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Inactive Leaders: Kill Yourself Started by: SpikeS on Jun 27, '22 08:18

I’ve been watching and as always, been judging you. So many mails sent to me about it. So many people even from Italy looking in at this.


Guys, not all of you in leadership, but like come on, a good amount of you, and I don’t mean the ones that would get stepped on if they tried to change the song on the jukebox at the town diner… I mean the ones that have the red leather booth and the milkshakes and the cheerleaders.


You all know who I'm talking to and who I am not, and if you don't, IDK. 



Leaders, in actual power, not placeholder leaders, what are you doing to rally your men and women? What are you doing to entertain your people? What are you doing to socialize? What are you doing to be worthy of the positions you hold? Are you building up city relations with events and cupcakes? Or are you just doing the Twist at home with your close buddies wearing lampshades on your head and smoking the reefer? This is a social world, but once in a while we’ll watch the same select people in leadership swoop in for a few minutes before a RAT dies and then they just head back to their private party… Clearly, just a brief hunt and then fucking off back to the clique hangout. How many mails am I going to get about this…?


I’m not bitching here about purging or how you guys won because you did. All good. But like come on, what are you giving back to the community with your zero to ten or passive ten to twenty hours a week? You’re authing people like that too. Kuku is like the primary one trying to stimulate things and actually trying? Maybe I can help too!


What’s the point of wearing a crown if you’re not actually going to lead and just twiddle thumbs amongst each other?


Don't make excuses. Swap your hands around then. Step down. Do something for the community's betterment. Throw an event! Throw a party, but not just the one in your parents' den when they're out of town for the weekends during the summer! Something outside of your private party. Put in some effort. You can do it. Or you can ask people who know how, but help them do it then. Be creative. Be something rather than a big bad quiet boss. 


You can, in fact, step down. That's for sure an option, to hand it off to someone better suited and more dedicated to the role, but I don't see that happening so...




It starts with... one thing... I don't know why, it doesn't even matter... Anyway as I was saying: 


You ever have a fish tank and just say ehh there’s no need to clean it. Ehh, I don’t need to buy this guppy a new pirate and treasure chest? Oh, there are like white spots on my betta’s fins. She’ll be fine. It doesn’t go well and no one has fun, and the fish all end up dead and belly up. Then the tank starts to smell and you're like ehh I'll fix it next week, but I need to get a hose and then it's next week and you don't have a hose and you're like okay, I'll put a blanket over the tank because it's looking kinda ugly in there so you grab an old ratty blanket and you put it on the tank and it looks a little better, but you still have a shitty fish tank in your room. 


You ever like play a game like one with pieces that you’re supposed to fit together and it makes a whole picture and it’s all cool, but you put two pieces together and you’re like eh, this picture’s done, I can go sip chocolate milk. And then like you have all these pieces on the dining room table and mommy comes home and is like what the fuck this has been out for two weeks and we’re trying to have your aunt over tomorrow and this can’t be here so he moves the two pieces you put together onto a coffee table and you say you’re gonna finish putting it together, but then another two weeks go by and you’re like still just looking at like part of some person’s ring finger and some moss in the background, and the dog comes in and starts chewing on the pieces and you’re like no bad dog and then you come home from school and the board game is just like in the trash outside and you’re like oh well.


You ever like buy a pair of pants and put them in your drawer and then like don’t wear them and time goes by and you’re ehh they’ll still be good next year but then like they end up somehow deeper in the pile in the drawer and you’re like ehh maybe these’ll be back in fashion in the spring but then like another five years go by and you’re like oh I guess I should wash these before I wear them…


You ever like tell your friends you’re going to go to the playground spinning thing and you tell some classmates to like get on it and stuff, and that you’ll push it around, but then you don’t and they all are like hey we’ve been here for like twenty minutes and we’re late for class and it’s starting to rain and Treebeard peed his pants but no one notices because of the aforementioned rain and then everyone gets off the spinny carousel thing and is like ok recess is over and there’s a pop quiz.


You ever like buy an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day and then just hold it in your hand and let it melt until it all falls apart and your hand is sticky and you don’t have any ice cream because you were too busy staring at the sun?


You ever like go to the park and have a frisbee and there are like five hundred people in the park and some people are like jumping up and down and all down to play but you like just hand the frisbee to your buddy and he’s like woah these mushrooms are good this is a flying saucer man and everyone else is all like wanting to throw it but then another one of your buddies is like woah let me see the flying saucer it’s a UFO like the government has been hiding and everyone else in the park is like okay cool but let’s try to make the saucer fly and you’re like oh let me see the saucer so your friend hands it to you and you’re like oh damn I ate too many shrooms and this is like so green it’s like grass does anyone have grass? And everyone else in the park is like ok we’re gonna sit down now on the grass and you’re like no not that grass so they sit on the grass and you pass the frisbee to Treebeard and he’s like caw not a hot dog and you’re like oh ok give it back to me so I can talk to the people from outer space and you talk to the frisbee and say you come in peace and it’s 2 A.M. and the park lights are on and you see the lights and you’re like oh there are more aliens coming to take us away and the frisbee beams up towards the moon and you’re all like woah but everyone else is asleep on the grass or got called back home because they have school tomorrow and you’re going to fail P.E. because you didn’t learn how to throw a frisbee.


You ever like have a deck of cards and you go up to your friends and throw the cards on the floor and say fifty-two pickup and just look at each other and giggle but then like leave all the cards on the floor and eat clementines instead.


You ever like tell everyone you’re throwing a party and invite everyone over and they come to your house but it’s like empty bare to the wall and you told everyone not to bring anything and there’s no candy or pizza or beer or Reefer or anything but it’s your party and you can cry if you want to cry if you want to, you would cry too if it happened to you, but everyone’s just standing around in the corners of the room and someone wants to play pin the tail on the donkey but no one has a pen or anything or a pin and like no one paid the electricity bill for the place so you’re all just sitting in the dark and Treebeard is covered in piss again, but it might be a stray animal’s that wandered in… And it’s just a bad time for everyone.


You ever like have like ten friends in school, but don’t really meet anyone else and you just like eat mushrooms in the woods and laugh at each other and all the other kids are like waiting to go to the museum and the school bus driver is like where are those other kids, we can’t go to the field trip without them and people’s bologna sandwiches are getting too hot and the mayo is turning into liquid and you’re just eating more mushrooms and talking about joining a biker gang but you only have a helmet and the kids are on the bus all ready to go to the museum but you and your ten friends or twenty or thirty in a class of five hundred are holding up the field trip and people wanted to buy some cool keyrings and stuff and learn and maybe try to kiss a girl when the teacher isn’t looking but it’s all just pointless because of the mushrooms and the biker gang and the laughing and handholding and the exclusivity and lack of care.



With that, I’ll leave you with this and keep it short and sincere:



"If you’re in leadership and are finding that you really don’t care, kill yourself. Period. End Quote."


Because zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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As always Spike you use a millions words when a few will do.

I could not read all of the spiel but I believe I got the gist. This is how I would have said it:

Inactive leaders suck, always have. If you don't have the time, step aside (or shoot yourself in the head as I believe you are advocating) for someone who does. This is not a new problem or unique to any crew leaders inactive today but I can whole heartedly support this position.
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"SpikeS name names or go away.

Or fund me to head up a crew and show this thing of ours how it's really done."
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Sooo.... as a result of your usual notoriously slimey behaviour you've been reduced to a pariah hollering shit from the streets about the current regime like a homeless drunk, ranting at the moon?

Doesn't surprise me really.

Do something worthwhile with your life - fly out to the west coast; give me something to shoot.

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Wish, I was showing a little effort. I haven't seen much of that these days, but yes, it can be summed up in a sentence. 

Jaws, how much? 

Clifford, better to have people talking than not, even if it's sparked by a rant of nonsense. It got you here, didn't it? You can shoot me all you like, but I'll still be more worthwhile until you become the big red dog.

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They said fuck the fence sitters. They still say fuck the fence sitters. I guess they are a bit dyslexic because they decided to fuck the fence they now sit on. Plump asses residing on the fence poles that are now lodged deep inside the dark, brown void and, every once in a while, you can hear an echoed moan when once of them twists a picometre. Sometimes, you can hear the joints creak because they ran out of lube to oil their joints. Sadly, the rust has settled in, and the once mint penny has now become a corroded lump of zinc pretending to be copper.


But who can blame them? Fences are nice to sit on. Fences are strong. Fences can support them and their plump butts more than their forefathers supported them. Fences are sturdy. They have now fused with the fences. They are one with the fences. 


One thing is for certain: with the fence poles lodged deep in them, no one in their right minds would dare fuck these fence sitters.

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That's a lot of analogies. You probably only needed one. 

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I would definitely have listened all the way through that speech, had it been about a quarter of the length it actually was. 


Why don't you take a more suggestive approach instead of the bitter, salty, throwing my toys out of the pram approach you're taking here? 

Unless this was purely for comedy, which I'd suggest it's not, you sound like a whiney little baby. 

Admittedly, I'm not the most engaging of hands and right now I have a lot of other business that needs attending to. I am here though and always looking to recruit and support members. My city seem to be doing more than any other right now anyway, so I cant see that I'm leaving a void. 


You on the other hand are doing nothing but spouting shit. Why don't you try practising what you preach? Join a crew, make a difference? Or what might really contribute, is running around like a salty little slut crying about things?

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Make Mafia Lit Again

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I still see many (not all, definitely not all) key leaders and uppers being visibly lazy and not trying and just maintaining their positions and absent and coasting and just existing and members all like oh we're here but not valued and talked to and all like sad and getting disinterested and stuff and all like well if my leader isn't around do they even want to be here and if they don't want to be here why am I here and like I should maybe play checkers because what's the point if we're not part of a community because the community leaders are failing us and just coasting and existing and why did they bother to win if they didn't want to stick around and are they just here to sit on a bench and look at the moonrise and maybe they should just kill themselves rather than fail their members and the community at large if they don't care or want to be here and just want to play hand sock puppets in their private basements with their private friends off in the country side while their cities get tumbleweeds. 


Make Mafia Lit Again. 

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It seems they've finally found the missing piece from Kerouac's original scroll of On the Road. I can see why they cut it from the released version.

Anyhow, you should all definitely play checkers.

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Yes, playing checkers is good and social and you can see your opponent and be like on I'm gonna move this piece and I see that smirk on your face and you're all like uh oh he's gonna jump me and I'm like deal with it and you're all like okay and everyone is crowding around the table and looking at your pieces and you're sweating and it's exciting but then it's over when he gets to your side of of the board and is all double stacked and it's like woah man I can tastes colors. 

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While I don't support the idea of them killing themselves, I definitely think they should step down and give the position to someone who is more active and atleast willing to build up the district or city. If you're unable to regularly keep in touch and entertain your active members who are putting in time, then step aside. 

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I do believe the ultimate goal was to kill this thing in retaliation that they dare speak about. It's not the first time they took this avenue. Just kill them. It would not be difficult. 

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Yeah, probably not, seeing how they haven't done much killing. But you keep telling yourself what you believe as it is your opinion afterall and nobody should be able to tell you any differently. I have no idea if they would be hard to kill. I guess time will tell.

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You put the work in early, set up properly, and let the fresher blood run things while you reap the benefits. That’s way it’s always been, that’s way it’s always will be, that’s way it should be. 

Im no fan of anyone here but this has always been a dumb talking point to me. Participate in the cigar room talks, be active in closed door meetings. There’s no need for the god fathers to be out in the streets still putting in work. 

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Think this was a very good idea first to wake up many leaders that we nearly dont see so much activivity on or something like that. Slways good to kick some ass so some get more active in rats and so on so we have more fun together. And the most important, no more rebuild thanks to this which have been great for a while.

Anyhow its a great time right now and have it the best all and keep up all good work and make sure to spread joy and happines more.
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Pear it was not difficult at all to kill off when it took place 3 months ago. The distancing did not exist. And defense did not matter much at all.

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Ballsy like everyone but 20 people died and the war lasted 9 days. What about it was so under challenging again? Also lot of guns missed due to distance in that one.

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They did a very good job in the roguing and takeover. I would not take that from them, despite the distance thing.

Gold stars and extra credit, but generally speaking, with few exceptions, after like two weeks, things since have been a poor effort.

This thing of ours isn't just about "winning." You can win and have control, but if you have tumbleweeds and the lowest activity in history, you might be doing something wrong. 

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