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Team Writing Contest - Info and Sign up Sheet Started by: Nicola-Trevisani on Jun 01, '22 10:32

Greetings and Salutations, in an effort to get a few more people involved in the threads of this world, and also rid myself of some more perks I am putting on a writing contest.

The premise is simple - if you sign up your name will go into an imaginary hat and I will then divide up the users into teams. Once the teams are formed, a writing prompt will be given to each of you, as well as an overarching theme to the story you are to write. You then have 1 month to get the story on the street and mail me the link for easy tracking. 

Basic Information

  • Contest will run for the entire month of June, ending 11:59PM game time on the 30th
    • Any post after this time is disqualified from the contest
  • Anyone is welcome to sign up for this contest, regardless of their writing skill
    • When picking groups I'll make sure to balance them accordingly
    • Happy to help with advice or editing for any threads or posts (At any time, not just for this lol) 
  • If you or I should perish before the contest ends, but the entry has been posted the prizes will go to next of kin 
    • Good news Toby- you get to send perks to people again! Woo! 
  • Any trolling/efforts to derail or stop the contest will result in being ignored and removal from the contest
    • I am old and grumpy thus have little to no patience so keep that in mind before being an idiot
  • Cheating/Site rule breaking will not be tolerated and will disqualify your entire team 
    • People who report cheating with proof will get a high five
  • Man I fucking love bullet points, they're so great
    • Any complaints can be directed to my inbox where I will ignore them for several days due to who I am as a person


Prizes will be distributed before the end of July. (Look at me learning from the last contest and setting proper expectations) 

Depending on the number of teams/people the prizes will be announced post sign-up. I can state with absolute certainty the prizes will be 95% Perks, possibly 100% depending on how saving credits goes (See, look once again managing expectations!) for the month.

If you would like to donate to the prize pool please let me know - the main goal is to clear up my gifts page as much as possible, but I'm happy to allow JENerous individuals to sweeten the pot. 

Perks on offer: 

  • Instant Named Bodyguards
  • DFP Stacking (60 Days) 
  • Pick Pocketing Perk (30 Days) 
  • Super VIP
  • VIP 
  • Organized Crime Proficiency Perk (30 Days) 
  • HQ Attack Proficiency Perk
  • Hustle Hangover Cure Token
  • Pied Piper
  • Police Bribe (7 days) (Wackback Death Save) 
  • Corrupt Agents
  • Quad Corrupt Agents

Note: Quantity of each possible perk is currently unknown due to team size being unknown

Are you still with me? I know this is longer than 50 words, so well done on sticking around! 


  • To qualify each team must post at least once per user using their prompt/theme as best they can 
  • Additional posts carrying on the story will provide additional points
    • Write more for more points, seems simple right?
  • Threads and posts must be in the street before July 1st 
    • Feel free to write it up in back alley and then move at 11pm game time 
  • All completed entries need to have the link mailed to my account before the July 1st
    • Mailing signals that you are done and I can begin scoring
  • Any posts added from users not on the team do not count towards scoring
    • May consider bonus points if there is high engagement from outside users depending on what/who it is
      • A shit post from your buddy isn't going to help you, no matter how many friends you have
      • Stop rubbing it in my face that you have friends
        • *Cries* 
  • Posts must be at least three sentences or 50 words long 
    • Thats right, I'm being anal because I'm running this thing
  • All dialog must be clearly marked with " and " because I'm not going to deal with just italics/no italics. 
    • Its skill and content, learn proper grammar (No one call out any of my grammar errors in this, I'm only being judged here, not scored)
  • Arguing about your score/prompt/prize will disqualify your team
    • I'm doing this for fun, your whiney bitch ass isn't fun ok? 
  • All scoring is subject to my whims and mood on the day
    • Bribes are accepted and encouraged, but may prove futile


I think thats everything. So if you're interested, please confirm below. Cut off for sign ups will be one week from today, so 8th of June. The sooner you sign up the better, so I can get teams and prompts sorted. Before anyone cries "We don't have a month to write!" Its the 1st of June, and it starts as soon as I hit the submit button. 

Any questions feel free to ask just make sure to tag me directly so I know its a query and not a sign up. Do you see all those bullet points? I've used up all of my brain cells for the day and now need to go have a depression nap. 

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I would like to say a very big thank you to the individual who has donated 20 CAs to this contest. Truly a Jenerous offer, if I've ever seen one. But given the amount of interest, and sign-ups closing on the 8th, I am unsure of who to send these back to should this contest never take off. 

Although perhaps I can form a team of one, judge myself and keep all the prizes? Hmmm nothing in the rules about me participating and it clearly states its based on my whims and mood. 

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Now that confirmation has been received that at least 1 prompt will be mafia basketball related, Iron Mike is in! Lets go team mug city! 

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As I clearly stated in main - none of the prompts will have anything to do with basketball or any other sport. 

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Count me in, chief. 

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Im in!

-Jhonny Sketches

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Just a big ol' reminder because it looks like putting the sign up requirements at the bottom of the thread was a mistake since it was too many words, eh Hobbs


So if you're interested, please confirm below.

 hopefully that clears up the issue of where you should sign up rather than mailing me like I'm your god damn secretary. 

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I am in. Thanks for this opportunity to win prizes and such! 

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Count me in.

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Sounds great, I'd love to be involved. 

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As Basketball is banned I'm a willing participant.
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Sure. Why not? What's the worst that could happen on the competitive writing circuit? 

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I don't know the first thing about basketball. Sign me up!

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Sounds exciting! I'd like to participate.

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I'll give it a whirl.

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Please count me in.

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I will join in your contest

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Not done this before, so I'll give it a go
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i love writing sign me up please!

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Sign ups for this contest are now officially closed unless you bribe me properly. 

I'll get the back alley links to your threads mailed out to the groups today, as well as a list of your prompts for the contest. 

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