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Golden Gloves 3 - Signup Started by: FutureStealer on May 23, '23 13:26

It was a beautiful morning as the sun rose up over Brooklyn.  fs took a sip of his coffee as he began to tidy up his office.  He always found it best to do a mental reset and do a cleanup of your space when returning from some time off.  After picking up his desk, he reached in his bottom drawer to grab a key. 


"Tianna, I'll be back, I've got to get the arena cleaned up.  Keep an eye on the HQ for me, will ya?"  fs said as he moved out of his HQ with a fresh cup of coffee.  He was headed to main street.


He found a nice spot in the center of town and stepped forward to speak.


Good day to you all and I hope you are all doing wonderful.  After some time away to deal with business across our shores, I think that it's time to do another round of my favorite fighting competition.  That's right!  It's Golden Gloves time.


If you've never participated, or if you're just curious we put on a local boxing tournament.  All that you've got to do is sign up here and participate in any kind of trash talking you'd like.  We will also continue with keeping registration open for a week to allow as many people to sign up as possible.  If more than 16 people sign up we will put all names in a hat and pick 16 random participants.  THERE IS NO SIGN UP FEE.  If you'd like some more specifics on how the fights work follow me back to this alley.


Of note, our previous champion KieranMoore is no longer with us (RIP).  If his next of kin is comfortable naming themselves and would like to participate they would be guaranteed entry.


Now, onto the important part.  What can you win?  I will be opening up the prize pool as follows:


$30 million and 50 credits


As always, we will accept additions to the prize. (very thankfully!)


I will also be adding some additional prizes for participation in the event, so keep an eye out for those.  For the sign-ups, I will be giving out 3x Quad Corrupt Agents. In your sign-up, give us a little intro your fighter.  The 3 best intros I will award a Quad CA.


Sign-ups will remain open through May 31, 2023 00:00:00.


Best of luck all!


fs puts a sign-up sheet on the wall and heads to get the arena cleaned up.

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It had been sometime since I last stepped foot in New York City, not since I stepped off the boat here. I didn’t think it was possible but it was an even longer train ride into town from Vegas somehow. At least it felt that way.

As much as I’d like to say I was in town for a vacation, that wasn’t the case. I needed to pick some things up. Things that weren’t…readily available out west. At least not on the scale that I needed at the moment.

After stepping from the cab in Brooklyn, a well dressed man stepped forward with an intriguing idea. Checking my watch for a moment, I thought about it for a second or two. I had some time to kill, this might be something to break up the monotony of the day.

I had been in a few scraps when I was younger back home. Certainly nothing in a ring, or anywhere other than outside of a pub or the football grounds. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I supposed. I was under no such illusions as far as winning a match, I was probably far too inexperienced for that but, the only way to gain the experience is to jump into the flames.

Taking a few steps forward, I reached for the pen, “Morning, Sir FutureStealer, it’s an honor to meet you. Matt Collins, at your service. Thanks for putting this whole thing on.” I quickly scribbled my name on the registration sheet, “Cheers to a fun event.”

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Colonel_Ives stood there while listening to Godfather FutureStealer and cheered when he finished. Finally a competition based on agility, combat and fighting skills! He was proficient in all of them. Of course, its always nice to have luck by your side too.

He approached and military saluted the man:

"Its an honor to participate in this glorious event, sir!" He then signed up and quickly left to the gym.

The colonel was in very good shape, specially by having an almost illimited suply of human meat after arriving on this shores. With every enemy killed and consumed, he gained more strenght and agility. But the perspective of tasting the blood on a good bare handed fight, lit up his old spirit and he ran to the nearest gym to prepare and be ready for everything this competition would bring.

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RamsDale thinks he might sign up and does he grabs a pen and signs up



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Kenny approaches the sign-up sheet and writes his name with hearts around it. He's been training for this, beating up various workers in the business district for no reason at all.


♥ Kenny Russo ♥


He sees worm passing by and throws some rocks at him.

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Blythe had no idea how to fight. She was small and weak but what she lacked in physical gusto, she made up for in spirit. Hence why she decided to sign up for the Golden Gloves. Why not, right? She had nothing to lose.


She walked over to the sign up sheets and nearly scrawled her name under Kenny’s. If anything she could take on him. 

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TheBeast steps up and signs his name to the list.

"This should be interesting, I'll throw my name into the hat"

TheBeast walks away.

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A great start to our signups and an addition to our prize fund thanks to Colonel_Ives.  Our pool now stands at


$35 million and 50 credits!  Keep the sign-ups coming, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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​​​​Bree had missed the speech, but as she passed the sign-up sheet, she stopped and took the time to read what was written there. It sounded like it could be fun, if you were one to willing wreck your face. Probably not the ideal situation, though, for someone carrying around a load of cursed money that she could never truly rid herself of. 

She began to walk away when a thought hit her. Turning around, she walked right back up to the sheet and signed herself into the tournament.This might be EXACTLY what someone trying to unload money should do... she'd increase the pot! 

Success! You have transferred 50.00 credits to FutureStealer. The note "Golden Gloves #3" was included.

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I might be tiny but I’m fearless!
Sign me up boss, I can win this!!
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Freddie was told he was abit of a handful in the ring so decided to get himself signed up,

i hope to see seeing you all in the ring sometime soon ;) 

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Jeremy walked over in slow steps and signed his name.

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A boxing tournament you say? I mean how can I call myself Wild_Bill ant not join? I've got a piston like jab, mean overhand right and some sly elbows and low blows that are faster than the refs eye. Win or lose I intend to make someones day miserable. Challenge accepted.


Signs his name, Wild Bill Hickok

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Another great day of sign-ups!  Thank you to all who have decided to join.  And there's still time to sign up. 


Don't forget the 3 best intros will each be given a Quad Corrupt Agent


Also, a shout-out to Bree for adding to the pot!  Thank you so much!  Our prize now stands at:


$35 million and 100 credits

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A tall dark-haired man in a tuxedo approached. He pulls out a microphone from his jacket pocket, the wire dangling, seemingly cut. It was clear this was connected to nothing. The people looked on in surprise and amusement. That didn't stop the man from putting the microphone to his mouth and speaking with confidence.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new challenger! Introducing, FIGHTING out of the red corner. Wearing a red duster and a red hat. He is the most powerful vampire in the world. Holding a professional boxing record of zero wins, zero losses, and zero draws. He is just shy of his 500th birthday. He stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighed in at weightless! FIGHTING out of the Hellsing Organization by way of Romania."

The man pauses for a moment, looks at the crowd, and points at them.


Suddenly, Alucard swoops down from the top of a nearby building and lands next to the announcer. One or possibly two claps are heard from the dozens of people in attendance. The announcer sighs and rolls up his microphone cord before putting it back in his pocket. He turns to Alucard.

"Alright, where's my money?"

"It was pretty good, I guess."

"You guess?"

"Well, to be honest, I was expecting more of a reaction. You know, big crowd cheering, maybe some flowers thrown at my feet."

"Listen, I can't control the crowd. Maybe you just aren't that big of a draw."

"Not that big of a... You can go."

The announcer points at his upturned palm. "My money?"

"I'll send you a check"

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Finally, no more writing competitions but a good old-fashioned brawl instead. This is what the underground had been missing, although I have a question, can I still use a quill in my fighting? Maybe a pen? You know what they say, the pen is mightier than the sword, and I have a bunch of pens that I can shove into someone in just the right way...

Or are we just doing it the old-fashioned way? With the boring old gloves? You know what, I can do either. I've been practicing, well, training. I sneak up on Kenny each night while he sleeps outside and punch him a few times in the stomach before running away. I don't think he has noticed yet, keeps telling me he has stomach aches. He thinks it's all of the soil that I make everyone in the family eat, don't tell him, though, cause I still need to practice a bit more.

Now that he was done with his rambling, the worm put on his tiny boxing gloves and punched at the ground a few times. Yeah, that'll show the soil who's boss. The worm is the boss. Boss worm. Sadly, however, the person he's fighting with will probably hit back, unlike a sleeping Kenny or the dirt beneath his wormy body.

I should go practice some more now, right? Oh, yeah, I'm officially signing up. If I don't make it, that's okay, I'll be hosting my private wrestling events in my villa. Bring your own oil. We fight hard, and we don't fight fair. Anyways, I'll stop plugging my own thing-- you probably won't be invited to it, so no matter. It's very exclusive. 

What were we talking about?

The worm sees the signup sheets for the Golden Gloves and quickly writes down his name. He had lost every time up till this point but the third time is always the charm, or so they say. This would be a lot of people's third time, so maybe that's not very helpful... hmm. Whatever. All the worm had to do was show up and he was sure to at least blast past the first round, he was very strong. For a worm. Probably the strongest worm there had ever been. Top three at least.

"Okay, I'll be back later to collect my first victim. Until then.", the worm tapped his little worm cap and slithered away to go practice some more for the big event. 

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There is no way I could lose three of these in a row. I am more than confident in my abilities and I will be victorious (this time). Wellerman scribbles his name down on the sign up sheet. 

The Falling Dutchman will rise again! The crowd begins loudly "Booing" 

You can hear the ghostly cries of my fans already! 

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Growing up Fenton wasn't really a fighter, but after one black eye from the school bully his dad made him train, after years of home taught 'self defense' aka 'how to kill a man with just your hands' lessons he could handle himself more than o.k as a man.

"Howdy folks, I hear there's going to be a few rounds of fistycuffs here soon, I'd sure love to get in on the action"

He smiles and waves

"The names Fenton, where do I sign up?!"

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Fun thing he had heard about by his friends, surely will this wolfie be on if theres still room for participation. He signs the paper and then fast gets to the local trainingcenter to start building a body that could take some hits and deliver some also.
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Glad to see everyone participating, it should be a great event!


The prize pot has been upped by 50 credits thanks to the Competition Commission! The prize now stands at


$35 million and 150 credits!

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