. 

Finding a discarded soap box, she sat down on it and waited. Either for her death or for someone with a brain to comment. She wondered how long she should give it before giving up and stuffing the cotton wool back in her ears and being like the majority and not caring. 

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AmeliaGato - you're ignoring the contests, discussions, and the facts that nobody has been on the streets in these numbers for a long time.

But instead of hiding behind allegations ante up and name names.

Otherwise you are more guilty than those you allude to.
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Ms Gato, apart from some of the more colourful metaphors you have used, I find myself in agreement with you. I have allowed my desire to ensure that good and decent folks do not fall foul of you know who's scams to overshadow my goals and in the process become almost as bad as the subject of my derision. All I can say is that this was never my intentions, and that I simply wanted to prevent some poor fool from being taken to the clearers or to be used and abused. 


I'll just go back to ignoring him, and hope that the community as a whole polices his activities instead. Hopefully the streets will once again come alive with the sound of laughter and conversation.

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Dr_Kenneth comes running towards the sound of doctor business. Flashing his prescription pad from his coat pocket he addresses the small, very small, but growing crowd. 

I heard something small, flaccid wieners and felt compelled by my hippo-cradick oath to come help these poor fellas. Just form a neat and orderly line and we will get you all the prescriptions you need to help out, down there... 

With proper usage you'll see improvement in as little a 20 minutes. If you experience anything lasting over 4 hours, well you're on your own. 

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After listening to AmeliaGato rant about street standards, Sammy decided to weigh in.

"I whole heartedly agree with most of the things you are saying, but unfortunately in this thing of ours every family is like a business. And its members, customers. The minute one city leader takes it upon themselves to clean up the streets, they lose apart of that 'market share' that would be family members. It would take nothing short of a decree from the commission themselves to change the attitude around it."

He stopped to let his mind catch up...

"My goal is not to let this into some sort of hit job on the way things are, but I remember when mafioso in the streets kept the things of myths and legends as stories to be told as fiction, and not non-fiction."

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Squirrelly-Dan had been annoyed with some people as of late.  In fact, it had indeed kept him from the streets. He looked down, realized his beer gut inhibited him from seeing how tiny his dick must be - but figured he must be good for a solid 2.5.  Nonetheless, he chose this day to peruse what people were saying and he came across some interesting dialogue from an old family friend.  


"Good day Ameliagato . I wanted to commend you for coming out here and making my neurons fire.  As a mute crew leader, I must admit I feel rather privileged to be enlightened by such a professional street presence.  Now, I myself have come out here and readily admitted that some people just ain't worth it.  I still believe this, but I must admit that its very essence contributes to a deadened street presence which you so despise.  So - let's converse..."


Squirrelly-Dan rubbed his scraggly beard thoughtfully...


"What in the blue fuck is is exactly we're doing out here?  Dick measuring? Grandstanding? Gloating? Inflating one's self worth? writing a fucking book that I'll readily admit I'm not likely to read? Debating?  Conversing?  I mean, I dunno what is acceptable street lingo anymore.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Let's chat.  Have your people call my people and we'll meet up."


Squirrelly-Dan was interested and stepped down from the soapbox.  It was time for a beer.

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Don Dan, you have dedicated two speeches to me.

Without me, and with all due respect, your street presence would be medium.

So I ask you: why aren't you my friend? Have I not been generous to you?
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Goomba Keating - I never mentioned you once.  I was just conversing with the inimitable AmeliaGato.  Carry on, find someone else to talk to.  My hangover has already caused my brain to hurt.  It doesn't need to be worse than it is.

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