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Home Again Started by: LucatielOfMirrah on Aug 09, '22 17:26

The woman, once known as Lucatiel, sits in a nameless bar and stares into the aether, an half empty glass of whiskey in hand as she contemplates her past decisions, and the things she came to regret doing. You would not have thought this woman was once a deadly hitman with how pitiful she looked. "Hey doll," a man chimes in, and suddenly four men crowd in around her. Before the leader could get another retort in, the woman unholsters her knives and goes on the assault.

In three seconds flat, one guy had his hand cut off at the wrist, another had his throat sliced open, the third was screaming as he held his stomach to keep his innards from flooding out. The leader had just pissed himself out of pure unadulterated terror. "Who's your doll now?" She says, before he ran right out the door, leaving behind his dying goons. "Tch... barman. Call the cops, these three, er two, need help." She finishes her whiskey and walks out the door, as the barman phones the police.

She sighs, wiping her knives clean with a cloth and sheathing them again. "Made a mess again..."

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Victoria was walking past a bar hearing a lot of commotion.  As she stopped to see what was happening, she bumped into another woman who looked vaguely familiar, "Excuse me?  You look rather frazzled, are you alright?  My name is Victoria and yours is if you don't mind telling."

She was on guard because you just never know who you might bump into and what state they are in.

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"Lucatiel, at your service," she says, bowing on habit to Victoria. She looks around, to see if any cops were on their way. Which they were. A few cars already pull up in front of the bar she had just killed people in. Lucatiel did not look nervous at all, in fact, her eyes seemed to darken, and her grin would widen to the point it would like that of a hungry dog. Her right hand strays to her knives at her belt, as the boys in blue climb out of their cars to inspect the bar.

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She suddenly had a bad feeling when she saw the cops.  She looked at her and knew what happened, "Come on we have to go.  I know you think you are invincible but it's never a good idea to let the cops know who you are.  What are you going to do kill them all.  That's a sure way of having the whole city after you."

She grabbed her arm and motioned her to follow her, "We need to go to our safe house and we can sit down and have a drink.  It looks like you are going need one."

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Lucatiel was slightly disappointed by the turn of events, but the boys in blue would live another day as she follows Victoria away from the scene of the crime. "Hold on a moment, Miss Victoria. Let's see... if you're still here..." See, when Lucatiel was active a year ago, she ran an old business called the Gunnery. On the outside it was a cafe that served the best coffee and baked goods in the city, but on the inside, it was a place where gangsters of all kinds would get their fill of firepower.

She left a lot of weapon stashes around the city. Just in case. She kicks a trashcan over, underneath it is a clearly dug hole in the cement. She reaches into it and pulls out a small duffel bag. "Heh... so you are..." Inside are some wrapped up pistols and ammunition. There was also a sawn-off Winchester with some shells in it. "Would you like some Miss Victoria?" She says, openly showing the guns to her as if it was a normal thing to do in the middle of the day.

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As she watched her pull the guns, she quickly looked around for other gangsters or cops.  This one was a bit crazy she thought.  She truly had no fear.  "She bent down to whisper in her ear, "Will you put them back?  This is not the time to be digging out your old weapons and such.  Do you want an all out war?  Sal is going to have both our heads on a platter.  Let's just come back tonight, okay?  Either you come with me or I'm leaving your butt here."

She looked at her with a stern look and waited for her to come to her senses.

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"Alright alright. Sorry..." Lucatiel says, shaking her head a little to sober up. She puts the bag of guns back where she found them and covers it up with the same garbage can, but not before grabbing a 1911 and two magazines from it. She slips it into the waistband of her pants and pulls her dress shirt over it. "Can't be too careful. Now let's go." 

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She looks at her annoyed, "Now let's go? I've been telling you that for a half hour already." She started walking make sure her new acquaintance was following her.  "The safe house is right around the corner.  Let's have some coffee so we can get to know each other."

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Lucatiel smiles. For some reason unknown, she enjoyed pissing this girl off. "Yeah, yeah. Damn if I knew I was going on a date today I'd have worn a nice three-piece suit and bought a bouquet for you." She says with a shit-eating grin. However, she still keeps her eyes out for any cops or rival gangsters

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She snarled, "Don't flatter yourself, youre not my type.  Hey if you wanna stay out here and get yourself in more trouble than you are already in be my guess I was just trying to help ya out.  Big mistake on my part."  

For some reason this woman was really ticking her off and that was never a good state of mind to be in.  She turned and looked back at her as she was walking ahead of her trying to calm herself down, "You know what.  You're a grown woman.  Go back to killing anyone you see but you will have to deal with the boss, the cops and other families.  You won't last long in this city, I guarantee it."

She turned back around and darted across the street into the park.  She was going to have to cool down and as she went in the park, she noticed a bench.  She sat down on it and reminiced the old days.  How she missed her grandmother.

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Alina was just getting ready to leave the headquarters when the phone rang.  What now she thought.  She picked up the phone to Prince talking frantically.

Slow down Prince what’s up? Where are you?

I’m at the local bar and Alina you are not going to believe this shit.  Your new associated LucatielOfMirrah,  man she just sliced up some mother fuckers and there’s blood everywhere.  I don’t know but the bitch is good.  The way she was slinging that blade I would swear she was trained by  “The Owls”.

OK, Prince listens up.  Just get the cleaners down there to take care of the place. Have them hide any dead until we find out who they were.  Call Phyllis, take anyone hurt to Charity Hospital. Let me know when it’s done.

OK Alina paged the cleaners they are right around the corner.  I will make sure things are squared away.  But that bitch is bad.


Alina hung up the phone.  She hadn’t met LucatielOfMirrah personally yet just knew she had joined the family. She sat back down digesting what Prince had to her.  LucatielOfMirrah must have really impressed Prince if he thought she was trained by “The Owls”, and knew what her occupation might be.

She poured herself a drink because it brought by memories. As she sits down she remembers her last hit.


The set up was flawless; no way could I miss this shot, especially with my modified assault automatic rifle with the silence and perfect scope. So I thought.

 Dallas and I waited patiently for the service to end and the people started leaving the church.  Out came Bellagio, but he was holding a little girl.  What the fuck? The little girl was squirming in his arms.  Dallas started yelling at me “take the shot, take the shot”.  I started yelling back at him I didn’t have a clear shot.  There was no guarantee I wouldn’t hit the little girl, she wouldn’t be still.  Please, please put the little girl down I kept repeating to myself looking through the scope, my heart pounding like it was going to jump out my chest.  Take the shot Alina, Dallas kept saying and I kept yelling back at him to shut the fuck upThe little girl squirmed so much in Bellagio arms he finally put her down, as he stood back up, I took the shot.  I saw the blood splash on the little girl’s dress as he went down.

That was my last job.


The phone rang, it was Prince.  He told her everything was handled but the cops were there.

She’s finished her drink gave Salvatore-Lucchese call to let him know what went down.  

It’s going to be very interesting meeting LucatielOfMirrah

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Sal was sitting in front of his fire place reading a book called mules and men.  Sal heard his phone ringing and answered it.  It was Alina she gave him the run down on his newest recruit and how she sliced up a few guys in a bar.  Sal sat up and listened carefully as Alina said that there connections with the local police are on top of any evidence found.  Sal thanked Alina and shook his head as he recalled meeting her as she was flipping a knife at their first meeting.  

Sal made a call to Whispers to ensure the incident that occured doesn't  blow back on the family and that Lucatiel has a alibi that can stand up in court.  To make a payment to their friends at the state and federal agencies.  Sal smiled as he realized that he has a live one with Lucatiel.   Sal then went back to his book and glass of wine.  

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"Hey miss!" Lucatiel keeps on walking, ignoring the person calling her. "Miss!" She finally relents, turning to see who the hell was calling her. Her luck was great, a goddamn boy in blue. "Miss, we'll need you to come with us." Lucatiel looks at him strangely. "Why should I? I have a meeting with somebody a block over, and I don't remember commiting any crimes recently. Shit, are you after me for jaywalking or something?" She asks with her hands out, still maintaining of a confused blonde. "Can you remove that hat and mask of yours, miss?" The cop asks. "Are you asking or ordering me, sir?"

"Ordering. Some psychopath chopped up a buncha guys with some knives. Said it was a woman with some knives on her. She wore a mask of some kind too." Lucatiel then said, "Hold on. You said this woman had a mask? Then how the hell did you know she was even a woman. She might have been a man for all you know. And if she did have a mask, so what? It's not illegal to wear a mask in this city I'm sure." The coppers present look at each other, now confused and flustered. "You boys don't want to arrest the wrong person do you?" 

Finally one spoke, "No ma'am. We'll confirm the details. Have a good day." Fucking rookies, she says to herself, not showing any sign of amusement at this situation. She had gotten herself in the shit, and the cops would probably arrest her after confirming it was her. Oh what would her old boss think of her now? She turns around and walks away before the cops could do anything.

After making sure she was not tailed, she had to go to HQ. She had a lot of explaining to do, and a punishment to endure, she was certain. 

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There was a knock on Alina’s office door in the Headquarters.  When she told the person to enter it was LucatielOfMirrah who walked in and introduced herself.  She was much younger than Alina thought.  She didn’t think there was any way she was trained by “The Owls” but wasn’t sure.

Hello Lucatiel,  it very nice to finally meet you.  Alina was going to ask if she wanted a drink but decided maybe to chill on that and asked her to just have a seat instead.  

Please have a seat.

As she sat down Alina noticed her belt holster with knives, and what seemed to be a 1911.  Yeah Lucatiel had to have guts, carrying a handgun with the hammer cocked to the rear, its intimidating for most people. She also wore a dark grey mask, Alina wouldn’t dare ask, but wondered what it was covering.

It seems like you had a little excitement today.  First let me tell you we will always have your back.  The cleaners did a excellent job at the bar, the owner is very cooperative and satisfied.   Three of the guys didn’t make it and three others are under guard at the Charity Hospital in stable condition.  I need to know what went down, who these men are so we know what to do with them and the bodies.

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Lucatiel walked into the office and took a seat. "Thank you for having me." When Alina asked for the course of events, she provided. "I was minding my own business, having some whiskey, when this fucker walked up to me and had the balls to call me doll. Four of this prick's goons crowded around me to, I think, keep me from running away. Then, boom, I chopped them up. Their leader ran off though."

Once Lucatiel finished explaining, she became confused. "I'm... not getting punished for this?" She was sure she jinxed herself by saying that, but she would accept whatever decision, or punishment, Alina had in mind. She scratched at some exposed skin underneath her mask. The mask covered the upper right side of her face, and not much else. Her eyes wandered about, nervous and, although she wouldn't admit it, afraid.

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Damn Alina thought to herself LucatielOfMirrah did this because someone called her Doll. It didn’t really matter it was done now.

So you didn’t know that guys? That makes things a little more difficult.  She decided to go ahead and offered Lucatiel a drink which she accepted. Alina walked over to the mini bar made herself a drink and told Lucatiel to help herself. 

 They sat back down with their drinks.

Well I am sure we can pay off the ones in the hospital.  We won’t know where we stand until we find out the identities of the dead men. Salvatore-Lucchese guy Whispers is at the hospital handling the others.  Surely we can pay them off.

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"Sounds like a plan." Lucatiel says to Alina before downing her shot of whiskey. "If they still want to talk despite our offers..." she trails, pulling out the 1911 from her back pocket. "I have stashes of small arms scattered around the city after I set up the Golden Gunnery, for situations like these." She gently places the 1911 on the table in front of Alina. "If the bastards don't want our mercy, I can pay them... with lead and steel."

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Alina just shook her head and laughed, a real ball of fire here.

Just then the phone rang, it was Prince, she places the call on the speaker phone.

Hey Prince what’s up, what did you find out.

Alina we are fucked. That bitch killed Sonny Belo, his brother Albert and put their rival Archie Bishop in the hospital.

Watch your mouth Prince LucatielOfMirrah is sitting me with listening.

Oh hello lovely lady,  I think you kind of fucked up.  The two families were in the bar trying to resolve some of their differences.  Now they think each betrayed each other.  Actually they don't know what to think but definitely looking for you. 

Although we paid the bartender, he has flipped and singing like a fucking canary. They got all kinds of mother fuckers out on the streets looking to find out who and where you are.

OK Prince what else?

Well the whole lot of them is nothing but low life bastards.  No love lost from the community, they are glad they are dead. But they are a bunch of gun slinging lunatics. They want the lovely lady pretty bad.

OK Prince let us get with Salvatore-Lucchese and see how we want to proceed now.  You just hand tight and keep me posted. 

Will do Alina, will stay in touch with anything I hear.  But tell that bitch to hostler those fucking knives.

Alina hung up the phone and turned to Lucatiel.  We are going to have to sort all of this shit out.

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"Merda, that man sounded angry, and it looks like my new friends want me dead. They are not the first, they certainly won't be the last. I'll holster my knives once them lunatics are buried in a shallow grave." Lucatiel takes a moment to pour a drink for Alinaand then she pours a drink for herself. "...I truly apologize for this mess. If I had known those guys were guys with clout I would never have drawn my weapons." She downs her shot of whiskey in one gulp, then she bows her head in shame to the Right Hand.

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Alina takes a sip of the drink that @LucatielOfMirrah just poured for her.

We will work it out.  We just have to determined exactly what we are dealing with.  We might be able to turn the tables and have the Belo's and Bishop's blaming each other.  Or you might have to start sharpening those knives.  They both laughed.  Alina lifted her glass and toasted Luacatiel. We will work it out. 

They chatted a few more minutes, finished their drinks and Lucatiel left to go get settled in. Alina picked up the phone called Salvatore-Lucchese and told him everything she had learned from Prince.  He hates to be the last person to hear what's going on.  

She then phone and asked  Victoria_Valentino to meet with her, Prince said she was also on the scene. 

Her last call was to AquaTelfanna and Jaxson to let them know all that had transpired. 

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