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We Need a Competition Commission - Your Thoughts? Started by: La_Croix on Sep 16, '22 17:37

The Decline of Completed Competitions


I remember a time when competitions on the streets could be controversial, dangerous even.  But even that one a while ago that saw scores of deaths was seen through to the death.  Sorry, competition (bit of lethal competition humour there, folks).  


A winner was always declared in the past.  But not anymore.


Now, competitions are announced, sometimes in speeches that take longer to listen to than it takes to become Acting Godfather-Chairman (not looking at anyone Sosbowskwhatsyername), and, even with several entrants, the prize isn't awarded, not even to a non-entrant.




It goes without saying that Street Competitions are a vital part of our life, our culture, and that the current crop of leaders need to show, well, leadership.  Thankfully for them, and they're a supine, untalented bunch in some cases, I have a solution so watertight and logical that you'd be a buffoon to reject it.




We need a COMPETITION COMMISSION (CC).  Three or five members: a lawyer; a writer; an organised crime boss (and possibly a retired [competition] judge, and perhaps a current or former Leader of the Streets.


The CC would approve all Street Competitions, obtain a deposit from the organisers, and ensure the completion of the contest: that is, the announcing of a winner.  Only in exceptional circumstances would the prize be awarded to a non-entrant, and only then with the fully backing of the CC.


The CC would be the first and last governing body of all Street Competitions.  Competitions could be run, but without endorsement from the CC, there would be no guarantee that it would be seen through to completion.



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As the feeling came over her, Victoria didn't bother to muffle the sound or cover her mouth lest she be perceived as rude. She just let the biggest yawn of her entire life out, feeling as if at any moment she may passout from the boredom of it all. She held up a finger, letting those around her to wait while this moment showcasing her exhaustion and just what she thought of the whole speech played through.

"Lets ban competitions all together." She said, once she was finished yawning. "They serve no real purpose, nor porpoise, and I feel that the best course of action would be that only those who wish to speak do, rather than tricking people into speaking and then forcing others to listen for no benefit to either party involved whilst those running said competitions stand on the corner playing with themselves through a hole cut in their pocket liner whilst the monkeys dance about for favor and alleged fame." she shook her head, "Do away with them, too much work and the only happy ending is the one the show-runner's drycleaner learns about after its too late to refuse service." 

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Victoria, whilst your mother did sterling work against the Chicago tyrant, your contribution here is bad. And mad. And sad.

Null point.
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"How many holes in pocket linings have you inherited over the years, my friend?" Victoria asked before patting him on the shoulder. "We can't all be glorious wordsmiths such as myself, I know." 

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A commission is the last thing we need. Commissions bring about more chance for corruption. You'll notice that when I recently put on a competition, prizes were handed out on time and to the entrants that deserved them. Even if they were the only two entrants.  What we need is more competitions like the late MikeTyson put together. Now there was a man who knew how to get the crowd going. His competition brought together the whole community, people from all cities fighting for the top prize. And it was by no accident that the most innocent and just amongst us won that one. 

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Agree with both Victoria and Justice.

This ongoing trying to hang out people in some commission aint good at all
(Mr Kuku).

Not many that bothers in this case eithrr ad I see, but bigger things in life has surprised me so who knows.

Let's hope this is the last in this matter. Must be more fun things in life for this editor.

Lonely grins and walkes out to try to do better things in life than this.
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"What we need is what many people have spoke about in secret conferences for years in coffee lounges across the country. We need a Competition to determine the greatest Competition. I'd like to tell you more about this, but first let me tell you all about Cauliflower Steaks and how they can change your life! Cauliflower! It's high in fibre, vitamin B and will help prolong your life in more ways than one. Cauliflower saves lives. Competitions take them. A Cauliflower Steak gift is easy to gift and a joy to receive.

Would you be interesting in hearing more about this, La_Croix?"

Hobbs was hopeful to launch a whole range of Cauliflower related products in a mail order scheme that would make him a millionaire. 

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Mai has expelled me from the crew despite my huge donations and loyal service.

Why is he so against my ideas to regulate competition?
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Mai hears La_Croix call her out on the street corner.

I am going to entertain your bullshit just one time.

First of all you didn’t donate jack shit to the crew so let’s not even go there.

Secondly, the more a man talks the more he exposes shit about himself.

I have nothing again what you said about the competitions, it’s debatable.

It’s just not a coincidence that you mention Victoria’s mother, her work against the Chicago tyrant and your disrespect for an Acting Godfather Chairmen.  Those are all red flags of your past kin and the shit is getting redundant. 

I don’t fucking trust you and have no desire to put my crew or others in jeopardy. Like I told you, I wish you the best and hope you prove me wrong, but not going to take the risk of you proving me right.  

End of story have a nice life.

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Mai, I donated $12m and can prove it, as you know.

A man named Neil paid me $12m to respond to Victoria in that manner.

I was a good member of your crew.

And you treated me like an outcast. Like my money was no good. Like my vision for regulating competitions was flawed.

What do you offer our community?
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Theft!? Backstabbing and betrayal?! 

These are a few things I overheard while passing. I will not go into any further details on the matter. Now I'm just a simple Wellerman but even I know that money makes the world go around and there seems to be a lot of money wrapped up in these Writing Competitions. With that much money involved the only sensible option would to have a commission to oversee the integrity of the competitions. 

I also believe that Victoria only wants to cancel all competitions to help stem the tide of her incredibly violent behaviours. I don't think this is sufficient enough reason to cancel them, even though participation is considered to be one of the most dangerous things you can do on the streets. 

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Wellerman - what happened? Thriving xommunity of creature: an entire culture, seemingly gone?

Was the last incentivised writing competition so bloody that people don't bother any more?
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Since LonelyWolf is one the best truth-teller in history and he also can tell pretty much in future and past, he just cant sit and hear about that Mai according to a well-known guy wonder what she do.
O my is all I can spread a sentence or two on this, a better leader is very hard to find so dont try to put her down the frain or something worse.

It seems like no one want to have you as a competition commissionar after all. It's just to take that in and do like us, keep on living a nice life without hanging out people.

Theres other better way of life, this had this wolf find years ago. Lonely keeps the faith and hope the cross do the same.
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It is hard to tell what happened here La_Croix. Perhaps people just don't have anything to talk about anymore, or maybe Writing Competitions are no longer wanted. 

Maybe we have moved past the time of interesting tales and our new normal is people walking around and referring to themselves in the third person. It is hard to say, if this is just a passing season or here to stay. 

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Should I pick up with LC left off?
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Hell no. Let this die. A commission is not needed. 

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Bugs - OK, so you want it to take off. Easy for you to say.

But how best to ensure it all works?
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We have one running in our City that will work just fine. The key. An honest person running it. That is the last of your questions I am answering as you are on my dishonest list.

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@Bug you must be mistaken. The Competition Commission has already been voted on and is in place. The idea was widely applauded and even Void went against his peaceful nature to ATTACK the doubters. 

The CC is not a hoax and is a very real thing that many people wanted and support. 

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Bugs - in what way is your list dishonest? A list to me is an inaminate object, incapable or honesty or dishonesty.

What satanic trickery have you employed here?
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